By Anonymous - United States
Today, I got a missed call from my dad, who hasn't talked to me in months and has vowed not to have anything to do with me. I called him back excitedly and apologized for missing his call, and we had a 20-second conversation about how his phone accidentally dialed my number. FML
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  cbroxs17  |  0

This FML reminds me of a quote "There are many great people in the world who had jerks for parents" Don't worry op, he's just as ass whole, I'm sure you didn't do anything bad enough to diserve what he's doing to you.

By  Jaxro  |  6

Wow, this is just like that other one. Where the chick got a call from her crush, she missed it and the voicemail was blank, she txts him only to find out his phone accidentally dialed.

By  RandomCookie26  |  0

Um...All I have to say is at least you know and talked to your dad at one point in life. I know who mine is but he died before I figured it out. So just be glad that you have him...or had.

  Kitouran  |  30

You don't know the OP's history with their father. Not all parents are good, and you shouldn't make OP's fml feel petty by comparison. Remember: 'Just because you broke your arm, it doesn't make my paper cut hurt any less.'

By  wholeon  |  0

I'm curious why Dad has vowed to have nothing to do with the OP? This isn't relevant really to the shittiness of this, but....I'm nosy.

Dad needs to get your number out of his phone if he doesn't want anything to do with you.