By duckthisspit - United States - Grand Marsh
Today, I threw away a bunch of candy wrappers from my pocket, I also managed to throw away $20. That was the only money I had. FML
duckthisspit tells us more :
Hi everyone, op here, the reason I had wrappers in my pocket was because I was handing out candy for Halloween at my friends house and cleaned up wrappers from eaten candy, forgetting that I had money in my pocket because I got it before I went home to put it in my wallet. While I was throwing it away I just grabbed the war of junk out of my pocket and I was having a conversation with my friend so I didn't notice the money in there while shoving it in the trash. I can't go back to my friends house because he lives very far away, I have texted and called him to ask if he can at least look for it for me and he has not replied. Happy Halloween!
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By  cmonger  |  27

50, I disagree. If I left money at one of my friend's houses, most or all of them would at least look for it and try to get it back to me. I'd say if your friends are really so greedy that they wouldn't return your money, they're not friends worth keeping.