By Anonymous - 11/6/2021 13:01 - United States - Steele

Bee Movie 2: Electric Boogaloo

Today, my "friends" who know very well that I am terrified of bees forced me to face my fears, despite my protesting. As my "friends" watched and laughed while I tried to keep calm, a wasp showed up and scared me half to death, thereby angering the other bees. My face looked like a giant raspberry after the fact. FML
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By  mike3775  |  33

I know I would be looking for new friends after that if it were me. I also would be sending them the bills for any medical costs (which I would go to make sure) incurred.

By  bleachedraven  |  14

fuckimg frenemies 🤣

By  Chazzster  |  21

An example of why you leave mental health issues to professionals and not to random jerks or “friends” as you called them.

One of my grandfathers was terribly allergic to bees and wasp stings. He nearly died from one once. Fortunately my Mom (his daughter) came by while he was having a reaction and got him to the hospital.

  kfchicken  |  31

fear is not a mental heal issie it's a core emotion and very very normal. what OP described is not a phobia either so no need for professional intervention. also, OP was talked into what happened I'm sure if they were allergic they would have told their friends. no need to be so serious over a failed attempt at helping.

By  Talented73  |  54

They sound like toxic people to me. Time to find new friends. I'd go to the police and see if you could press charges. If nothing else, there will at least be a record of the incident.

By  xxlk4xx  |  5

I would drop them as friends in qn instant! I am absolutely terrified of bees, or anything that stings, I've slowly gotten better over the years but it's still really hard. I can't handle them flying at my face and absolutely hate out door gatherings with food because there's always bees and wasps flying around the food so I just sit there in full on anxiety mode not being able to enjoy myself. if one comes near me I get the full on tingly arms and panick feeling. you aren't alone!