By Anonyme - 17/12/2015 06:24 - France - Lyon

Today, Murphy's law didn't check out: my piece of toast didn't fall on the side containing the spread of jam. However, when I leaned against the corner of the table to pick it up, I knocked a full ashtray on top of it. FML
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Tray to be more careful next time, dumbash.

And Murphy's law still applies just a bit later, with interest. Everything is normal


So I guess you could say the toast was a little... Smokey?

marijuana is a helluva drug! just say no to drugs

bad joke, please leave the internet.

if everyone who told a bad joke had to leave the internet, then the internet would be oh so lonely.

Your days of being punny shall land you somewhere great, my son.

the bear

Just make another one and Be careful from next time. ^^

I bet that put you in quite a jam.

I'll show myself out now

Hurry up and leave. We're all waiting.

Wizardo 33

Way to ruin Christmas pal...

YDI for smoking inside

It doesn't say that OP was inside. He/she could have brought it outside

Even if they were inside, it isn't your house so why does it matter where they smoke?

8, 20, and 4, it doesn't say that OP smokes, they may have a roommate.

I agree with 20. Doesnt matter who smokes and it definitely doesnt matter where they smoke, inside their house or outside.

This was roughly my thought process not necessarily Ydi but, why does it matter, you put that shit in your lungs why not your stomach.

60, exactly where does it say that OP smokes?

So outside around others that have to be around the smoke? Seriously, it's their house. In our house, we have a smoke room. I don't smoke, so I appreciate this. And pretty sure the ashes and cigarette butts are still different from smoking the cigarette.

Hey, at least you didn't have to get that sticky stuff off the floor :) Always look on the bright side OP

guy makes a point. theres always a bright side. if you can go to bed and say you hadnt shat your pants that day, smile because it wasa good day.

The road of this comment was weird lol :p first it got downvoted, until #77 replied. Now it has a few upvotes

Ah just bad luck ! Maybe a little hint to get over your awful addiction ..... Of toast

the toast isn't the awful addiction if you use whole wheat, it's.......the jam. do you know how many empty carbs are in a tablespoon of jam.

Yes, but jam withdraw is very dangetous. I suggest that he should wean off of it with sugar free, low sodium jam.

websphere69 27

.... and it tasted like ash in his mouth.

0to100rq 6


Here come the fanfics.

And Murphy's law still applies just a bit later, with interest. Everything is normal

He just got trolled...BY SCIENCE :-O

I guess your toast is a little on the grey side.

Tray to be more careful next time, dumbash.

Sean Connery is that you?