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Stupid post to get first, you mine as well have just said "HERPDERP 1ST OMGLOL I'M AWESOME. "

To OP, that story doesn't quite make sense why were you in the same room as a bunch of flies and subsequently in a room with a dude who wants to catch them and make them his slaves?


maybe he was trying to eat them :/
They're very hard to catch though, props to him!! My friend and I were trying to catch one to observe it under the microscope, but no luck in the whole hr that we were out "hunting them".

  Radix  |  3

Not really. Just like a lot of animals they can get stressed out. Fish get stressed when the glass is tapped. Chameleons when they are handled, etc. Maybe he kept flies and wanted them to be healthy

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

A little bit of back story will help.

OP was at her gynecologist, undergoing an examination.

An obscure Australian law states that all such examinations must take in a room with at least one window open (to allow escape in event of a bush fire).

Attracted by the smell, several large blowflies had entered the room through the window (there was a flyscreen over window, but it had been badly damaged by a ringtail possum the night before).

A sub-clause in that little-known law requires the gynecologist to promptly capture any flies that come in through the open window.

I've got no idea why he wanted the lights off though - that's just weird.

By  OfficeNinja  |  5

and why are you "stuck" in the room? you are either in prison or can't figure out the mystery of the doorknob? even my cat can open doors to enter or leave a room...