By Harry - United States
Today, my dad decided to get his friend to help move our old sofas to save money. Its leg got stuck in the doorway, scratched the entire hallway wall, punched a big hole in it and the other leg made a big dent in our front door. We live in an apartment complex and now have to to pay for everything to be fixed. FML
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  saviisneat  |  0

Of course he is going to pay for it... it's not HER apartment, it's ALL of their apartment.

But they deserve it. Once you put the tiniest scratch in the wall you would put the sofa down and reassess how to get it out. When we move out sofa (it's old and nasty in the game room), We are going to saw it in half. That bad boy will fit easily ;)

By  that_guy321  |  2

because you wouldn't have to pay for it if it wasn't an apartment...?
this is not an FML at all. scratches and dents are all a part of moving stuff, even professionals have it happen to them every now and then.

  potsie  |  0

I was wondering that too. It's like they were expecting someone to pay for the damage they did...
If they lived in a house they'd have to pay too, and if they damaged some random building they'd probably have to pay, unless they were jerks and just ran away.

By  Starfire22  |  5

It didn't occur to them to stop when they kept on hitting the frame and wall? My dad and brothers help thier friends all the time and have never scratched or dented walls... The secret is to take your time and be careful...

  MoroseMoose  |  47

I was wondering the same thing. They didn't notice that they messed up the wall? Or they didn't care and kept going?

By  justmeagirl  |  0

Ooph! Maybe next time try sliding? I had to move a couch of out of the 2nd floor ofmy parents' house, and it was a tight squeeze. But the front door was right in front of the stairs. So I angled the couch at the top, pushed, and it ran right down the stairs and out the door! It was super fun! (though it did slide down the hill of the front yard as well, and convincing the garbage men to go get it wasn't easy!)