By Noname - 17/03/2009 10:16 - United States

Today, I was walking through Macy's with my girlfriend. I stopped to admire a mannequin's ass, joking with my girlfriend like I was touching it. Then I slapped it. It wasn't a mannequin. FML
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HAHAHAHAHAHAH , smooth . did she slap you back ?

How do you not realize that someone is alive LOL Ditto #1


HAHAHAHAHAHAH , smooth . did she slap you back ?

i sure damn hope so

damn that's an epic fail. Make sure it's actually a mannequin next time¡!¡!

I wonder what the girlfriend's response was.

That chick must have had a nice bod to be mistaken for a mannequin...

Yeah every man just loves that plasticy skin tone

How do you not notice that?


How do you not realize that someone is alive LOL Ditto #1

I know, it's really obvious. You just wanted to touch that girl's ass without getting in trouble with your girlfriend.

thatz what I'm saying who the hell doesn't realize it's not fake plastic

Because he's lying. it's Fake!

how did you not know that?

#3 apperanty some people are white and stay stiff in one area

TWSS yu set ur self up

HEY! they're pretty convincing lol

how can you not tell a real person from a mannequin.

usually the metal rod coming out of the crotch is a good telling sign

Wow. Smooth. I hope the girl slapped you. Hard.

are you blind?

omg lol! how did that happen?

somebody is smart *rolls eyes*

LOOOOL Why would you even do those things to an actual mannequin anyway!? You're in public, be civilized! LOL

Laugh out out out out loud?

I love that picture. (above me)

don't fink u the 1 to talk tat ass

grade a butts?