By bad_day_in_hell - 17/11/2009 04:05 - United States

Today, I woke up to a phone call from my boss' wife. She demanded to know how long we'd been sleeping together. When I denied her allegations, she screamed that she knew all about my "history of sleeping with married men". I'm a virgin and I have to work with him tomorrow. FML
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Damn, what an insecure bitch. Also I love how she confronts you first instead of her husband.

Just tell her you're a cross dressing man.



Poor you... Anyway.. Before my comment was rudely deleted i was just saying that.. Im FIRSSST!!

that sucks =/ hope she listens to reason.. or you find a better job

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Just hang up on her. I got a call from one of my friends where she started yelling at me for her missing phone. "I know you took it! You take everything!" "I haven't been to your house in 3 months." "I don't care! Give it back!" "...we're done here." (crazy bitch)

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put out more

do you honestly feel the need to reply on my post just so you can be on top of the FML? what a loser (#36 and #38)

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do you honestly feel the need to reply on your own post just so you can point out that we replied to your comment to be on top? what a loser(#41)

seriously, you're the loser dcbog123, not only are you replying just for the sake of being on top but you're being redundant and childish, you can't possibly expect him/her to answer in the same manner as you did without looking every bit as stupid. as you do... so.. what you think is a "burn" is just you showing how much of a douche you are..

haha, thank you, my thoughts exactly

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You're a douche, too... Just sayin'

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uh oh. anonymous strangers think of eachother as losers.. why make it a thing?

Just tell her you're a cross dressing man.

Damn, what an insecure bitch. Also I love how she confronts you first instead of her husband.

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She might have and the husband could have blammed it all on OP to save himself? Though that wouldn't work with me so I don't know if that would really work but its just a theory

fake nobody has a job in montana

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She were just bluffing about your 'history' or confused you with another. Just tell your boss about her wife harassing you and leave it him to deal with his domestic dragon, it's not your problem :]

Wow. Just... wow. Wrong number, perhaps?

She knows about your history of sleeping with married men? Maybe they posted a timeline on the company website!

Or she was one of the married men OP slept with. Lol jk

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Seems a little... I dont know... extreme. Also hymens can be broken without sex *The More You Know*

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You can also have sex without breaking the hymen, too, so your point is invalid.

I love how on this site it's always virgins who get accused of sleeping with other people's husbands/wifes.