By T_Willl - 17/11/2010 03:43

Today, a customer was rude to me, and I was rude back. He then asked for my manager, and I told him I was the store manager. He then identified himself as the corporate owner. FML
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Don't you know that the customer is king?

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not bad luck . YDI, if you are working regardless of how the customer acts you shouldn't be rude. Especially if you are a manager you should have known better .

You should never be rude no matter how the customer is acting. On the other hand I have a feeling he was lying to you just to get at you. An owner will not act like that in front of his employees. He would loose everyones respect and the business would turn chaotic.

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Maybe he really didn't "act like that". I have a feeling the owner wasn't that rude to begin with. Like you said, the owner wouldn't act like that in front of his employees.

But OP, at your job, judging on your attitude, the customers where you work at are ALWAYS right .

haha ouch. then you should have said your just joking and some regular worker...then look in the classifieds...

you should never get rude with customers . I think you learned why

I think the owner was just testing OP just to see what his attitude was like.

ydi you ruining your own business! your supposed to be a role model

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sometimes its hard being the mature one there are some prity rude and stupid people out there i hope OP found it worth his job tho

well obviously someone for got the customers always right. especially when that costumer is your boss. good luck finding another job!

Someone forgot that 'forgot' is one word. You do raise a valid point tho, never, ever, be rude to customers.

Someone forgot that 'tho' isn't even a word.

Care to explain to me what the hell it's doing in the dictionary then? I ******* hate it when dictionary publishers put non existent words in there.

You're an idiot. The word you are looking for is 'though'.

Have you even looked in the dictionary? Tho is a word, and it's in the dictionary, and it's perfectly fine to be used in the context I just did. As far as insulting me with 'idiot' goes, please be more original ok? Now go look it up in the dictionary, Idiot!

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tho [thoh] –conjunction, adverb an informal, simplified spelling of "though". It's informal, meaning it's in the same inbred family as "irregardless" and "thru". Just because it's in the dictionary doesn't make it a word.

Fast food restaurants write "Drive thru" Thru and tho are simplified spellings of words.. So Marinus is right!

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Both "thru" and "tho" are listed in the dictionary as informal. Informal means it is a "word" that has caught on by frequent incorrect use (typically through text messages and online comments). If everyone is jumping off the bridge, and it is noted as happening, does it make it right?

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Your comparison between suicide by jumping off of a bridge and the use of "tho" over " though" is lazy hyperbole and invalid. It's common knowledge that though a word is not formally listed in the dictionary, a common acceptance of an agreed upon usage, makes said word valid in the appropriate context. In fact, the dictionary grows every year with new words that were but a few years ago considered jibber. This is an appropriate context for "tho". What.

Does that deem 'hey' as not a word. Hey has become an informal way of saying hello... just because it's informal, does not mean it's not a word. I was not arguing whether thru was formal or not, rather, defending my use of the word 'tho', as someone tried telling me it's not a word. On the other hand, if I had used the word 'sup, and someone told me it's not a word, I would have to agree as it's not in the dictionary. Even tho it's a commonly used word.

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The bridge analogy is an age-old one. It's not lazy, just classic. If you've never heard it before, that's an issue of your own. And by your logic, "ur", "thnx", "w/e", etc. are all legitimate words due to their frequent use. If you truly believe words like this are acceptable for use outside of texting, you are by far the lazy one. The only real words that are being added are ones that describe things indescribable by past words, such as "texting" and "gigabyte".

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Oh, and there is a distinct difference between a new word and a shortened variation of a word.

Nope, read again! I said once words like 'ur' 'thnx' 'txt' etc enters the dictionary, I'll start using them. Since they are not in the dictionary, I will refuse to use them.

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Actually, that comment was not aimed at you, Marinus. I hadn't even seen yours yet. I'm done being a grammar Hitler. Off to bed.

So are guys really trying to say that 'hi' and 'bye' are not words either, due to the fact that they are just shorter versions of other words?

Yea I think thats what they were getting at.

....It's Crazy What Cyber Arguements are About..

You guys honestly have nothing better to do?

Grammar nazis, have fun with this: OP, you shouldn't've been rude to your customer! Rudeness and anger are signs of weakness. As a manager, you should know this, and failed right in front of the owner.

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At one point, the word "ain't" wasn't considered a word because people argued that it wasn't in the dictionary. It's in there now, but did that stop it from being a word then?

Irregardless? I can see where you're going with 'tho' and 'thru', but irregardless... I haven't looked in the dictionary as of yet, but that doesn't sound right. I've been corrected in regards to that word before, so I stopped using it because according to other users on this site, 'irregardless' is not a word. Regardless is the word you're looking for.

Irregardless is a word! It is an adjective that is a compound word, blended from 'irrespective' and 'regardless'. Unfortunately, people tend to use it when 'regardless' should have been used alone, which then becomes bad grammar.

Good point. Could you give an example of a sentence where 'irregardless' is used correctly?

Before someone destroys me, the prefix 'ir-' and the suffix '-less' are both negative, making them redundant in the same word. Since both words are a negative form of the word 'regard', the correct one to use, in proper english, is always 'regardless'.

I was trying to be funny, which is difficult to do when discussing rules of grammar ...

*facepalm* My bad for not catching it then. Though, in my defense, it's hard to detect via the interwebs, and I woke up not too long ago. :)

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informal or not, these are words being used in our society. believe it out not, the dictionary evolves as the society's usage of words changes, not the other way around. and if enough people make use of a informal word, it's a word. also btw, not all the dictionaries are the same, they include or exclude words depending on the editing.

Irregardless became a word to make George Bush feel like less of a moron.

marinus, sorry but you're wrong. The others are correct on all accounts. "Hi" is a real word, in the dictionary. "Sup" is not, because it is slang. Can slang or other informal words be in the dictionary? Of course. Does that suddenly make them real words that are grammatically correct to use? Nope - in fact, it even tells you that "tho" is an informal word. By your logic, if any shortened version of a word was listed in the dictionary, then it suddenly becomes the actual word itself, instead of just a shortened spelling. Doesn't make much sense, does it?

you guys honestly have nothing better to do then to sit on fml being grammar Nazis all day?

You honestly have nothing better to do than complain on FML?

awww im so faded bro ur pic scared the sh*t out of me

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the customer is never right.. the customer is always an asshole

You guys are losers. I agree that grammar is necessary, but it's not such a big deal that you need to leave 38 comments about it. You're not actually making yourselves look intelligent, just douche-baggish. But seriously, have you nothing better to do than argue about grammar online? It's not that hard to just let it go... *facepalm* See ya.

Today, I wasted 20 minutes reading this cyber argument. FML.

-65 agreed! u guys r making me sleepy and oh yeah feel free to be all grammar nazi on me -please don't

do not work in hospitality if you cannot handle it!

Get ahold of yourself and deflate your ego.