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By Shitmetalseller - 02/08/2014 22:37 - United Kingdom - Wilmslow

Today, I managed to not laugh as a potential high-profile Italian client with a heavy accent repeatedly pronounced "sheet metal" as "shit metal". Unfortunately, my boss and a senior colleague couldn't contain their own laughter. We lost that deal, and our jobs are now endangered. FML
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At least they can't blame you, you managed to stay professional.


dmcd_39 14


At least they can't blame you, you managed to stay professional.

Well, he is your boss; So, he should be able to stabs up and take the blame for himself and those whom he is responsible for.

ThatTennisKid14 13

Sadly, "should" and "will" are two completely different things.

nixieduck 9

This is FML. There are no responsible bosses here.

Iron reaver soul stealer

Your boss should take the blame for this. FYL.

That's a sheety situation

Rainhawk94 27

We'll allow it this time

Is it weird I pronounced "situation" with a heavy Italian accent as well?

Maybe they lose their jobs and you get promoted.

I'll bet you have a shot at your bosses position. You are more mature clearly.

yeah except that he is probably going to be associated to their behaviour. I can't imagine that his boss is going to say "well I couldn't help laughing and lost us the deal but my rep was more professionnal than me"

ulissey_fml 22

Of all people making fun of a foreigner's strong accent, Brits should be the less forgiveable . We all try and speak their language . Do your boss and colleague speak anything else than English ? I am sorry that your professional life depends on those idiots .

I'm sure you would laugh at us pronouncing your words wrong too.

Maybe you could earn a promotion because you didn't laugh?

Sounds like a pretty "Sheety" situation OP. *hides in corners from the thumbs down*

They found you anyways

Rainhawk94 27

You on the other hand, are not allowed