By imaginationdarling - 13/05/2014 23:42 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I was at my retail job and we had to change the mannequin's outfit. I had to hold her while my manager grabbed the new outfit. I rested my head on her naked plastic chest, and it was the closest I've got to affection in years. FML
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Top comments E-harmony? If is been that long, maybe start looking online? There's someone out there for you :)

That must have been the breast feeling ever.

Comments E-harmony? If is been that long, maybe start looking online? There's someone out there for you :)

Don't worry babe I'm here for u

I'm with Qwtf, I believe there's someone out there for you, go find him/her! Posts this sad make me want to volunteer hugs though. :(

don't be that person that has to harass mannequins.

@Dracoboxer357 I good you are right for OP and everyone. Some days is hard to put in the time on dating sites as responses never come.

If you can't afford Match or E-Harmony, try OKCupid or Plenty of Fish. They're free. If you've resorted to Craigslist, you've hit rock bottom...

Or maybe there isn't and maybe that's OK.

Oh loneliness, there is no cure for your sadness.

Yes there is some pie with peanut butter to fill in the holes!

I don't want no peanut butter filling in my holes!!

Sorry OP, #1 is just a dick apparently, but on the real, you can buy a Russian wife pretty cheap ;)

OP is female, although that still may apply.

OP may be a guy, they just may be that confused about their gender it has been so long. Before you neg, yes I saw the gender sign.

Yea, I'm not gonna lie, I know it's a girl, but the plot contrivance worked better for me

Dude maybe you leave the house and try and get a social life before you sneak those mannequins home with you

Still gonna call you a dude no matter what

Don't worry OP you'll find the right one.

Is that because you cuddle with naked mannequins in public ? Sorry OP, I'm sure you'll find someone :) just give it time .

Well..if you can think of it, then it exists in second life...

Not really. Might be if he took a selfie with mannequin though...

That must have been the breast feeling ever.

Mannequin be so hard to come up with great puns sometimes. Good work.

Naked plastic chest? Have You heard yourself?

I think the mannequin might get more action

at this point it probably has.