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  JurassicHole  |  5

What was that thing we all learned when we were kids? Look both ways before crossing the street?

That applies to intersections even more so, OP you've experienced first hand how stupid other people on the road can be. Just remember to look next time and not just hit the gas.

  TurtleSmile  |  14

Some people are so arrogant and will never admit they did anything wrong, even when everyone knows they did. Sorry you had to encounter such a weenie, OP.

  SaturnV  |  25

If the guy doesn't have insurance, there is a decent chance that he couldn't afford to pay for damages on his own. Laws on whose insurance pays vary, but even in "no fault" states (where each party's insurance pays for their damages, irrespective of who was at fault), I fail to see how him being uninsured would benefit OP.

  noelykins1  |  19

It might just be where I'm from. If people don't decide to contact their insurance companies or something they usual get personal and make a payment plan, usually the "victim" will contact their insurance and say it was a deer or something and have their own insurance cover the damages while in this case OP and the person who T-Boned them do this whole payment thing for whatever else.

  TheDrifter  |  23

We call that insurance fraud and extortion when you falsely claim an animal strike so your insurance pays and then demand the other party pays you for not reporting them.