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wow talk about over reacting

did they pay you??


#1 won't be that way for long, & seriously?! Good job op. You Failed at life. It still sucks to be you...

haha this is funny

who would call the police for someone doing their yardwork?

in my tummy... well, her/his comment is...

you have a weird name OP.

Lol OP was cutting the neighbors "bush"

Lol. Your job is cutting peoples bush??

lol haha #51 and #67 I was thinking the same thing!! ur job is cutting someones bush lol

I was number one...for like 2 mins...yay!! :) ♥

well, when you go to a random persons house and cut off their pubic hair, what do you expect?

what?? btw fail ahha

omg there's these people that live down my road and their last names are Sanchez and they let their dog kill my kitten!!!! >:(


Next time make sure you're at the right place dummy.

op forgot to drink some smart water :D

at least you turned the trimmer on, right?

..... hmmm.... since when is 5 3?

When you minus 2.

The stupidity of people keeps on amazing me.

wow talk about over reacting

did they pay you??

The only reason they called the police was probably so they didn't have to pay you.

how could they have not noticed someone doing their yard?.. they must of noticed him before and allowed him to continue working or something. when ever we pay someone to do ours they make alot of noise so its kind of hard not to notice ...

Maybe they thought he was a con man or a beggar, doing their lawn in hopes of getting paid afterwards. Kinda like how those charities send you free crap, then ask for a donation.

wait... but didn't you do them a favor?