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  okieraider71  |  4

"The Marr's Probe crashed today because some idiot tech used feet rather than meters on a thrust calculation. 10 billion wasted. "

Math is supposed to be exact, or it means nothing--Idiot.

  gertrude7  |  9

#63, that's not your calculator's fault. You should have put in parentheses (-2)^2 if you wanted the negative to be included. If you don't then it will assume that you want to input -(2)^2.

  I_iz_special  |  0

61 he could've been using sine, cosine, etc. so thus he might have needed to put it in degree mode. You may be right, but I just want to put another senario out.

  breegee  |  0

haha happened to me last year. i taking a test about sine cosine and all that, then the calculator gave me a negative answer which is impossible to get, right? then i whispered to my friend beside me and she said it has to be on degree. thank God . lol just saying! :)

  fmElle  |  0

dude sine and cosine are on scientific calcs. and obviously he wasn't graphing anything because of course he would have used a "graphing" calculator.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Agreed. I've been in that situation. I had to change the settings a lot since I took physics and calculus the same year.

You should typically be able to tell when it's off.

  spartan_girl  |  0

Agreed...I've also been in multiple classes at the same time that generally use different settings, and there were many homework assignments or exams/quizzes that I started in the wrong setting, but realized as soon as I got a really odd looking answer.

I can totally understand not remembering to check the setting, but if you couldn't tell once you started getting either weren't paying very much attention (bad idea during a test) or you don't really understand what you were supposed to learn...

By  hnz  |  13

ydi for not checking the settings of your calculator for a maths exam! maths is all about the calculator. one wrong punch of numbers will lead you to failure.

  perdix  |  29

I was going to say that, but I'll bet the real reason is that he was holding it upside-down, typing in things like 1.145 and 58008618 while giggling madly.

  nycy  |  0

Sorry if the op didn't post that his grandmas throat was slit and his parent died in front of him in a double suicide. Jeez dude do all fmls have to be massive Fuck My Life moments before it can be considered an FML. This site is supposed to be about lifes average failures so we can get a good laugh.