By oliviakelly25 - 09/10/2009 06:41 - United States

Today, three months after finally ending a long relationship with the love of my life because he was cheating on me, we are now seeing each other again. And cheating on our new significant others with each other. FML
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See... that's exactly why he figured it'd be okay to cheat on you in the first place. You deserve whatever you get from this.

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Not an FML... more like F the life of the boyfriend that you're cheating on. And yeah, if he'll cheat WITH you, he'll cheat ON you.


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I guess that's why you live in I-Da-Ho.

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mikehawke your picture reminds me of Mr Slave from South Park

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where the **** is the FML. ur gettin off on two dudes

I think someone's looking for a friends with benefits relationship

See... that's exactly why he figured it'd be okay to cheat on you in the first place. You deserve whatever you get from this.

How is this a FML? sounds like you got what you wanted.

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Not an FML... more like F the life of the boyfriend that you're cheating on. And yeah, if he'll cheat WITH you, he'll cheat ON you.

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I think part of the reason people cheat on others so frequently is because individuals like the OP not only allow it, but promote it. There are no negative consequences for the scummy people like the OP's partner and it's the good, honest people that get hurt. OP deserves everything she gets. She is only enabling this behavior.

And I bet if her current sig cheats on her, she'll act the victim even though she deserves it. The dumb thing is that she'll probably get sympathy for it too. I hate people like the original OP.

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And I love how she was complaining about her ex cheating and now she's cheating.

agree your boyfriend should write this FML.

"Today, I found out my girlfriend, who I helped through a messy break-up after her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, is now cheating on me with the same ex-boyfriend. FML"

How to know you deserve each other . . .

Why is this an FML? It's not something that happened to you, it's something you're actively doing out of your own decision-making.

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wow.... f the sig others who r being cheated on... i dont usually do this but your an idiot for cheating and cheating is retarded... if you want to be with that person... be with them if you dont... let them be before you hurt them... lesson in life ... you just learned your a jerk as well as your boyfriend... dont use fml to post something your actively doing and dont have a problem with. Thank you.. and have a nice cheating day.

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Typical 'nice guy' mentality. It's always the girl's fault, and of course, not yours. You know why girls sometimes go out with "assholes"? Because the asshole in question actually had the balls to ask us out.

really? my personal experiance says otherwise.

Actually, there's plenty of nice guys I know who have the balls, as you say, to ask women they like out. And I hear the same damn story all the time - they're just too nice. I hate when those same women, after a few months, start saying, My boyfriend's a real bitch. Well then why did you date him in the first place?! You had a nice guy ask you, and you said no!! I don't deny that some guys need to work up the courage to ask, but, you know, the road's a two-way street. There's plenty of blame to go around. Women are just as much to blame as men are.

maybe "they're to nice" means "they're too gay"

#29 I am confused. Are you arguing against or with #12? You know, since with the second paragraph you agreed with him... Just accept the truth, it is okay. *pat* I do, and let me tell you, it is delightful!

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So why's that our problem? You're not passive, you know. If only jackasses are asking you out, then ask out a guy - don't get all "oh poor me, I'm forced to only go out with jackasses"

Screw you. The person I love is far from an asshole. I hate stupid twits who can't get a girl and automatically assume "oh it's because I'm too nice." Yeah, you're quite a nice guy, bitching and moaning like that. When a girl says "you're too nice" they usually don't exactly mean it like it sounds. "You're too nice" could simply mean "I don't want to date you so instead of directly telling you I'm making up a pathetic excuse that I think won't hurt you" or it could mean "You let people walk all over you too much." Neither of those necessarily mean you're nice; one means the girl's a pussy and the other means you are the pussy. Don't be so stupid as to give up just because some girls don't like either you or guys like you. Seriously, what the hell? You sound like you got piss-poor self esteem. Of course, don't get me wrong. There are some stupid skanks out there who go with the obvious bad guys, and then go back to them again and again. They have such stupid mentalities though, are you seriously thinking you should be more of a jerk to get them? "Oh I can change him." "Deep down he really does love me." "He's just misunderstood." and other such retarded, story-book dribble. You really want to date one of THOSE girls? I'll admit I think some assholic people are great and awesome, but go out with them? HAH, not a chance.

Y'know, "nice" isn't the only quality a guy might have that us women notice. We also notice things like intelligence, social skills, hygene, etc. Plus a hundred other things that factor into whether he's attractive to any one girl or not. So just because a girl might overlook a nice guy for a guy who's not so nice, don't assume it's his "niceness" that caused him to be overlooked. Also, self-proclaimed nice guys who seem to think that they should have entitlement because they are nice... aren't really that nice. In my experience, guys who moan all the time that they're too nice and girls always go for the asses, are usually the ones who are lusting over someone who's already taken instead of noticing the girl who's free and desperately trying to get his attention. Not all the time, but often enough. And some girls DO go for assholes, but assuming that some girls equal all girls isn't NICE, either. NICE guys just aren't interested in girls who like nice guys.

Ooo, yes, I like you teiso. Self-proclaimed anything people are usually not. "I'm smart" Sure "I'm random" Not "I'm hot" Beat it "I'm nice" But not to the point of humbleness, eh? And right, right, it's not like the world is black and white. You don't divide people solely by "nice" and "mean." That's what children do on the playground, remember? Back in the days when friendships lasted a month at best?

Well, a lot of the times people aren't going to go to the person they aren't attracted to. I'm not saying I don't agree with you do, because I do. I agree with everything you and Teiso said. I'm just saying that is the case a lot of the time. A person could have a great personaility, but they'll be overlooked because they are overweight or have an ugly face.

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So #29, if you have to choose between the nice guy who respects you or the asshole who makes your best friend pregnant, you go for nr.2?

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I know. A 'nice' guy might be utterly boring. Would I choose a guy who thinks he's so nice and acts like he will worship a girl over a regular guy with his own hobbies, is interesting, is smart, whose whole life isn't revolved around the opposite sex and isn't always complaining about how 'nice' he is and how girls always go for A-holes? No way. I always see those 'nice' guys say things like, "There's this girl that I really want, but she is going out with this total asshole." Why would you even want someone who is going out with someone who you see as undesirable? That just shows their bad judgment, well, bad judgment according to the 'nice guy'. People are more complex than that. There isn't just a group of nice guys, and then the rest complete A holes.

i totally agree! and it just sucks to be told "you're really cute", or "your inner beauty outshines your outer beauty." what crap.

I'll agree that the latter sucks because that could be taken as "You're ugly but your great personality makes up for it" lol... But who cares if someone says you're cute? Simple complements aren't a problem, and even assholes can make those. So it's not necessarily a nice-guy thing. Excessive gushing can get annoying, yes, but... well, for one that's a lot better than someone who treats you like shit, if we're going with "extremes." Two, excessive gushing isn't necessarily a quality of a nice-guy. If he respects you, he won't excessively gush over you if he knows you don't like it or are uncomfortable with it. Otherwise, he's just a fool, not a nice-guy. But if it's just random sappiness, that's not so bad at all. If it's well-placed, it's romantic. Kind of like a "your mom" joke... done in excess, it's stupid and makes you want to smack a bitch, but when it's said at just the right moment, well-placed and well-played, it's ******* hilarious. Or maybe I'm just biased because I'm way corny myself lol...

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its FML no reason 2 write essays here

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I'm a "nice guy" and unless there is solid evidence its the girls fault its mine. I don't see your logic here. You're going to go out with a cheating, possibly abusive asshole because someone is too shy to ask you out. :