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Today, my mobile phone wouldn't turn on. I took it in to the phone store, but they won't fix or replace it because the account is in my dad's name, not mine. He's abroad for the next month, and the only way to get a hold of him is on a number I only stored on my phone. FML
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"the only way to get a hold of him is on a number I only stored on my phone" Reading works great too.


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Little late for that u think?

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Should have memorized the number... Cell phones have destroyed that for people.

They can be dropped out of a space shuttle and not break. But, I'd feel pretty sorry for whoever has the misfortune of being hit on the head with the diamond/titanium fusion they call the Nokia.

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This happened to me about a year ago. I was very upset.

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What if you tied a Nokia to the end of a hammer, and hit another Nokia with that Nokia?

My LG was hit by my sisters car, my dads motorcycle, my friend on a bmx bike landing a jump off a curb after it fell out of my pocket, and dropped hundreds of times and it didn't break. The only thing that killed it was my dream of getting an iPhone.

I shot one with my pellet gun and it broke.

You don't know your own dad's number? It's probably a good idea to memorize the number of someone in your family in case of an emergency.

2- I'm down 26 cells in 3 years 3 iPhones 2 black Berrys and million little shitty pay as you go phones. Your challenge is accepted want me to email you the pictures and summary or abuse I put it threw off my nice iPhone after I blow it to bits?

You can't talk to your father for a month and your only worried about a phone?

OP's father will most likely come back. But the month without convenient communication will not.

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22- So your pretty much saying that OP cares more about communicating than his father?

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How old do you think op is? -_^ a month is not That long, especially if they're old enough to be by themselves which they likely are otherwise the other person(s) would have the number The issue is lack of a phone, they do more than make calls nowadays you Do know, right? A good majority of people I meet (myself included sometimes, and I'm not saying it's a good thing) don't appear to be able to exist 30 seconds without their phone, let alone 30 days (give or take)

op is worried about the phone b/c the number is stored in there. how else will he/she communicate with their dad?

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I'm presuming OP bought a Samsung, judging by their username.

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^^ You look delicious... *inserts creepy face here* ;)

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nofearjenshere 12

And those knock offs are for those who can't afford the real thing...(me) :(

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Wow. Can't u prove that ur his son? That should be enough to get them to fix it. Just show them ur ID or something.

The comment said "can't you just prove your his daughter" they changed it after I told them

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I posted it. It always said son

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It said daughter. Own your mistakes, Bacon. Don't be a pussy-ass bitch.

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I was just screwing w the guy before. No need to get all sensitive

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Also how did u know the OP was a boy. I just took ur word for it but now that I think about it. Why do u think ur right?

....try the symbol in the corner of the FML

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Sry. I didn't notice that til now. I'm wrong

Baconator, for ****'s sake you're not texting your buddies. You can type out "something" but not "you"?? Spell out the ******* words or **** the **** off.

I respect you for saying that. Both 35 and 37

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So YOUR the famous DocBastard that everyone talks about

Can we just give out Banhammers to the idiots who still use txt lingo on the comment boards? Pwease Sirin?

Damn Doc! I thought text talk only got on my nerves...guess I'm not the only one.

Wat is dis gramer u talkin bout? Lyk lol..

Y dun u *** the *** off, Doc. Nobdy sed u had 2 read the thred of coments. Dun wine bout sumthing just 2 sound badass on the internets. Let the guy type however the **** he ******* wants to.

Try taking the sim/SD card out and asking them if they can pull contacts from it.

Or try plugging the phone into the charger or computer. That turns them on occasionally if the power button is broken. Happened to an old Pantech of mine.

Or going to another place that fixes phones. There are usually places that fix phones cheap and you don't need your dad's name.

My phone company allows me to see the numbers I called on my bill online. Check to see if yours does too, and maybe you can retrieve the number if you've called him in the past.

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Working for a telecommunication company, you should be able to take the SIM card out and place it in any similar make of phone to retrieve your contacts - if you stored it to your SIM card in the first place. Good luck!

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Not if the OPs carrier doesn't use sim cards.

There's this new form of communication called... an email. I hear it works great.

"the only way to get a hold of him is on a number I only stored on my phone" Reading works great too.

I hate these dumbass' who comment, thinking they're so smart, when they can't even read the ******* FML properly.

Not everyone has an email address, smartass.

Do you not get detailed billing, surely you have called him?

Of the accounts in his dads name...his dad probably gets the bill

I just thought the same thing and forgot the phone was under his dad's name. *facepalm*

Surely he has access to his parents account, I did when I was an irresponsible teenager

I love reading these catch 22 stories. They are always funny. Sorry OP.

If it's that important a number you should have noted it down elsewhere as backup. It's not shameful to shun technology and turn back to our old ways once in a while.

You mean before phones entirely, right? OP, shame on you for not hand writing a letter and sending it via messenger pigeon.

You jumped from pigeons to phones? Man, you missed out on a lot.

Indeed, I skipped the age of Instant mail, holographic horses and teleportation. There's no such thing you say? Well then, I say it is YOU who missed out on a lot!

Most people usually aren't that responsible. I know I'm not.

But you do have a valid point. People are way too reliant on technology now. Really, it could go either way because he truly wasn't thinking about how valuable that number was (at least not enough to write it down in case a situation like this occurred), but there's also nothing he can do about it either.

lol remember when people had to remember the number to call someone instead of just entering it in a cell phone?

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Remember when we had phone books? Neither do I. I'm sixteen

You don't even have your fathers phone number memorized?!? Shame on you!

I don't see anything 20 read wrong. The comment is stupid, but yes, OP hasn't memorized the number.

Actually it is valid that the dad has a different number than his usual cell phone. When traveling out of the country often setting up a cheap, short-term plan with a cheap short-term phone is the best option.

130 - you sir, make a good point.