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Today, I was stopped and searched by a cop, and he quickly found the bag of weed in my pocket. He didn't arrest or fine me, but he did confiscate my weed and told me to "get lost." Pretty sure I just got legally mugged. FML
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Shouldn't of had it in the first place... You got lucky kid.

blazeheartsmythe - If you truly believe that marijuana is harmless, all that tells me is that the pot has already rotted your brain. Instead of blindly railing at people who DARE to insult your precious weed, try doing some ACTUAL FUCKING MEDICAL RESEARCH. Oh wait, I have to assume that you're too brain dead to do that yourself. Well fortunately I've done it for you. Marijuana has been shown to cause chronic bronchitis, increases the risk of anxiety and depression, and it suppresses the immune system, making you more prone to infections. It also is linked to membranous glomerulonephritis, coronary vasospasm, emphysema, and spontaneous pneumothorax. This is not anectodal evidence, idiot. These are respected medical journals which I read and you DON'T. I promise you, don't fuck with me when it comes to actual medical information, because I guarantee you WILL LOSE.


Shouldn't of had it in the first place... You got lucky kid.

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I'm pretty sure a little pot has hurt someone.

27 Calm down, I think pot does hurt people. Yes it doesn't physically harm you as bad as smoking or alcohol consumption, but it messes with your head and mental stability. But thats my opinion, I don't mind if people smoke it.

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Ooh yeah so how about some medically accurate, unbiased, peer reviewed academic studies to back that up. Oh wait you mean there's absolutey no evidence to back up your ridiculous claim?

Well it's illegal, it fucks with your head and the penalty for taking or possessing it is harsh - its not worth it.

38- your opinion isn't science so please don't state it as fact. Because it fucking isn't. Not even close to actual fact at all.

41) there have been studies that cannabis actually helps REDUCE the chance of cancer, but you don't have to take my word for it.

50 - I apologize for my prejudice, I've done some researching and yeah there is no evidence. I was always taught it messes with your head, again I apologize.

Oh okay so because it's (wrongfully) illegal that makes it bad? I guess slavery was okay because it was legal at some point. Cool. Where's the study that says it fucks with your head?

Why dont you go over to police station and complain about it?(Sarcasm Intended)

56 - I have already apologized can we not leave it now, or must you fuel your anger towards me?

It doesn't really matter if it's good for you or not, it's still illegal.

Can't we all just agree there are different reactions to pot? Sure, some avoid cancer because of it, but some do run into their city naked and get hit by a bus. Hell, people react differently to legitimate medicine, does that make it bad? No. Just means the doc should be careful with his prescriptions :)

illegal or not, I'll still smoke that shit. Everyone, let's just chill out now, i'll take a hit for every one of you now =)

No. They fucking don't. Because lot isnt a fucking hallucinogen. Please provide proof that someone got high off of JUST MARIJUANA and ran into a city naked and got hit by a bus ( which would be him getting killed by a fucking BUS, not weed)

Better than the fine. I should know I've caught 3 different weed charges and it's expensive... I shoulda learned lol

64) that man sounds like he was on meth, not high off weed

I've never seen someone smart at my school who smokes pot regularly. It's not fact that it's bad, it's proven by experiment that it is.

That makes no sense. Personal anecdotes are not evidence. Find a medical study and try the fuck again.

Pot does contribute to schizophrenia, damage to brain cells, and causes the delay in one's actions or thoughts. I'm sure there are other various negative effects that I have not listed. I'm sure there are positive effects also, but I do know the negatives far outweigh the positives. There's no arguing with scientific evidence...

Nope. Anecdotes are not evidence. Try again.

TheDrifter 23

Calgary Sun news. Twice in the last year, stoned morons have walked in front of our transit trains and died. Also note the CHA study from 2007 that proves that while cannabis consumption lowers the risk of cancer and creates other helpful effects, smoking it causes lung, lip and throat cancer.

Just putting it out there, doesn't paranoia occur when on marijuana?

