By trafficfail - 01/06/2011 16:43

Today, as I was driving to work, I glanced in my rear view mirror to see an old man behind me using binoculars to see in front of him since we were stuck in a huge traffic jam. He rear ended me. FML
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Old people shouldn't drive

they kill people


Old people shouldn't drive

Some* old people shouldn't drive. Don't tar everyone with the same brush please. Not nice. ;)

Tar everyone with the same brush? Never heard that one before. The OP shoulda pulled out her telescope and started whacking him with it.

age takes away from everyones vision, other senses, and general health. almost all people over 60 probably would not be able to pass the vision test required to drive. not to mention they have slower reflexes and can't react in time

thats not what your mom said last nite

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young people shouldn't drive

what that your age inabiled you to react fast enough to pull out in time.

My grandma, who is 75, has won the state senior olympics in ping-pong for the past three years and has 20/20 vision...

Your grandma has been lieing to everyone

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some old people are good drivers. lol. the majority are horrible though.

I haven't met 'some' of those good drivers yet :( most elderly drivers where I am are, well... terrible drivers D:

My dad, mum and I all got into accidemts two weeks ago involving old people hitting us. One of our cars are totaled and my mum was hospitalized becuase of it.

Did he rear end you in bed after that?

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well... at least he tried to overlook things.

I think you should get tested every five years because some old people can drive

TBH, I think most old drivers are better than the young ones. They've been at it for a whole lot longer. And in regards to their senses going, then, and only then should someone question their ability to drive.

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Perverts these days

There is no proof for perversion. Mainly because they are the ones holding the camera.

what's this FML mean? FML

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who the fuck wild thumb this down

they kill people

Maybe his glasses wasn't working properly. Time to haul out the old trusty binoculars.

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wow your life sucks /: hey, atleast you didn't get hurt ! :) Can you locate him?

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That's my homepage.

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Could have been way worse. Plus, he'll end up having to pay for it, so other than the inconvenience you'll be fine.

...except for the loss in resale of his car.

No write him an angry letter.

with the colorful vocabulary you learned from your grandparents:)

thats what i was thinking 59

what was he looking for...??

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how much of a person can you see from behind when they're in a car?

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the aarp south park lol. he probably broke his pelis

maybe he was asian