By Rissa Warrington - 09/03/2012 08:30 - Canada

Today, I was walking to the bus in my favorite jeans, and I felt a uncontrollable itch in my leg. I scratched and it went away, but then I felt something moving on my leg. I hadn't worn my jeans in so long that a spider had decided to make it a nest. FML
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MeLuvBewbs 7

You will be the next Spiderman!


MeLuvBewbs 7

You will be the next Spiderman!

This is why when you wear something you haven't worn in a while you check for things like that...

Redoxx_fml 22

"my favorite jeans" "hadn't worn in so long " Well I'll be damned.

If they were your favorites, wouldn't you wear them the most out of all your jeans, and therefore a spider would not have been in them?

26, Maybe they go to a school that has a uniform, or they may have a job with strict dress code stuff.

miz_kamakazi 11

OP might not get to wear jeans often.

n_epic_fail 14

That would be the day I ride the bus with no pants on, because arachnophobia is no laughing matter.

RahmEsHestos 5

Can someone please tell me just what is so scary about spiders? I mean, I get how the poisonous ones might be a little scary, but regular ones just kill the Mosquitos that bite u.

It's the way they look and how they crawl around all creepy and shit. Nothing to do with their role on the food pyramid.

I'm scarred for life. Every time my legs get itchy from now on... Horrible mental images. Ugh! DX

that is one of my biggest fears. I hate spiders.

alexicanaaa 7
MargieDrury 1

I would have stripped ran home and cry while taking a shower cry drying off cry when I went to bed spider are sooo scary!!

MatheusRajuidas 5

I'm arachnophobic but I still must accomplish my duty as a troll. Imagine you scratch it, accidentally kill the spider, and many baby spiders come outta the corpse and begin crawling all over your skin and perhaps get inside your body too. NOW that's scary.

RahmEsHestos 5

SPIDERS REALLY AREN'T SO BAD! They actually help (I hate to repeat my other comment, but) by eating the annoying ass bugs we all hate.

MargieDrury 1

40 sorry I have a habit of not caring about alot of things and typing correct is one of them. 50 gee thanks

MargieDrury 1

Oh and 55 that's just so funny! I'm joking if yah didn't get it.

Couldn't have been your favorite jeans then.

SecretMe00 5

Exactly what I was thinking.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

RahmEsHestos 5

I think what OP is trying to say in this post is that he/she hadn't been able tobwear them in a long time since he/she couldn't fit into them until now.

KiddNYC1O 20

Seriously! Op loves streaking I guess.

unless it had been a stinking hot summer where only douchebags still wear jeans! perhaps jeans weather just returned?!? ever think about that?

Did u punch it In the face after it scared you?

Dante17 6

I would had panicked in that moment

oops_im_fucked 8

If it was your "favourite" jeans, why didn't you wear it for so long?

Maybe OP is required to wear business casual clothing to work?

hotPinklipstick 24

Maybe OP gained some weight and the jeans wouldn't fit for a while so OP lost weight to fit into her favorite jeans (assuming OP is a girl).

shanemaximo 7

Maybe OP forgot to take memory vitamins?

Maybe OP just hadn't worn them during summer -_-

Even during summer there would be a few days or evenings cool enough to wear jeans.