By imalwaystired - 21/01/2010 20:20 - France

Today, I opened the cabinet to take a pill for my headache. After taking the pill, I turned around and smashed my head on the open cabinet door. FML
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betseyville 6

I couldn't help but think of the Single Ladies' clown.

O come on guys you all say YDI for not closing the cabinet door, it happens to everyone


aeslehc_ 0

YDI for not closing the cabinet. Common sense.

I don't know how a comment can be homosexual, but whatever works in your world.

Go troll YouTube, sympathy is what this op needs.

hahaha I did tht yesterday but my head then flew back knocking into my brothers head!

omg I'm 6 anyway damn that sucks hardcore and I hate snickerdoodle she's annoying

now what have you learned next time u open the cabnet be sure to close just like when women bitch about the toilet seat being left up it's called taking one second and do it yourself

aeslehc_ 0

snickerdoodles, its not trolling, its common sense to close a cabinet after you open it. Especially if the cabinet is obviously going to get in the way if its left open and they already have a headache.