By imalwaystired / Thursday 21 January 2010 20:20 / France
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By  silasandseansfml  |  0

now what have you learned next time u open the cabnet be sure to close just like when women bitch about the toilet seat being left up it's called taking one second and do it yourself

By  aeslehc_  |  0

snickerdoodles, its not trolling, its common sense to close a cabinet after you open it. Especially if the cabinet is obviously going to get in the way if its left open and they already have a headache.


Today, I was having a serious discussion with my girlfriend of 11 months. I broke the news that I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and I needed her support through my treatments. Ten minutes after, I receive a text saying that she can't endure the pain and stress that I'm causing her, and that we're done. FML

By Very_Bad_Luck - / Monday 10 August 2009 04:41 / United States

Today, I learned that binding my stomach with duct tape isn't worth it to look thin. I also learned the even worse part when I shrieked more loudly than I should've when I tried to discreetly rip it off in history class. FML

By QueenOrangeSoda - / Wednesday 1 May 2013 21:33 / United States - Henderson
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