By bluehairedfreakgirl - 01/06/2009 03:12 - United States

Today, I was walking down the sidewalk and heard a little girl ask her dad why I had blue hair. He said, "Sometimes drugs will make people do stupid things." FML
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Okay, the dad's an idiot. Nothing at all wrong with blue hair. Crayon coloured hair =/= Drug user

Thats ****** up. I have green hair and I dont do drugs.


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dumbasspricks 0

stereotypical jerk of a father. and i hope when that girl get older she dyes her hair blue.

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

I used to get stuff like this. I had green and purple hair

I hope she does drugs too haha karmas a bitch.

dirtbiker219 0

that's what u get for bein a emo. lol

bassoonist527 0

268- you aren't very intelligent, are you?

xSonic 9

I used to dye my hair.....but then I took an arrow to the knee

Congratulations! You are now the 26th millionth person to use this joke on the internet!

turtlesarerad14 13

???!!! that joke is so old I forgot it even existed..

Okay, the dad's an idiot. Nothing at all wrong with blue hair. Crayon coloured hair =/= Drug user

Lolpizza_fml 0

blue hair is awesome! hes just trying to make sure his daughter does get her hair dyed...

cheezebuiscut 0

LolXP my friends colored there hair with markers once...That's drugs lol

Thats ****** up. I have green hair and I dont do drugs.

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

(h5) for us green haired folks =D

horridromance 7

I have pink hair and have never even tried drugs:)

Agree w/ 4. If you don't want snarky comments don't dye your hair odd colors. (Got to take the bad with the good)

there's nothing wrong in having blue hair. it's close minded boring people like you who are wrong

I don't agree that they deserve it but I kinda agree. I have blue hair and you do get some looks and stupid comments and loooads of little kids who point and ask their parents stuff like that, but if you let it bother you, especially enough to post it on ******* fml (which is just ridiculous, suck it up!), then that's just stupid, get used to it cause with blue hair you get that kinda shit but it's completely worth it. if you don't think so then just dye it back.

guitar43 0

I think you go to my school maybe. Anywyassss fyl hair has nothing to do with drugs unless you test it for it but even then you'd pass cuz it's blue which leads me to assume it's dyed.

yes because no in any school but yours dyes their hair blue.

The dad is an ass. He if giving his daughter stereotypes.

*ROTFLMAO* FYL, but seriously, it was a hilarious comment. Don't throw rocks, I've had blue hair before too. XD No drugs either.

Ohmagahh that's so hair is pretty ( sometimes ). But yeah FYL...unless you actually do drugs in which case YDI

dumbasspricks 0

what is fyl and what is ydi? i'm new. lol btw; i have pink/red/orange hair. and i'm drug free.

mattmalin11 0

It Means Fu*k your life - FML/FYL You Desierved it - YDI

OP makes me lose some hope in humanity; #5 makes me lose the rest.