By Aeroboss - France
Today, my mother machine-washed a suit I rented for a friends wedding, despite me informing her that it was dry-clean only, and that the store would take care of it. I now owe $1600 to replace the suit, and my mum is refusing to help pay, as she was "only trying to help." FML
Aeroboss tells us more :
Hello guys! OP here. Did not think it would get posted. So, to add onto the story, my friend's wedding was postponed a week because we had a little rain and he wanted an outdoor wedding. My mom usually is a pretty wonderful woman, but she is still used to cleaning up after myself and my siblings, probably because my youngest has muscular dystrophy and can't walk. We ended up sorting it out with the company, who informed us they could send us a new one. To be honest, repairing the suit would have cost less than just renting another one. Anyway, thanks for listening to the rant. Bye.
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  White667  |  0

Still, she should pay the money. You could quite easily be as mean to her, or simply take the money from her. Either way, it's completely unrealistic of her to think that she shouldn't pay.

  Reyo  |  2

Dude...Josher...that's an awesome idea...If your mom has an expensize dress that she takes pride in, stuff it in the washing machine. When it gets ruined, refuse to pay for a new one since "You were only trying to help".

By  danii_s2  |  0

I'd find a way of doing it tell her ur going docs or something, but duno the price, ask for a blank cheque, n bang* money found. if u told ur mum not to, then she shudv known better.

  Fekenator  |  0

@83 agreed lol

and 12 is NOT too young to be reading, probably too young for posting but definately not for reading

10 would be (approximately) too young for READING

  wordgirl  |  0

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By  anela_fml  |  0

can relate it sucks my mom ruined nice pants outfit and my phone that was in the pocket she didn't help either. I think your mom should give half or somethin

  CYNNER  |  0

#9 agreed. apparently you are a dumb ass. if you tell her not to do something and she seems insistent anyway then you hide it. you deserve it for living with her.

  pendulum2012  |  0

how do you know that he lives with her? he could just be staying with her for the wedding, since his friend might be from his hometown. don't be so bitter just because you're a girl and you look like keanu rives.