By coolchicka05 - United States
Today, I chose to wear khaki dress pants to class to look professional. I was in the hallway when one of my professors pulled me aside to ask if I was feeling well. Apparently, the dryer had "eaten" my pants and made a large brown stain on the butt, making it look like I had crapped myself. FML
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  FarSide  |  22

First, OP is a woman you blind mofo.

Second, how does a dryer "eat" your pants by leaving a brown stain???

Really OP, if you are going to blame inanimate objects when you crap your pants, just by some Depends.

  MrsPegg  |  45

When a clothing item gets caught in the door when you close it. When the drum spins the clothes, the oil on the inner track causes a streak. Usually you know when this happens though, because when you open the dryer you have a tightly wound piece of clothing (like a rope).

  ruben7467  |  0

#5 failed

If the iron "burns" the khaki pants so much that it looks like you crapped yourself.....YDI for not knowing how to IRON. Apparently he need to focus when you iron something or don't turn it up so Hot/High. Basic rules about Ironing.