By Mirroronthewall - 30/08/2009 15:22 - Canada

Today, I was brushing my teeth in my bathroom. As I looked in the mirror I spotted a zit on my forehead. Keeping my toothbrush in my mouth, I quickly lean in towards the mirror to pop the pimple meanwhile lodging my toothbrush down my throat. I temporarily can't talk. FML
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Imawhalerider 0

at least it wasn't an electric toothbrush.


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I feel the need to tell you that you might have been first if you have used less time to put the exclamation marks...

thealliance 0

Ydi for caring about your teeth, btw im replying to the first comment to be seen, now go make me a sandwich

turtlellama 0

Proactiv is possibly the WORST acne treatment out there! I would know!

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he like things sliding down his throat making him not able to speak...

Actually, I use it, and my skin looks great.

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It's an FML, but better not do two things at the same time if you're not sure it's safe. Also, first to post a meaningful comment.

Dude, zits are like the most disgusting thing to see on other people, and a personal satisfaction to get rid of yourself, run shit in your face and see for yourself.

Most people don't have to "run shit in their face" to get acne

Imawhalerider 0

at least it wasn't an electric toothbrush.

Horsegal 0

I agree... That would have been a LOT worse.

this is the worst fml i've ever heard, as in your life is not ****** at all. who were you talking to in the washroom to know that you weren't able to talk? more like you wouldn't be able to breathe would be an FML. seriously.

GR3453m0nk3y 4

wow dumbass temporarily doesn't mean five seconds

ianzorzes 0

really dude, she might have cut her throat on the indside so she cant talk for like 10 days or something, and OP finish brushing ur teeth then pop the zit, it can wait another minute cant it?