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Today, I popped a zit and I went to put my acne medicine on it. It's in a clear bottle with a blue cap, just like the nearby nailpolish remover. I grabbed the wrong one. FML
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ha there actually is a "correct" way to pop them; wrap two fingers in tissues and gently pressure til all the pus comes put, then put some astringent and neosporin on, to disinfect and prevent scarring. that is today's FML FunFact.

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thats why you shouldn't pop zits. I see a debate coming up that it's a pimple and not a zit.

ew grosss. I hate acne! clearisel works good for me though! :) next time, read the label.

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Who cares you big baby, aren't they both supposed to sting?

Maybe nail polish remover can actually work well for zits!

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if u put nailpolish remover on ur face u will die so this is more of a today i died fml

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um, no you wont itll just hurt really bad.

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you will most definitely die.. everybody knows that god

#11, whats the difference between soccer and football, ams still everyone tries to argue which is the real way to spell it. same to mum and mom.

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pimples and zits are different but your not supposed to pop either of them unless you want a stained crater-y face. and No, you dont die if you put nailpolish remover onn a cutt unless i am a ghost which im not. stfu fool :)

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ghosts dont even get cuts u rectum wanker

I don't get the FML. her face stung for a second! Someone call the Waaaaaaambulance!

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I'm no dermatologist, but i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to pop a pimple if you want clear skin...

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#32 been watching god TV to much?

you grabbed the wrong bottle so it hurt

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Lol 29- obviously it's mom because it's not spelt "muther" and the football soccer analogy doesn't really answer the question xD

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22, your name SCREAMS "Alabama fan living in the past".

1-800-Whambulance, shall I dial for you?

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i actually dislike alamaba.. any era lol but i loveur name :)

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eww!!!!! if you dont pop it they become huge

I don't see what the big deal is..? Fyl fersure. not.

The op put nail polish remover on a popped zit on accident

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I do not have a stained crater face, and I pop all my pimples. (and before anyone claims that I haven't hit puberty, I'm 19) Anyways, poison control win!

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29 u mean futball? futball and football are 2 different sports o.o

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hey #32, are you a troll or just an idiot?

Well, you removed some nail polish off your zit!

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Don't blame nail polish remover. Blame biology. Aha, jk. Blame yourself cause you're an idiot.

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******** flaps.. that is all

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*you're, no need for the hyphen in "crater-y." Comma between "stained" and "crater-y," capitalize "and," *no, not "No," *on, *cut.

ha there actually is a "correct" way to pop them; wrap two fingers in tissues and gently pressure til all the pus comes put, then put some astringent and neosporin on, to disinfect and prevent scarring. that is today's FML FunFact.

This same thing happened here about two months ago. By here I mean posted.

maybe the switching of products is a very common thing? I grabbed peroxide lens cleaner instead of my contact fluid, not once, but twice. :)

80: You look like Peter's wife on White Collar.

go on YouTube and watch: the worlds largest pimple!!

Wow okay. I hate commenting on these things, but you are such a ******* idiot that I had to say something. I don't even know how to express the things that I am thinking into words because I am so baffled by your ignorance. People like you need to be slaughtered and fed to starving children in third world countries. You disgust me. And rectum wanker doesn't even make since as an insult read a ******* dictionary.

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I was aiming towards RTRbryant. How am I a hypocrite? Please explain?

well actually u can pop a pimple but only when they have a head on them

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111: it's always a good thing if you look like an actress

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57 who knos u could be like beiber

well actually u can pop a pimple but only when they have a head on them

Everyone will hate Bieber when she admits to wanting a landing strip. And eminem will be right: "Your pussy lyric, I **** hear it." :)

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omg I just watched that n I feel like I'm gonna puke. that was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen

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aha agree wth 33. um maybe that would help dry out your zit op possible faster then ur meds so there yahhh gooo

94/104: Technically, your comment should start with "Wow, OK," or "Wow, OK." It should end with "insult; read a... " or "insult. Read a... ". Also, the part in the middle about expressing your thoughts as words could be much more clearly stated. Finally, a good writer would be sure to direct the entire insult to someone specific. Without a number or name reference, the person you're intending to insult won't even know he or she is being insulted. I'm guessing that's why you were called a hypocrite. For the record, I wouldn't have commented on this if you hadn't asked for an explanation. This isn't a particularly noteworthy example of "the pot calling the kettle black", IMO; there are certainly better examples of that in other comments.

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Lol this is like the first fml where you didn't start with, "it could have been a lot worse" :P

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And....? I'm sure op realized before it was too late right?

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64 is retarded. futbol and football are not two different things unless you are referring to American football, which the person was clearly not 133 you are the most hideous thing I possibly have ever seen

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I get it now... I just realized that I was first

Well. Yes, I was having trouble expressing myself properly. I tried to explain that I couldn't exactly find a way to say what I wanted to get out. I don't think that I sounded anywhere as stupid as the guy who says you can die from putting fingernail polish on a pimple and going around calling people rectum wankers.

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I find it highly unlikely that it's possible to not pay THAT much attention

missjonas, Skroal has been banned. we should be seeing him in about a week unless it was perm.

lol i didn't need to no that but ok :)

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why was my 153 comment moderated?! all it said was "hey, I was first"

Dude, ever heard of something called American and British English? Soccer -> American English. Football -> British English. It's easy. Really.

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Im an idiot but youre not smart enough to understand humor?

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Your profile pic would indicate otherwise...

what humor? seeing as no one has liked ur comments or replied positively to them I'm pretty sure NO ONE thought it was funny.. rather quite annoying and stupid.

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nawww, it felt ******* great

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on the plus side probably wont come up again :P

I bet that stung! haha. sucks to be youu.

You've mistaken nail polish remover for acne medicine and put it on your zit?? Wtf? This FML is weird enough as it is, now someone else did it first?

Well not that completely, i went to use my make up remover and mistook it for my nail varnish remover! I'm a fail, I know haha!

so much random shit women have to deal with. Toothbrush, shampoo/bodywash, ninja outfit. Thats it

I don know what sex in a bottle feels like so.....yeaa

123: Astroglide. It feels like Astroglide. ;)

I hope this nail stuff altered your dna to ensure any future spawn neither has zits or down.