By Noname - 17/03/2009 10:16 - United States

Today, I was walking through Macy's with my girlfriend. I stopped to admire a mannequin's ass, joking with my girlfriend like I was touching it. Then I slapped it. It wasn't a mannequin. FML
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HAHAHAHAHAHAH , smooth . did she slap you back ?

How do you not realize that someone is alive LOL Ditto #1


HAHAHAHAHAHAH , smooth . did she slap you back ?

damn that's an epic fail. Make sure it's actually a mannequin next time¡!¡!

I wonder what the girlfriend's response was.

plum_lovin 28

That chick must have had a nice bod to be mistaken for a mannequin...

evan_7899 28

Yeah every man just loves that plasticy skin tone

How do you not realize that someone is alive LOL Ditto #1

kissMyAsss_fml 0

I know, it's really obvious. You just wanted to touch that girl's ass without getting in trouble with your girlfriend.

soldierz 0

thatz what I'm saying who the hell doesn't realize it's not fake plastic

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bezach 0

#3 apperanty some people are white and stay stiff in one area

PimpdaddyCJT 13
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HEY! they're pretty convincing lol

ohemguyton 0

how can you not tell a real person from a mannequin.

fuzzzy12 3

usually the metal rod coming out of the crotch is a good telling sign

ilovehimalways09 0

Wow. Smooth. I hope the girl slapped you. Hard.

LOOOOL Why would you even do those things to an actual mannequin anyway!? You're in public, be civilized! LOL