By invisible / Friday 18 March 2016 10:42 / Lebanon - Beirut
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By  StormfrontX33_fml  |  24

Maybe he's just teasing you. I had a professor who made all of us put name cards in front of us. I had her for 3 years since she is the head of my major. She just winked at me. Don't let that dissuade you.

By  FatherCmas  |  4

Being that non of the other commenters seem to be introverts, I totally understand you. I have been going to university now for a little while, and still only four people outside of my roommate really know my name. I know the struggle to be out there.

By  kennedia  |  15

Hello! I'm the OP and I can't believe that this got posted!!
I wasn't logged in when I posted my FML so I don't know if I'm doing this right.
I'm actually a very quiet person.
I got an A in all of his classes and I do participate in class but my voice is usually very low that he doesn't even notice.
I actually have social anxiety and I hate drawing attention to myself so that's why I'm quiet most of the time.
He is one of my favorite professors, that's why I was a little sad when he didn't remember my name.
When the whole situation happened, the whole class was like "you didn't say [My Name] name" and I just said that it was okay and smiled awkwardly.
I'm actually really happy that this got posted, I've been reading FMLs on this app for more than 2 years so this is so exciting.
I'll make sure and try to 'participate' more in his class and other classes too.
(And please forgive my awful grammar/language, my main language is not english.)

  9a_1z  |  12

I totally sympathise, I have social anxiety too so while I do contribute in my classes I do it in the most low-key way possible and it has taken some of my teachers a while to notice my presence in the past.
But while you don't stand out to your teachers in a large classroom, maybe you're just the sort of person who shines in smaller groups, and that's okay. We don't all need to be out-spoken extroverts because different personalities suit different things.

  Algorithm  |  24

This is rough. I'd feel pretty crushed. Try going to more office hours if your professors offer them at your school; not only does that demonstrate that you care about the class and want to do well/make sure you understand the material, but you can interact with a little more privacy and individual attention.

Before I started making a serious effort to network with professors more and take more initiative in general (I was a flaky freshman/sophomore), the professors who knew me best were the ones in classes where I struggled the most, because I went to them for outside help so often.

Good luck!

  chinaski7628  |  32

I'm a teacher and I have a lot of students (past and present). I try really hard to get to know everyone's name within the first week of class, and I'm pretty good at it. However, sometimes I just have brain farts and forget student names throughout the rest of the year. Don't take it personally. It doesn't mean the professor doesn't know/like you—he could have just momentarily forgotten :)

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