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Today, my child-hating friend who vowed never to have any no matter what, announced that she's pregnant. I've had three IVF cycles, spent $90k in fertility treatments, and still can't conceive. FML
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If Kate gosselin can do it, you can too

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stop waisting money in hoping that you'll be able to reproduce and do something you know that will work - adoption.

Who wants kids anyways. They're expensive enough.

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Surrogate mothers are a big thing.

did you get a sperm count on your male partner/donor? it might not at all be anything to do with you!

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67- doctors don't start ivf treatments till both partners are tested and the problem identified.

Adopt, simple as that. As much as I understand the want to actually give birth to your own child, it may be the only answer. There are lots of children and babies in need of a good and stable home. Or, of your friend really doesn't want to keep her baby, ask if you could adopt hers.

i know right that was hilarious how it didnt corrospond to any of the comments and had nothing the do with the op's point

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:o remove my comment also, as it doesnt corrospond to the fml or any comments anymore now that someone removed chucky's comment

Well think about her baby! Her kid's life is gonna suck! Adopt her kid:)

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OP, don't stress about it, I've heard that stress could cause women to not get pregnant. Have sex just to have sex one day, don't even think about getting pregnant.

Kids might be expensive, but they are worth it.

181, are you a mom, because truthfully, you would be a pretty hot MILF.

91, adoption isn't that simple for everyone. It can take years and can be very expensive unless you know someone personally who want to put their kid up for adoption.

91, adoption isn't always that simple. It can take years and can get really expensive unless you know someone personally is who want to put their kid up for adoption.

ok ok who keeps deleting my comments?!?!

It's not fated yet sweetheart. The time will come. I feel so sad reading your post. I'll pray that everything will turn out great for you. You seem like you would be a great mum. And I'm definitely sure you'll appreciate the gift of God when you receive it. There are some people in this world who has the luxury of having babies. And they do not take care of their kids well. It saddens me. These kids are like a legacy. They should be taken care of well and not neglected. You'll be fine dear OP :) I know you will.

I completely understand as well. :( so sorry op.

One of my (ex)co-workers adopted two kids from Ethiopia a year or so ago. It took her over two years to get the adoption done and a couple hundred thousand dollars (she had to fly out there numerous times). She was doing ALOT of fundraising. Im all for adoption, but the process is a long, expensive one. And she told me it's typically cheaper to adopt outside the country. I don't wanna know how expensive it is to adopt in the US! Good luck OP, when the time comes for you to have a baby, the opportunity will arise suddenly =)

276 wtf? Just put an ad on craigslist that you want a kid and are willing to swap it for an iPod.

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I understand as well, but you couldn't just adopt? I mean if it gets to the point where your attempts at conceiving a child cause you to go bankrupt, shouldn't you give up?

The "cheapest" way to adopt is by becoming a foster parent. There are pros & cons to all of the ways to adopt. I wish I could.

Some people want to have the experiance of carrying the baby, getting the ultra sounds, and feeling the kicking and such. It's a wonderful experiance. I'm 33 and I've been trying for 6 years. 2 invitro's so far and I got pregnant with twins but lost them last minute. When you've come so close to having your own child sometimes even adopting doesn't cut it. Adopting is good for some people. Im sure OP would agree with me when I say I want my baby to look like me or my husband.

your actually lucky ... can't get pregnant? dont need a condom !!!

Ahw yeah, me too. It's always the same that those who don't want kids get easily pregnant but those who want one really bad can't get pregnant. :c

It's not always that simple...adoption is expensive too and can take years. It's not a guarantee. Things fall through, birth mothers change their mind. Yes adoption can be a wonderful option but nobody can judge the OP for how she wants to have a family.

my mother was a single woman when she adopted me back in the 80's. it's really not hard for a single person to adopt unless you are going through a religious agency.

Can't be more expensive that $90k in fertility treatments.

#305, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. That's terrible. I really hope that it all works out for the best with you and your husband. And #324, completely agreed. It's so unfortunate that there are so many people who don't want children, or who don't deserve children, are popping them out constantly, and then certain people who want them so bad, more than anyone, and actually deserve them and can take care of them, can't have them. It's a sad sad reality.

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Disagreed - she's too selfish and obsessive to adopt.

If You Were Adopted Then She's Not Your Mother

45 No nobody was born a certain way you can be whoever you want to be and you can do as much as it takes to do it. Hard work prevails so if someone was a drunky dont just sit around and say i was born this way oh well, do something

She waited this long and spent tons on fertility crap... I don't think time or money are an issue for her.

90k? Is this like exaggerated, or is this a legit number for fertility treatments? 0_o

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I'm pretty sure its accurate. That stuff can get really expensive. I suggest that the OP just adopts.

Yeah, I'd adopt me a little African baby =D

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Name him *clicks tongue twice"

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Holy **** 90k. That's three times more the amount my family makes in a year.

