By bluehairedfreakgirl - / Monday 1 June 2009 03:12 / United States
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By  Shlizabeth  |  0

YDI for doing drugs. Just kidding, but seriously, you do deserve it for having blue hair.

  xSonic  |  9

I used to dye my hair.....but then I took an arrow to the knee

By  nr790  |  0

YDI for 'avin blue hair.


Agree w/ 4. If you don't want snarky comments don't dye your hair odd colors. (Got to take the bad with the good)


I don't agree that they deserve it but I kinda agree. I have blue hair and you do get some looks and stupid comments and loooads of little kids who point and ask their parents stuff like that, but if you let it bother you, especially enough to post it on fucking fml (which is just ridiculous, suck it up!), then that's just stupid, get used to it cause with blue hair you get that kinda shit but it's completely worth it. if you don't think so then just dye it back.

By  guitar43  |  0

I think you go to my school maybe. Anywyassss fyl hair has nothing to do with drugs unless you test it for it but even then you'd pass cuz it's blue which leads me to assume it's dyed.

By  ravinderkaler  |  0

#4 has the right idea.

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