By limecat - / Tuesday 6 October 2009 07:12 / United States
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I'm so confused... how is this an FML? At all? How does this even make sense? This isn't something I care about in the slightest. it's like saying: today I walked into my kitchen and ate some cereal. The cereal expires next week. Who cares? There's no comical element to this at all!!!!

  Melaniee_fml  |  0

yeah I really don't get it. maybe it's an fml because she wasn't wearing the pants and the cop saw them through her window? or maybe op was just a little scared she was in trouble.

  lizzilla8297  |  2

today, I was walking down the street when a cop pulled over next to me. he said, "you know I can't let you do this. you know those jeans you bought? there's a huge hole in the butt." and drove away. he was right. FML

  supermonkelyn  |  6

maybe it creeped her out to know that the cop knew she had just bought them. for all he should know she could've bought them last week and just forgotten to take the sticker off. so they were probly just freaked out to think a cop was stalking them.

  iGreen_Day  |  0

At first I thought she shoplifted them, that's why the cop was like 'I can't let you do this'. But she was just being a moron. This cop wins, he's like fashion police :D

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