By Shitmetalseller - United Kingdom - Wilmslow

Giggles McGee

Today, I managed to not laugh as a potential high-profile Italian client with a heavy accent repeatedly pronounced "sheet metal" as "shit metal". Unfortunately, my boss and a senior colleague couldn't contain their own laughter. We lost that deal, and our jobs are now endangered. FML
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yeah except that he is probably going to be associated to their behaviour. I can't imagine that his boss is going to say "well I couldn't help laughing and lost us the deal but my rep was more professionnal than me"

By  ulissey_fml  |  22

Of all people making fun of a foreigner's strong accent, Brits should be the less forgiveable . We all try and speak their language . Do your boss and colleague speak anything else than English ? I am sorry that your professional life depends on those idiots .