Depending on the type of fertility treatment, it does get extremely expensive. IVF is very costly; the OP paid 30k each time, just for the *chance* of conceiving. Yikes. Then again, she could very well be in her early forties, and time is running out.

What I wanna know is if the friend is going to keep the baby.

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Maybe the OP can adopt her friend's child?

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That's like 3 1/2 years of working at mcdonalds!!!

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her friend should be her baby mama!

dude, i only 2k a year working at that shit hole

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limblessorphan 4

You are a simple and sad person. I hope nobody conceives from you before you are able to have some empathy. In the meantime i hope your "supersperm" keeps on dying a slow death in your tissues!

Ugh. People like you sit around on welfare and pop out babies, because you are bored and think you are entitled to everything for free. It's always the people who work hard and would do anything to have kids that cant. Sooo. Shut your pie hole.

Haha idk why ppl r haring on you, that was a good one.

Wow, the intelligence level in this thread amazes me. Where the hell did you get welfare queen out of his post? And even though I'm male I can understand OP's pretty down about this, how come no one else seems to? Of course she can adopt, I'm sure she's already thought about it, but it's obviously not the same.

I got it from the person who thinks his sperm is miracle grow. duh...

You people act so serious lol. It's a fml app. Half these people that post are lying anyway! Get the shaft out of your asses and laugh a little bit!!! Miserable bleeps!

daydreamer244 13

You all need to calm yourselves. People laugh at FMLs thats why they are there have a sense of humor? Yea sure that was a toolish thing to say but still. Just calm down.

limblessorphan 4

Some jokes you justt don't make. What if your mother died and people started joking about that, how would make you feel. Empathy people please. Take someone's pain into account before you start making jokes. And this is a serious pain which, I hope, you will never have to feel.

Hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion, mine comes from years and years of dealing with ignorant freeloaders that work the system. It's like you have to be incredibly stupid and lazy, and it flips their baby factory switch on. I can appreciate a joke... If it's funny. Some things you just don't joke about.

foxmatrix15 8

My mom did die but I can laugh and joke bout it now cuz I'm smiling for her :) yay

If you ever have fertility issues and actually want kids, you'll understand why that was such a callous thing for him to have said.

i didnt say he was right to say it. I said just have a sense of humor take it with a grain if salt. He obviously meant no harm... God.

HurpMcDerpington 0

Calm your shit people. If it was that painful, and OP didn't want jokes, this FML wouldn't be here.

limblessorphan 4

That is so cruel. I am really really sorry for you. I wish you all the strength you need!

EffinToofer 3

I agree 7. I hear a lot of people attack others for wanting abortions saying that they can give the baby up for adoption, but I never hear anyone say "I want to adopt a baby." At least not from America anyway.

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I'm pregnant right now and I know that it sounds ridiculous to spend that much to have your own baby, but the feeling is incredible. It's priceless. There are so many people who don't realize how lucky they are to be able to concieve and have an abortion. It's sad...

gabrielleangeliq 0

It's sad you can't see that some people are aware they are lucky to be able to have children, but aren't in lucky situations to have children.

leemurcat 5

I understand that. I was saying that if you can't have children, you should put the child up for adoption so that someone who's unable to have children will be able to have the opportunity. I know people who are wanting to adopt and it's not as easy as some people think.

How could someone put "you deserved it"? I mean really, do people get pleasure in going to fmls like this and say they deserved it.

@194 Yes, so we can add even more children to the thousands waiting for someone to adopt them.

leemurcat 5

250 You're either not reading or not understanding what I'm saying..

You said that if you weren't financially ready to have children and got pregnant that instead of an abortion you should offer it up for adoption. I understood fine, I was saying that there are already thousands of kids who need homes, I really don't think people should be adding to that.

'I was saying that if you can't have children, you should put the child up for adoption so that someone who's unable to have children will be able to have the opportunity.' Why? Firstly, there are already enough children in the world who desperately hope they once will be adopted. Secondly, how do you dare to tell people that they shouldn't have an abortion, but adopt their child instead? I think that adoption is the most difficult thing a mother can do. She will carry her child for 9 months, she will endure all the pain (headaches, morning sickness, mood swings...and worse) and a special band will grow between her and the child. Then she need to give birth to that child (which is still not a pleasant thing to do) and afterwards, other people will be the parents. Oh, and don't forget that chances are high that this (maybe unwanted) child will evidentally search his real parents. Fuck you, if people absolutely don't want a child, then they have every right to abort it.

i was adopted and I have a ton of friends who we're adopted, i'm against abortion completely but to say no one wants to adopt in america is ridiculous.


It's not cruel! It is a fact of life, grow up!


194 worry about your own pregancy as you have no constructive contribution to this conversation

Steve97 32

I'm gonna have to say YDI on this one. Ever heard of adopting a kid? Why waste all that money when you could've used it to help another kid in need.

BlAcKgUyLoVeR3 7

when its your time it will happen

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