By mdp624 - 16/08/2012 12:10 - United States - Brookhaven

Today, I was T-boned while going through an intersection. The guy who hit me accused me of not using my turn signal. I was going straight. FML
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I guess next he will say that you drove the side of your car into the front of his..

Ah, the stupidity of some people. Sorry for what happened OP.


Ah, the stupidity of some people. Sorry for what happened OP.

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Sometimes I wonder how in the heck some people got their license! Sorry OP!

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Our world is a very ironic, weird, unique place full of dumbasses OP.

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What was that thing we all learned when we were kids? Look both ways before crossing the street? That applies to intersections even more so, OP you've experienced first hand how stupid other people on the road can be. Just remember to look next time and not just hit the gas.

Some people are so arrogant and will never admit they did anything wrong, even when everyone knows they did. Sorry you had to encounter such a weenie, OP.

Lol but he was right probably unless you did have your turn signal on. But on a more serious note what an idiot.

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yeah that was totally your fault... lol

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Actually it wasn't their fault. Op was driving straight therefore did not need to use turning signal.

46 the drugs killed a lot of brain cells huh

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46- if you're in school, stay there

Seeing as he is 27 I don't think he is still in school, but seeing his comment, I'm not so sure.

Sarcasm seems lots on people now a days. You'd think they could figure it out. Most times you can, sometimes it's a little harder.

69-hes smoking a cigar, not drugs you dumbass.

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I hope you explained to the officer that you were going to straight. Also I hope they don't have insurance they deserve to pay for this.

Yea true but it might take longer for OP to receive the money to fix the car or get a new one if the other person has to pay out of pocket

If the guy doesn't have insurance, there is a decent chance that he couldn't afford to pay for damages on his own. Laws on whose insurance pays vary, but even in "no fault" states (where each party's insurance pays for their damages, irrespective of who was at fault), I fail to see how him being uninsured would benefit OP.

noelykins1 19

It might just be where I'm from. If people don't decide to contact their insurance companies or something they usual get personal and make a payment plan, usually the "victim" will contact their insurance and say it was a deer or something and have their own insurance cover the damages while in this case OP and the person who T-Boned them do this whole payment thing for whatever else.

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We call that insurance fraud and extortion when you falsely claim an animal strike so your insurance pays and then demand the other party pays you for not reporting them.

noelykins1 19

^ I didn't say I agree with it, but people do it.

TheDrifter 23

Its popular here too, but I thought I should point out that it involves a class A and C felony before anyone thought of doing it.

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Maybe op had his blinker on while going straight...

Then he wouldn't have been accused of not using his blinker.

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Why I always try to proofread before commenting lol.

I guess next he will say that you drove the side of your car into the front of his..

Dang it, I meant to like that and disliked, so add 2 xD

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Lol do you even have your drivers license?

You don't need a driver's licence to realise that that guy was a stupid wanker.

Even if you don't have a license, you can see if someone is a idiotic driver. You just learn to hate them more so once you get a permit/license.

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Then people will think OP is getting Car jacked or mugged by someone in his car. He'll probably get pulled over by a dozen cop cars.

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I believe the correct 'going straight' signal is to flash your headlights repeatedly, serve violently from side to side and lean on your horn?

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What are you even talking about 30??

Let him explain that to the judge and see how it works out for him.

What's that thing on the coin??? It looks like a lizard but it's so small.

104, that's a baby house gecko. It's adorable. And FYL, OP! At least you didn't get hurt :(

At least the guy who hit you stayed at the scene of the accident. Also, he'll most likely be paying for your car repairs! So in actuality, FHL. :p

No. FOPsL because he has to deal with the shit even if it isn't his fault. And the one who hit him probably couldn't drive away because his car was totaled.