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Today, I had to pick my parents up from jail. They thought it would be okay to have sex behind a bush. FML
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At least you know your parents still love eachother.


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gabstahhh 8

Sucks when your parents have more fun than you...hahaha b

^ so true, kinda makes you feel like shit

Well that is an unfortunate turn of events.

umm those parents are awesome and still in love kudos to them

12 judgin from your avatar, yours obviously have more than you

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love ur pic! jus sayin haha

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I have a feeling that the op is jelous that his parents gettin more action then he does...

Nice pic 61. Is that you, or from Google?

Thanks, man. But what if it's both?

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Pero que cosa mas Feo! no me gusta.

lulututu 4

I didn't know that's how you spelled ugly in spanish.

least they tried spicing up there sex life

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Oh because that is not how you say it.

felah17 6

Tsk,tsk....where's your grammar? The correct way to say it it's: "cosa mas fea"!!

I would think after this point you would start to wonder in what horrible place you were conceived in. I'm thinkin' Arby's ;)

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toally loving the assassins creed outfit/pic. made me smile =)

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hopefully your dad was hittin it good before they got arrested.

hey well at least you know they aren't going to get a divorce anytime soon :P

They just wanted a little bit of privacy..obviously they couldn't do that while locked up

Every time there's an FML about sex, someone has to say "kinky".

38, it was here before us. It will be here after.

ikr? it's like STFu we know it's a kinky FML. Sheesh

Wait, it's not a good idea? Damn. *sarcasm*

People don't like what you said because in truth, it IS a good idea. Oh snap.


I have a question. do you comment on all of the recent fmls right as they are posted? because your always on the comment list

Who me? I have a lot of free time on my hands. I also have good timing.

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I'm so confused by this thread..

Of course it's a good idea. I do it all the time. Not to mention in parks, shopping malls and even buses. It's exhilarating, really.

No it IS a good idea as long as you dont get caught!

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Me and my friends, once hid behind a bush to spy on girls.

I'm sure every guy has done that at least once in their life.

That's not creepy at all... 'Sarcasm'

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No, but the other time, me and my friends wanted to steal something from the girls, because that thing could like, tell the future and it was so cool.

Someone doesn't watch south park..

he'd freakin addicted. oh sox he doesn't watch it cus he is Eric :D

aprilita 8

Lol serious? Didn't anyone tell you to get a life?

gabbygirll3 0

its from southpark you dipshit.

me and my friends hid behind a bush to shoot bb guns at people that walked by, haha

Eric how old are you? you write like middle school kid sheesh

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At least you know your parents still love eachother.

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I would have let them stay in jail. They can share the love with all of the other horny inmates.

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44 no. Married people who still love each other.

mduffy08 8

maybe they hate each other, but really like sex.

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What if they both have a foot fetish? What if they like to play with shit? We could play the "what if" game all day.

69 what if we couldn't play the "what if" game?

What if a fourth player joined the game and destroyed you all?!? >:)

What if we start all these comments all over?

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I know right I do it all the time!!!

Do you see it done so often by strangers that you'd think otherwise?

71 - Actually, yes, in my country it's very common to see that done in the park... in front of everyone, including the kids...

It's not illegal if you don't get seen by unsuspecting passers-by.

lol in our country vagrants do it in public all the time. in the park. in front of kiddies even, of course for them getting thrown in jail is food and shelter for an evening

And here I thought I should pity myself for coming from an Arab country...

Yeah, I thought public indecency was just a myth too.

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that is so embarrassing lol kinda funny though...

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dont hate cause there gettin more than you