By Anonymous - 12/02/2016 00:15 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while I was cleaning, listening to music and sometimes singing along, I heard a knock on my front door. I turned off the music and opened the door to the police, who stated they had to investigate reports of "repeated female screams" coming from my apartment. I'm a 23 year old man. FML
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Jord_Fox 14

Guess your voice hasn't cracked yet

If he starts singing they may just shoot him to stop the auditory attack.


Jord_Fox 14

Guess your voice hasn't cracked yet

Maybe it was the music they were hearing? Could have been lady screamo. xD

JMichael 25

I am curious as to whether it was OP's voice or the music. OP we need a follow up!

whitedesi 10

Maybe you shouldnt listen to Screamo anymore

No where did it say that they were listening to screamo for all we know they were listening to Frank Sinatra

So they thought you were torturing a woman? Great neighbors.

At least you know that you have caring neighbors.

Hey there are plenty of successful male singers that sound feminine :D

Ouch, apply ointment to burned area... All jokes aside, at least your neighbors are good people and have concerns for others. And... I guess don't sing so loud next time? Must've been pretty loud for neighbors to hear.

Sounds pretty impressive to me hehe. Guess that must of been awkward to explain though :/. Also, on a good note, at least they were concerned!?