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Today, I confessed to my best friend that I love him and always have. He whispered to himself, "Why do the fat chicks always want me?" FML
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Well, does he look like a muffin?

Don't listen to him! he sounds stupid.. if you guys are friends he shouldn't say something like that : I sorry


Well, does he look like a muffin?

shakethat 10



nah... he looks more like a douche trying to make retarded faces and holding a red ball and thinks it's cute for chicks to dig him...

*sigh* Don't have me starting on your appearance. I am more civilized than that.

Oh snap! Girl please, those are fightin' words!

well thank god for that...

OrginalOwen 0

It's a balloon you noob! hahahaha

Ashame 0

Looks like you're comment hit a little to close to home for someone! Hahaha!

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lol bitch please, someones jealous he can look hot without posing like a retard. not that that even makes you look attractive at all anyway

mintcar 9

34, too*

mintcar 9

23* Wow, I'm tired.

Ashame 0

Thanks 33. Same here.

oh no did I bash on your bf? oh I'm sorry dear... did your bf ask you to comment back to save his butt?? oh no my life is so over!!!

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Awe c'mon marinus, be a little uncivilized today!

I see a little catfight brewing between abc and Maphine. Go at it, girls! GO GO GO! *sits back with a pint of Guinness and some Cool Ranch Doritos*

40, you sure are defensive. Did someone call you fat recently? Good thing you came here then, because I have just the solution - stop being fat. In before you attack my (lack of) picture instead of accepting that you're angry for the reason I have stated. Calm down :)

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I've been saving the Newcastle in the back of my fridge for an occasion like this.

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what is 32 talking about? is she correcting 34? but she's number 32 . . . so she's correcting future comments? well anyways i think the cat fight is silly and should be stopped, but its too entertaining. so yeah keep it up

sourgirl101 28

Shoot! I want to bring in a pool of Jell-O. Cat fights and sweets go hand in hand.

woah are marinus and maphine dating?

mintcar 9

58, I meant "23" but instead typed "34" due to my divided attention and lack of sleep at the time. It's not that hard to comprehend. Anyways, the person I was addressing understood what I meant and it's really all that matters.

ha! too cute...

reCHARGEable_fml 0

I'm sorry but marinous comment was funny.. don't know why u all defensive about it.

the guy with the red balooon or whatever, is hottt, hot people say what they wanttt enough said


well I guess you better stop talking then, eh 97?

fricknugget 3

win :D

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nikcoleyy1 0


all this for about a red ballon really wow kids these day and there balloon fights look at my picks it's yours!!

nikcoleyy1 0

marinus is hot :)

ashk8n 0

marinus is cute his comment was funny! I happen to love his picture and who know the red balloon could be for 99 of them. 40 get over your self! I thought army men had better standards! I mean really are you twelve?

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I have to admit, I am saddened that ms rawr and marinus' childen will be plagued with ugly duck faces. *tear*

bitch stole my picture^^^

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#66 she wants his ****

I love how abc, who isn't even confident enough about their appearance to post a picture is trying to rip on two attractive people but really is only succeeding in making themselves look like a total retard.

LittleMissSusie 0

156- I hope you don't mean me- I took that one myself! (And if not me, my bad. But your pic of that kid is f-ing hot!)

109 your beat so shutyourmouth weirdo

valdancer99 0

lol no

cupcake_19s 0

sorry OP. you should try to loose weight so later on he can think of what a hot babe he rejected

awwwwhhhh that's so rude!

i need to move to Phoenix ;)

it's in the water in az man I miss it

truthunfolded 0

can I get in on this moving to Phoenix thing?

phenix is way to hot you got to go to NY. for the winter it's alsome

ya i guess ill move there too :]

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the girls comment that u commented on is from az.... fyl for being stupid.

really231001 0

the girls comment that u commented on is from az.... fyl for being stupid.

yea no winter is way to ******* cold here on long island

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171 phoenix Arizona you retard

corytheboss 0

#3 will you merry me? lol

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Don't listen to him! he sounds stupid.. if you guys are friends he shouldn't say something like that : I sorry

*I'm sorry

maybe it was a typo :/

I mean yeah it was rude to say but nobody wants to constantly be hit on by ******* whales. It gets old.

aww what jerk

YDI for bein fat lolz jk YLS.

really? and this is coming from a girl that looks like a witch? nice!

@7: YLS? You ... love squirrels? laugh silently? look suspicious? I don't know. Help me out here. >.>

natas_fml 13

maybe "y'alls"?

Really? Your cool, take a good look in the mirror before you say something so dumb. and I am guessing YLS means your life sucks.

what is your problem dude ? just because you look like a retard doesn't mean you have to comment on everyones looks. get a life mate

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11- She said she was kidding. Good God, either put up a picture of your ugly mug, or shut the heck up.

you two should have kids and my pic showes the result

green_eyes124 0

Which two?

I guess that makes him easy to get over.. or desire to lose weight..

wow. he can suck my balls

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can i?

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FYL for being a douche.

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that sucks but i cant say that aint funny. im sry sweetie (comfort word i use) that sucks but funny. youll find a guy one day dont give up XD

Probably time for you to move on... to a treadmill. PS Put down the fork.

that's mean. ALSO! i laughed. i laughed SO hard. XD

It's horrible but I laughed too. Couldn't help it.