By BluBaller - 06/04/2010 07:10 - United States

Today, after about a month with no sex, my girlfriend told me to come up to her room and began kissing me passionately. She got me down to my underwear before informing me that she had Spanish homework left. To make things better, upon finishing up, she went straight to sleep. FML
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BadPinkKitty07 0

Spain cockblocked you. hehe.

jamesSIII 0

You should have jizzed on her homework. Oh wait...


ishama13 0

Maybe if you were hotter, she'd stay.

e11e 0

maybe if you spoke dirty to her in Spanish, she'd stay

Maybe if you don't give a damn, this wouldn't bother you.

LauraTheKiwi 0

maybe if you didn't have blue balls, she'd stay.

Maybe if that made any sense, I wouldn't think you're an idiot.

^this. this FML made no sense

Maybe you shouldn't be argueing on an fml comment.

yumsters 0

just maybe everyone argus so deal with it

You shoulda pulled it out and had a wank while she did her homework, right in the room. It would probably at least get a conversation, good or bad, about your lack of a sex life. IMO she did that to spite you and if you wanna keep dating you're gonna need to find out why. I'm assuming here that she's trying to piss you off so you'll dump her, but that may not be it, either way it ain't gonna fix itself so talk to her about it.

use your hand. maybe she doesn't want a boy.

Monikabug 9

It's called pussy control. It's evil, but it is easy. >:D

She's got you by her finger. I suggest 30 € prostitutes in Europe if you want a quick resolve.

idk_why_but_YDI 0

YDI for cutting off circulation to your balls. (his name is BluBaller >_>)

956TXking 0

maybe if you weren't a bitch

She was asking for it

Melly14398 0

52 You are sick!!!

thats why you jerk one out on her face while shes studying. lol

did u cheat on her?? if you did, she found out and this is pay back lmao

This. My ex did the exact same thing. It's a sign of more issues like that to come. Get out now. Don't let her hold that over you or put her pussy on a pedastool.

This is when you decide whether her sister or best friend is hotter, and you fuck THEM instead. Note: if they're both smokin hot, fuck 'em both. Bonus: try and talk your girlfriend into blowing you after you've fucked her sister, friend, or both, and you still have their juices on your dick! That's how you control the pussy.


on kind words he should have said "bueno regreso muy pronto voy a uno casa de putas" just to ser if she had to acctuly do her work or if she knew enough to get her by her next test lol


in not on lol oops

Solution: say this, "Chinga a mi ahora, mi amor. Te amo tanto y quiero tener sexo contigo."

it's only a month. fucking chill. that's pathetic.


it's not chinga a Mi ahora its coje me ahora lol chinga a mi ahora is said wrong and it kinda means fuck me over.... or did you mean it in a diffrent way lol

maybe Samantha should look a little less sexy X)

he should never turn hr into pussyliah

yea but next time they fuck and hes taking her to ecstasy without any ecstasy he should just stop and walk out the room and then lets see whose in control >:D

Yeah 67, her pussy shouldnt be on a pedaSTOOL. Hahaha.

Well now she's asleep, go for it!

CrAzImArIe2012 0

yea sex is bad! spanish is good! ASL is better!

maybe if u werent so hot i wouldnt get distracted damnnn

you are very pretty!

cobaltss06 1

You are beautiful

what a cock tease!

lo87_fml 0

for real! get a new girlfriend! a month with no sex should have tipped you off but then you let her tease you like that? I'm a girl and even I know that's cruel. you need a new gf..stat.

pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin like a fool cause ur girl turned u down lmao

shit that's a good rap!!! I'm blown away!!!

#111You sir win the Internet

hpl_fml 0

wtf tht sucks maybe u suck in bed?

It's just a tease, it not only drives him crazy and make it fun, but it shows the girl how much you want her, and the next time they "do it", it'll be better than it would be originally because you've been teased and deprived of this for so long so it just makes it that much better. :)

lol. bang-blocked by Spanish homework. sucks to be you. maybe if it was big she would want it.

yumsters 0

it's called a cock~blocker

Is it weird that I find it ironic that both of these people have funny signs as profile pics? Let's vote who's is better to pass the time..

I vote for "yumsters" sign.

BadPinkKitty07 0

Spain cockblocked you. hehe.

As1LayDying 4

BadPinkKitty, I couldn't agree more!! lol FYL

Daerauko 0

lol time to declare war on Spain! the entire country had offended your honor and blueballs

eehizle 0

you are probably gay. sucks.

yes because everyone who passionatly kisses their GIRLfriend is gay...

awesome pic on the comment above me. SLUTWHATTHEFUCK! :D

Gee Great Logic. You should be a professional thinker!...

thebravery 0

Lol, what a funny whore!

nice shirt <3ABR

FMyLifeCereal 0

chinga tu vida cabron.

BrookeTrueblood 0



pinche pendejo lloron debe de jalarsela jaja

jamesSIII 0

You should have jizzed on her homework. Oh wait...