By Anonymous - 20/12/2015 10:19 - United States - Chesterfield

Today, after quitting my job to take a very attractive position with a competitor, I was told the position was no longer being offered. I'm now on my way to file for unemployment. FML
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UhHuhHoney 20

I was always told to quit a job knowing you have a legit backup. Good luck OP!

try to ask for your old one back. You never know


UhHuhHoney 20

I was always told to quit a job knowing you have a legit backup. Good luck OP!

ndnpride88 25

Just putting this out. You're beautiful

Well the thing is that you think you have a legit back up but next thing you know something happens

17, it seems like it was just an offer though, not a guaranteed job.

Exactly. You don't quit until the ink under the new contract is dry.

I've done that luckily my old job took me back !

same thing happened here. stupid on my behalf. just jumped the gun way too early.

Never quit your job unless you're guaranteed you have another one to go to.

There are no guarantees in life. The competitor probably told him he had the job but then changed their mind.

Based on the way this is worded I automatically assumed the competitor placed a general job offer to those who already had experience in the field and OP quit his before applying. I could be wrong but that was my first impression.

try to ask for your old one back. You never know

You should get some sort of written agreement or contract before quitting your old job, but that's easy to say in hindsight. At least you'll know not to make the same mistake next time.

ChadHelton 8

never quit your job until you've signed a contract or have something in writing.

Didn't think you could file for unemployment if you quit.

If you quit for a good reason, like another offer or proven unfair work practices, or even if you have to move due to a spouse being relocated, you can file for unemployment. I got it once for quitting a job for another one and the new one immediately laid me off.

29. But that was you getting laid off. OP quit without being hired by the other place. Unemployment, though covering quitting under certain circumstances, but this isn't one that's covered. It wasn't that the job was unsafe or unreasonable. It wasn't to care for a sick relative. Not covered.

If OP had an offer, then yes, it is covered. Just because the offer was retracted doesn't mean it wasn't there in the first place or a legitimate reason to leave. OP said "offer" which in job terms means he had the job. It's not like it was a consideration, it was an actual promise of work.

Nope. OP was never hired and never said that the job was offered to them specifically, just that it had been being offered generally.

At the very least OP would need proof of a firm offer of employment, and then maybe, just maybe, they'd have a chance.

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KhaleesiDannie 26

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I get your reference sunshine, but for the love of god, don't smoke anymore :)

ndnpride88 25

Oh damn OP that's rough. Hopefully you bounce back with an even better job. Good luck