By BluBaller - United States
  Today, after about a month with no sex, my girlfriend told me to come up to her room and began kissing me passionately. She got me down to my underwear before informing me that she had Spanish homework left. To make things better, upon finishing up, she went straight to sleep. FML
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  mikemalk123  |  0

You shoulda pulled it out and had a wank while she did her homework, right in the room. It would probably at least get a conversation, good or bad, about your lack of a sex life. IMO she did that to spite you and if you wanna keep dating you're gonna need to find out why. I'm assuming here that she's trying to piss you off so you'll dump her, but that may not be it, either way it ain't gonna fix itself so talk to her about it.

  tobadiah  |  0

My ex did the exact same thing. It's a sign of more issues like that to come. Get out now. Don't let her hold that over you or put her pussy on a pedastool.

  JoeMamas  |  0

This is when you decide whether her sister or best friend is hotter, and you fuck THEM instead.

Note: if they're both smokin hot, fuck 'em both.

Bonus: try and talk your girlfriend into blowing you after you've fucked her sister, friend, or both, and you still have their juices on your dick! That's how you control the pussy.

  CRUZs_GURL1  |  0

on kind words he should have said "bueno regreso muy pronto voy a uno casa de putas" just to ser if she had to acctuly do her work or if she knew enough to get her by her next test lol

  DiNgD0ng  |  0

yea but next time they fuck and hes taking her to ecstasy without any ecstasy he should just stop and walk out the room and then lets see whose in control >:D

  lo87_fml  |  0

for real! get a new girlfriend! a month with no sex should have tipped you off but then you let her tease you like that? I'm a girl and even I know that's cruel. you need a new gf..stat.

  izzie321  |  27

It's just a tease, it not only drives him crazy and make it fun, but it shows the girl how much you want her, and the next time they "do it", it'll be better than it would be originally because you've been teased and deprived of this for so long so it just makes it that much better. :)