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Today, I took my last final on a Scantron sheet with 200 multiple choice questions, with seconds to spare. When I finished the last question, I saw I had another bubble to fill in and I didn't know where I screwed up. FML
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I've had that happen before, never with that many questions though, god that would suck.

colorfullyemo 4

If that happened to me, I would give up on life........


ConnorBrown36 5

He just said he had seconds left dumbass

Even though he had seconds left, he could look over a split second or something. Anyways try for a retake or make up test

Been there before FyL OP. perhaps your teacher will let you retake it?

FortuneCookie3 1

this isnt state farm.. no double check here.

ConnorBrown36 5

after each make sure you filled in the right one

dcg1375 7

42-the point is its too late for that...

n_epic_fail 14

That's when you wave the flag of failure. Double check next time (doesn't it suck when a teachers advice comes back to bite you in the ass)

His point was that when you write down each answer, next time check after each one.

Also. If you tell your teacher what happened, they can look at your scantron and notice where the solid block or wrong answers begins. At that point it can be hand graded. A lot of the situations on this website can be solved by a little common sense.

@72... yeah, next time. Like when he has to retake the class. Sorry OP, this sucks harder than a $2 *****.

Kennzz 0

I've had that happen before. It was 30 minutes of 1.. B, 2.. C, 3.. A

Teacher: "Double check!" Student: "Yeah, yeah, yeah." *End of test* Student: "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" Teacher: "Karma is a bitch, huh?"

27- taking a test on scantron is not as chill as that. It's a stressful as **** so you can't just take a few split seconds to check over all 200 questions.. If you can do that, please let me know so you can start taking my tests for me!!

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Actually I check the question I'm on about three times. I know that people often do that so, check before you move on!! Lesson learned.

DetLions32 6

YDI for not checking the number before amswering

140 ^ You deserve the thumbs Down for not double checking your spelling

That always happens to me, but it's not like you should double check each question, double check every 20 questions or so, that's what I do

redhedsaysrawr 18

not necessarily... some of those questions require "AB" or "CE" answers... so its not like it will tell you exactly that the double is wrong... but i do understand what you mean, and not all teachers like to take that much time, especially if they have a lot of students... or they might just be a crappy teacher and dont "have the time to let you redo"

Double check before the entire exam is done! Can't fill up bubbles without making sure at least once in 10 questions that you are getting the numbering right.

I've had that happen before, never with that many questions though, god that would suck.

That's why I circle on the test booklet too

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Mr. Misfit- Are you baked? It's pretty obvious it doesn't say Scranton

But if you're even in Scranton, make sure to check out Schrute beet farms.

osiris39p 3

I see scrambled eggs. WTF I think I need glasses

Thats why you look at the question number and what question your on every 10 or so questions

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that's why I check if the question number matches the answer number every 5 questions or so

You screwed up... *points at number 3*

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Let's hope OP just answered them all wrong first and just MAYBE get them all right ;P

colorfullyemo 4

If that happened to me, I would give up on life........

StopDropNRoll 11

Or hope for an amazing curve! Like alot of ppl do in college =D

And THAT'S why you have 'emo' in your name.

Literally one of my biggest fears. I'm sorry OP!

@70... and enjoy a tasty hamburger while you are at it!

You would give up on life...because of one failed exam... Give me a ******* break. When you get knocked down, you get back up kicking and punching. Don't just stay down and give up like a little bitch.

Isaac_The_Man 0

I can't tell you how many times that has happens to me..

98 - empathy through hyperbole. Only one in a million wouldn't get that...

curve is based on some people failing spectacularly to bring down the average for everyone I'm this case...he's the one setting the curve and saving other people

colorfullyemo 4

98- um it's called an EXAGGERATION.

I hate whenever I do that and the scantron sheets make it really disorientating.

I have no idea what a scantron sheet is, I'm Scottish, anyone fill me in please? Haha

It's basically a piece of paper where you fill in circles for the correct answers. This way, the teacher can scan it into the computer and it is graded automatically

needsagf14 12

Yeah and it doubles the amount of time I spend on every question just filling it in! And it takes forever to erase if you mess up

_toronto_chick_ 0

When multiple choice answers are done on a separate paper. Kind of hard to explain. Screwing up on a scantron is my worst nightmare

TwistedFury25 4

They remind of a psychedelic light show.. But without the lights and colors.

Jdimp 1

aaaahhh they wondrous joy of scantron that's why I always check every 2-3 lines before I move on

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Check the number of each question as you go. Lesson learned the hard way. xD

My teacher taught me to look every 10 questions if I filled out each.

Mister_Triangle 21

That's a pretty hard way to learn that lesson. I wouldn't wish that on anyone

Steve95401 49

Same here. Consider it part of your education.

I can't mark on my tests because the schools don't have enough funds for a copy for all of us.

better hope it only happened with that final and not all of them because that....would suck even more