By julichlove - 28/12/2014 00:52 - United States - Louisville

Today, I didn't feel like going to work, so I called in sick. Five hours later while out shopping, I got hit by a car at a crosswalk. Now I'm laid-up in the local hospital, really wishing I was with the guys at work. FML
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thee_most_dope 30

Good luck explaining to your boss why you were out shopping and getting hit by cars when you were supposed to be "sick".


davidisbeast 12

Lying is bad, but I'm sure we all get tired of work and just want one day off. No?

brasiliano 16

He didn't lie he bended the truth, he was sick, sick of work.

Not every job gives free days. Mine doesn't, I only get sick days and vacation days, and vacation days have to be submitted by request form, then approved.

@23 - Mental health is important. Just look at the numbers, people with more time off are far more productive.

@44 - There are massages that help people like you. Maybe you could actually move your spine horizontally instead of being so stiff. Sorry, I didn't know a job serving french fries or bagging groceries was a "duty". I'm guessing there was no oath taken that says OP has to be morally upstanding. Nobody will die if he doesn't show up, except for maybe OP when he gets hit by a car.

#22 that's how we bend the rules too...I like that...

Don't you think that's a extreme for karma to go to? Maybe them getting caught or something else would be a more appropriate punishment. Someone could have gotten hurt.

The good news is, OP probably earned himself another day off.

Ouch): but karma decided to **** you over for lying too! Hope you heal fast!

Shouldn't lie - but hey hope you recover well!

thee_most_dope 30

Good luck explaining to your boss why you were out shopping and getting hit by cars when you were supposed to be "sick".

needed to get medicine? it isn't that hard.

smeboo 12

Wouldn't be too hard! ;) Still doesn't justify lying though.

No need to tell him anything at all beyond that you have to take medical leave. The hr department might want proof of being in the hospital, but by federal law they can't ask why.

You can as well go shopping if you are "sick". How else are you supposed to get groceries or medicine? Or would you rather starve at home? Of course it has nothing to do with the "shopping" the OP did but to say you can't go shopping if you're sick is just not right.

Easy explanation. They were out getting medicine at the grocery/pharmacy. OP is going to collect a good check from that car driver, assuming it wasn't a hit and run. Also, to those who say it's Karma, unless OP is an ER technician and skipping worked cause someone else to die, then this Karma is extremely disproportionate. Apparently people think that skipping on a day at work makes you deserving of being struck by a vehicle at a crosswalk.

I saw a similar FML about someone going into a shopping center to buy cold medicine(and getting accused of faking being sick as a result), maybe the OP could have said that?

fishstick557 14

There's no way that you didn't deserve it

There's no way op didn't deserve to be hit by a car for skipping work? How about if OP's boss was a real jerk?! Saying OP deserved it is just harsh.

sweetnsourrr 11

He just skipped work, I don't think he deserves it at all.

they derserved something, not being hit by a ****** car

xninix_fml 36

talk about your instant karma maybe next time you will think twice about lying but I do hope you feel better soon.

sweetnsourrr 11

Everyone lies and its very hypocritical to pretend you don't do the same. Although he did lie, I don't think he deserves to get hit by a car...that's a little too much for a lie.

Believe it or not: Not everybody lies about being sick because they don't feel like going to work. "Everybody does it" is just a way to justify it to yourself - telling yourself another lie to not feel bad about the first lie.

This 'Karma' chick must get around. Everyone here seems to know her.