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Today, I realized how invisible I am when our professor was showing us that he knows the names of all the students in our class. When he reached me, he just smiled at me and skipped to the person next to me. I took 3 courses with this guy yet I'm the only one he didn't know the name of. FML
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The only reason you would be invisible is if you do nothing to put yourself in the light. FYL and YDI


Right! You won't be noticed if you don't make yourself known.

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The only reason you would be invisible is if you do nothing to put yourself in the light. FYL and YDI

That doesn't always work. In high school I would always try to make myself known and I participated plenty, and still no one knew my name.

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It's okay OP, Judy because they don't remember your name doesn't mean they don't like you, I have the same problem

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Being that non of the other commenters seem to be introverts, I totally understand you. I have been going to university now for a little while, and still only four people outside of my roommate really know my name. I know the struggle to be out there.

Hello! I'm the OP and I can't believe that this got posted!! I wasn't logged in when I posted my FML so I don't know if I'm doing this right. I'm actually a very quiet person. I got an A in all of his classes and I do participate in class but my voice is usually very low that he doesn't even notice. I actually have social anxiety and I hate drawing attention to myself so that's why I'm quiet most of the time. He is one of my favorite professors, that's why I was a little sad when he didn't remember my name. When the whole situation happened, the whole class was like "you didn't say [My Name] name" and I just said that it was okay and smiled awkwardly. I'm actually really happy that this got posted, I've been reading FMLs on this app for more than 2 years so this is so exciting. I'll make sure and try to 'participate' more in his class and other classes too. (And please forgive my awful grammar/language, my main language is not english.)

I totally sympathise, I have social anxiety too so while I do contribute in my classes I do it in the most low-key way possible and it has taken some of my teachers a while to notice my presence in the past. But while you don't stand out to your teachers in a large classroom, maybe you're just the sort of person who shines in smaller groups, and that's okay. We don't all need to be out-spoken extroverts because different personalities suit different things.

This is rough. I'd feel pretty crushed. Try going to more office hours if your professors offer them at your school; not only does that demonstrate that you care about the class and want to do well/make sure you understand the material, but you can interact with a little more privacy and individual attention. Before I started making a serious effort to network with professors more and take more initiative in general (I was a flaky freshman/sophomore), the professors who knew me best were the ones in classes where I struggled the most, because I went to them for outside help so often. Good luck!

I'm a teacher and I have a lot of students (past and present). I try really hard to get to know everyone's name within the first week of class, and I'm pretty good at it. However, sometimes I just have brain farts and forget student names throughout the rest of the year. Don't take it personally. It doesn't mean the professor doesn't know/like you—he could have just momentarily forgotten :)

Being visible isn't just about grades or just being seen, it's also important while in college to get noticed in case you end up needing a recommendation letter at some later date. This is also a precursor to learning how to network in the future, so make yourself connect to your professors OP. If you can't do it during class by participating then speak to them after by asking questions or discussing topics they've already brought up.