By supergingerr11 - 09/07/2011 05:55 - United States

Today, I was supposed to have a double date. My date didn't show. I spent my day in the living room waiting for the pizza guy while my best friend and her boyfriend made out. The pizza guy never showed either. FML
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shoulda called and demanded free pizza. or joined in with your best friend and her boyfriend and made his day.


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you're never alone with minecraft.

You sure you're giving the right address?

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wow that stinks sorry OP:(

the pizza delivery guy was probably her date :p

Lol I think your date got it in with the pizza guy, isn't that a bitch?

is her date the pizza guy?

29 if her date is the pizza guy then it makes sense why he didn't show up. The date decided to stand her up and then had to go to do his pizza shift, then noticed it was OP's house and decided to not show up. He got fired though so his FML will be here shortly. 8)

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31 that's probably what happened! haha I will laugh when I see their FML here later!

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maybe it's cuz you're a ginger OP.

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maybe because you're a ginger OP?

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I thought the same thing! Haha

shoulda called and demanded free pizza. or joined in with your best friend and her boyfriend and made his day.

yeah could've got a threesome!

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or you could act like a normal person, call and calmly point out the mistake, then if they offer no compensation, point out that you wont be going there again, theyll soon offer something. nobody responds positively to demands. thats one way to get them to spit on your pizza or barely putting any toppings on.

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you has a long tounge 0.0 nasty

how does agreeing with someone he a thumbs down? -.-

People are insensitive asses and stereotype you on your picture and the grammar-nazis are out again. :3

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Sharnaaaaa, people will be assholes...most people are assholes. There are few genuinely good hearted people left in this world.

there given you a thumbs down for your Tongue not your comment... dumb ass!!!

taticalnNinja 5

ur tounge is nsaty

rebeldevil 4

but ur sexy titicalnninja so u just made up for it.

Both of you are pathetic. Rock on #3 -sniff- You keep on rockin'...with that... tongue... -sniff- Oh gawd they grow up so fast....

haha, Ty. :) I will, I will.

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88- yes he is

Oohhh. that must suck.

that must suck? that does suck…

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any one else think it was gonna end with the pizza guy being the date that stood her up?

the pizza guy is the date!

call him and give him a piece of your mind!

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and then he can give her a piece of his pizza

lmao that sucks call the pizza place maybe u get some free pizza

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If both guys didn't show I would have joined in with your best friend and her boyfriend.

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Thumb-twiddling works great in moments like these.

lol what if the pizza guy was the guy that should've gone on a date with you

ZOMG NO! YOUR PIZZA GUY DIDN'T COME?! dude, one day my pizza guy didn't come so I know how you feel. :(

balls. this wasn't supposed to be a reply. bargh.

that made my day frexual :D

Blue, no offense... you scare the shut out of me.

shit* damn iphone

I think it's a sculpture at a wax museum. Either way, scary as ****. No offense though, of course.

I would have been there in 25. lol! jk