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  14MEDIC14  |  0

Shitty toaster if just gives you your bread back. I mean MY toaster pops out toast. Maybe its different where you live, I don't know. But then why even put in the "toaster" anyways? As for your cat, don't worry about him being a scaredy cat. Maybe he was actually obese and was really excited from the bread-that-came-from-the-"toaster" because he was starving. Again, I don't know. Maybe he was starving. If it was either of those two OP, then ydi but if he really was just a pussy then I agree, your life sucks.

  dre_bro11  |  12

Gees OP, I'm glad it was two pieces and not just one. It would have not been worth it if it was only one piece. Especially, like 194 mentioned, the fact that it came out as bread.