His house, his asshole

By Anonymous - 11/06/2021 14:01

Today, my dad is an asshole. My brother gets to bring home and shag as many girls as he wants, yet when I told my dad I was inviting my study group to our house, 3 girls and 1 boy I’m not romantically interested in, he removed my bedroom door, just in case. FML
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My parents were like this. Ironically it just results in fooling around in higher risk areas... cars, theaters, anywhere just out of sight.

Ambrily 27

Also sounds like sexism to me.


Seems like an appropriate and totally normal thing to do.

Ambrily 27

I hope you just forgot the /s at the end of that.

depending on where you live in most countries especially Canada and the United States that violates federal / state laws it also technically violates international human rights laws if you're above the age of 10 years old by law you have the right to have a bedroom door and privacy.

I strongly doubt there is a constitutional article that reads anything like: "Every child shall be entitled to the ownership of their own room of bedding, as well as the associated door, for any and all intended purposes of protecting their privacy." Also, what about families that live in small houses and where kids have to share a bedroom? Or even share the parents' bedroom? It's rare in modern western culture, but somewhat common in eastern Asian countries where space is a scarce resource.

You do know that the constitution is the only document that has laws, right? Like, the constitution doesn’t say anything about smoking weed, and yet doing so is still against the law.

Your dad is an asshole

My parents were like this. Ironically it just results in fooling around in higher risk areas... cars, theaters, anywhere just out of sight.

Sounds like favoritism to me

Ambrily 27

Also sounds like sexism to me.

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Daughters can wind up pregnant, sons don’t get pregnant. That’s why Dad over-reacted the way he did. It’s not fair, and sons can wind up paying child support for 18 years if they get someone pregnant. And it’s sort of a caveman reaction. But many Fathers tend to be more protective of their daughters than of their sons. Hopefully Dad will calm down as he sees that his daughter is growing up. By the way, I am not saying that Dad is right to do this or feel the way he does. I am simply pointing out one of the possible reasons behind why Dad might have done this. I am not saying this is fair or reasonable or that I would do that. I think it’s important to understand why people react the way they do, even if I don’t agree with them or their reactions. I have a daughter and never did what that Dad did. When she went to college I offered to either get her a birth control implant or get her on birth control pills. Every child deserves to be wanted and loved.

it's not about pregnancy, regardless of the gender you are if there's a baby both will have a lot of work and responsibility ahead. it's more about the old school thought process of it being cool for a guy to have a sex a lot but if a girl does it she's a slut. it's stupid, sexist, and naive.