By Anonymous - 25/09/2010 14:45 - Malaysia

Today, I was trying to apply some toothpaste on my pimple to help dry it out. My mum came from behind and hugged me, making me accidentally apply minty toothpaste into my right eye instead. FML
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I love brushing my pimple too. It keeps its breath fresh and clean.

At least of some wacko comes up to you and sniffs your eye, it'll smell minty fresh ^_^


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sad you should have backslapped her

Agreed. but how does toothpaste dry out pimples? proactiv, buddy

it was more to the pimple issue rather to the eye issue; either way your up shit creek. if you want to be a psychic, you could say to let the pimple go away naturally.

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toothpaste works well on minor burns

@66 - I don't see how it would... the skin's more sensitive, therefore more prone to irritation from the chemicals in the toothpaste, no? Although, toothpaste IS good for getting rid of hickeys. It stimulates circulation to the area, so the leaked blood (bruise) will be recycled into the blood stream faster.

KiddNYC1O 20

67- eh, I say that from experience. I've burned my finger numerous times via toaster or boiling grease and I run straight to the bathroom then rub some toothpaste on it. I don't think it heals the burn completely but it definitely eases the burning sensation lol

73- interesting. What compelled you to run for the toothpaste the first time? Lol

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78- ah, good question. I guess because at that moment I wanted to cool down the hotness of the burn lol and quickly thought toothpaste is cool, literally lol. and yes I thought of water but it has no lasting effect lol

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Maybe it's the mint? It has a cooling effect.

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5t3ff1k4h, there's really no need for you to reply to every comment saying the same exact thing. We understood that you're a smartass after the first time; it just gets annoying so please stop. And by the way, everything that you're saying is wrong. /: Certain types of toothpastes do work for a lot of people. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't give you the right to be bitter to everybody else. This is FML, not Wikipedia.

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Gel toothpaste has a cooling reaction, so it can be used for burns (although if it's left for too long, it will burn you even further.) Toothpaste contains drying components such as alcohol and chalk. The drying components collect moisture and oil from your skin. Therefore drawing it out of your pimple. BUT if you're skin is in any way already dry or sensitive it'll just cause irritation. If your skin is oily try drinking water, washing your face 3 times a day with cold water NOT hot water. Don't apply creams and such to your face. And try making a paste out of honey and ground almonds. Toothpaste is never the solution not even to oily skins.

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67, irony? That's considered attacking her. How about you shove a bloody stick up your arse? Since you're into that and all, it might cause you to be nicer.

ohthebloodygore 16

*facepalm* Damn you, Steph. Some guy and you keep trading comments.

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why were you doing it in the kitchen in the first place?

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Wouldn't honey clog your pores? You know, since most, if not all honeys have sugar in them.

ohthebloodygore 16

Bianca or whatever your name is, no. Honey does not clog pores. It's actually good for your skin.

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My name is obviously Bianca, lol.. Anyway, okay thank you. I was just wondering.

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Am I the only person that noticed how big of a moron 102 is?

102 - Please shut your face. Ignorance/Anna - Thank you. And yes, I'm sure people have noticed.

@115 I brush my teeth in the kitchen daily. I didn't used to, but the sink in the bathroom stopped working for a few days, so I relocated, and it stuck.

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91- no, I didn't think about milk. why the suggestion? lol 102- to my understanding, i thought she was nice about it. 111- define 'too long' lol 113- SOME guy alright lol

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52 your a dumbass, a butterface is a girl with a nice body but an ugly face.

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well at least your eye is minty fresh now.

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WHAT? Toothpaste??? Do you live in a third world shit hole? CLEARASIL, and there are MANY more to use! NOT TOOTHPASTE!

140 - The fat content in the milk is supposed to be soothing for a burn. It does cool it off quite nicely; I tried it last time.

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Toothpaste does work to dry out pimples

That is an unusual method of pimple removal...

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have you guys seriously never heard of toothpaste for acne? i use it and its works...

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have you guys seriously never heard of toothpaste for acne? i use it and its works...

sourgirl101 28

I have. I think it's only the paste not the gel that works.

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That picture. Right there. That's what OP should have done.

the paste kind works (gel does not) the chemicals in it dry it up.

5 - It does. People on here are rather uneducated, it appears.

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I am severly uneducated(; but seriously, I've done it and it does work if you put it on before bed or something. I've done it and I have pretty great skin.

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It works but only the plain white one does, the gels don't. People back in the day used before proactive existed. But, like everything else in the world it may not work for everyone, thats why some people are saying it doesn't work.

maybe it just doesn't work for you guys. it used to work for my sister and her friend and then they told me about it... I never use it because I use other stuff that works better.


Toothpaste doesn't work on pimples. It just irritates your skin. YDI

I know quite a few people, which toothpaste worked in getting rid of acne.

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Toothpaste (usually white) works, toothpaste gel (usually green/blue/red) does not.

sourgirl101 28

Bianca, I've heard that too. Who still uses (buys) the paste? The paste taste nasty compared to the gel. You might as well just buy zit killer.(:

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I still buy toothpaste. It's a lot more effective than most gels, and you pretty much get two products for the price of one. :] I don't use toothpaste regularly or as a face wash though. I only use it for fast spot treatments. I use Neutrogena for face cleansing/acne/etc.

sourgirl101 28

'I don't use toothpaste regularly' threw me off at first. lol

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Lol yeah, I realized that after posting my comment. I brush my teeth regularly, I just don't use it as an acne treatment too often.

Toothpaste has cured numerous social ills, I'm sure.

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It works for me, my brother, and all of my sisters. It may not work for you but that doesn't mean it doesn't work at all.

122 - I'm not saying it doesn't dry the pimple up. It does. It just causes more issues with the skin after use.

You do know people have different skin types, right? It may not work for some people, but it can work for other people. Calm down.

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I have found that the greasy sweat from my asscrack works great on pimples. I'll sell you guys some. Anyone? Anyone?

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Me too! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that!