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Today, I realized I willingly support my boyfriend's alcoholism, because the only time he says "I love you" is when he's blind drunk. FML
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you being an enabler will eventually kill him wow that's a nice selfish true love huh

If the only time he loves you is when he's drunk, you need let him go and find someone who truly cares about you.


you being an enabler will eventually kill him wow that's a nice selfish true love huh

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

honestly its sad. every woman desires compassion, love and attention. if the only way she's getting it is through alcohol being in his system then its kind of depressing. op find a man who has no problem expressing himself toward you.

If she loved him at all, she'd put his physical health needs before her own emotional needs.

Being with an addict isn't easy and it makes you do crazy things. Blaming someone who is essentially a victim to their loved ones addiction doesn't help.

Ther's nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. It's the dangerous stuff like weed or meth you should avoid. If alcohol would be dangerous it wouldn't be legal.

Weed is not even close to meth, what the **** are you talking about? Alcohol is far more dangerous than weed, as well.

jazzy_123 20

72, what?!! Have you not heard all the drunk driving accidents that happen? Have you not heard of alcohol poisoning? Gahh some people lack common sense or don't think... or are just plain dumb. Weed is NOT more harmful than alcohol. When have you heard of anyone overdosing on it? And it certainly isn't anything close to meth. The most dangerous thing weed can be is maybe a gateway to other drugs, but that's just personal experience.

"There's nothing wrong with drinking alcohol", please tell me you're bullshitting us. Alcohol is a drug. I don't commend drug use at all, but try comparing the amount of deaths in a single year where alcohol was a major factor compared to ones caused by weed or a hard drug. You'd be surprised. We're only desensitized to think alcohol isn't as dangerous because it's "normal". Which makes it all the dangerous cause everyone thinks it's no big deal. Please get educated. Ignorance like yours is what gets people killed.

DUI'a AND DWI's exist for a reason, both are dangerous for driving, so you can say that people die in car crashes for being drunk but you can't defend weed saying people don't die in car crashes from vein high as well, both are dangerous when abused or in the hand of a dumbass.

Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Idiots just need something to blame for their poor choices. I smoke and never once tried any other drug nor do I plan to. Everything depends on the individual's choices and the amount they use/how they can handle it. This is the same bias arguement over whether or not people should be able to own guns. Guns don't kill people, but if you give an idiot with emotional problems a gun he'll go and shoot a Taco Bell employee for not giving him sauce.

Yeah right. Weed is good even though it's illegal but alcohol is bad even thouh it's legal. You junkies are the one that should get educated. i know plenty of people who are DUI and never had an accident. You know why? Because they are not taking weed or meth! People take some weed, drink a few glasses of alcohol and then they have an accident and blame the booze because they don't want to admit they are taking illegal drugs.

Will nobody make note of the fact that when you're drunk, you're honest. This guy honestly loves her. Now, knowing that should be enough for her emotional needs. Now what is required of you, OP, is to prove you love him too. Get him to stop drinking.

If what #72 is true then it's obviously legal to kill him also, let's all kill #72

All love is selfish. If the other person doesn't provide things you need--love, affection, stability, security, companionship, etc....--you don't stay with them. We can talk all day about how much we sacrifice for those we love, but we do it all because keeping them happy keeps them in our lives and that makes us happy. Every act as a human being is to make ourselves feel better, look better, be happier, be financially where we want to be,...., selfish.

I don't think her boyfriend is putting much emotional effort towards her and keeping their relationship healthy. Feeling neglected is horrible and hard to deal it, especially if it's the love from your partner that's missing. You'll do funny things to try and get it back, even if it's not a good way of going about it.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Well most drunk people are quite honest.

Not necessarily. Often it makes them bolder liars. If he only says he loves her when he's drunk, he probably doesn't mean it. He should be able to say it when he's sober.

22 was actually right. Alcohol can effect the part of the brain associated with truth meaning that most of the time when your drunk you say things you would never say sober. Thats were the saying "drunk words are sober thoughts" comes from.

My ex never had a problem lying when he was drunk. I'm sure it has that effect on occasion, but to assume, "He's drunk so he must be telling the truth" is just stupid.

So you're saying that his love is a drug.

rawr_monster_ 15

There is so much win in this comment

Marry him. This way you will be "loved" until he dies from alcoholism. You are made for one another

If the only time he loves you is when he's drunk, you need let him go and find someone who truly cares about you.

My ex used to tell me he loved me profusely when he was drunk... Unfortunately the same was true with him and the strippers at the bar down the street and his myriad girlfriends. Then I left him and found someone who really loved me. I hope OP does the same.

Yeah... I've been down that road... know your pain, OP

BradTheBrony 19

You deserve so much more misfortune than that for enabling him.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

she didnt say she was BUYING his ******* can't assume she's the enabler...she just doesn't stop it because alcohol gives her the attention she craves..sad but true.

#30 actually OP is enabling her boyfriend by not trying to help him when she openly admits that he has a drinking problem, she may not be buying it or pouring it down his throat but she is standing by doing absolutely nothing to help him.

bettyboop428 24

45- Just because SHE can openly admit he has a drinking problem, doesn't mean he can, and she can't help him if he doesn't want help, and you definitely can't do anything to stop an alcoholic from drinking. So unless she is physically pouring drinks or buying him more alcohol than he wants, it's definitely not her fault. She is more likely a victim of her loved one's actions, as another commenter accurately put it, than an enabler.

fromstumbling 8

Drunk words are sober thoughts, perhaps? ...But seriously, though, you should get him so help.