Actually of you do a google search, you'll find that the rhesus monkey study is medically inaccurate- pot does not kill brain cells, but suffocating monkeys with smoke certainly does- as in they had no oxygen, just smoke.

blazeheartsmythe - If you truly believe that marijuana is harmless, all that tells me is that the pot has already rotted your brain. Instead of blindly railing at people who DARE to insult your precious weed, try doing some ACTUAL FUCKING MEDICAL RESEARCH. Oh wait, I have to assume that you're too brain dead to do that yourself. Well fortunately I've done it for you. Marijuana has been shown to cause chronic bronchitis, increases the risk of anxiety and depression, and it suppresses the immune system, making you more prone to infections. It also is linked to membranous glomerulonephritis, coronary vasospasm, emphysema, and spontaneous pneumothorax. This is not anectodal evidence, idiot. These are respected medical journals which I read and you DON'T. I promise you, don't fuck with me when it comes to actual medical information, because I guarantee you WILL LOSE.

youve obviously never smoked. nobody gets naked and runs into their city and gets hit by a bus on MARIJUANA. youre thinking of harder drugs, dipshit.

Where's DocBastard when you need him... Oh there he is! DOCBASTARD I FUCKING LOVE YOU!

that was directed at 64, by the way

Oh, just stop. Why don't you sit down at the computer, to Google or where ever else you please, and type in this "effects of pot/marijuana." After that, continue commenting. Don't argue with someone who knows their facts, and it seems to me that many of us have ACTUAL evidence.

That makes no sense, how does it lower the risk of cancer while causing cancer? Especially since thc slows mitosis down.

In the end it depends on the individual... how are you gonna tell me pot is dumbing me down? I've been smoking regularly for years now and I'm doing just fine. Like i said, it all comes down to the individual. One cannot truly "measure" someones intelligence, it is just not humanly possible.

stopsignman - Your problem is self-assessment. I've had literally dozens of people tell me "I'm not that drunk!" when their blood alcohol was way over the legal limit. When you're impaired, you CAN'T TELL YOU'RE IMPAIRED. Full stop.

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Regardless of whether or not it could hurt you, it's still legal. Dude got real lucky.

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Illegal ***

Record for the longest line of comments in a thread anyone?

Scientific evidence? People there was just a major study done in London that PROVES that not only does it not affect the lungs in ANY way it has NO lasting effects after 6 months of not smoking it. So stfu with your ignorant prejudice comments your redneck parents have brainwashed u to believe that it's unhealthy for you but getting wasted is ok just because it's legal now I'm not saying that I believe anyone should drive or go to work on drugs but it definitely has medical value to chemo patients and other patients and there's no problem smoking weed every once in a while. I've smoked it every other weekend for 2 years now and my gpa is still at a 3.5 which isnt bad. So just stop all of the ignorant comments an just live with the fact that it's not as bad as you've been taught. Trust me I've seen several of my family members struggle with heroin addiction and it doesn't even come close to that. So calm the hell down.

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Drugs are bad kids m'Kay?

Smoking anything that fucks with your head that is not for medical reasons is for weak-minded idiots. Same for alcohol if you abuse it. Smoking cigarettes has no benefits at all. It costs money and slowly kills you. I'm 20 years old and I'm proud to say that I have never in my life consumed alcohol outside of medicine or food nor smoked ANYTHING. I don't need that shit. I don't need any crutches. Straight A, 4.0 third year Computer Science major in college bitches. Do something with the time you spend high. Go ahead, thumb me down all you like pot-heads. TLDR; Get a life pot-heads.

Airman1988 9

Why am I not surprised that this is a controversial topic for fm l users lol

I don't see why people get so judgmental. I don't smoke, but I don't care that people do. There are many people that smoke and are just as smart and professional as any one else. A joint/blunt here or there makes you weak minded? Maybe you just need to stop being such an uptight bitch. Live and let live guys.

115- I usually never have issues with people who smoke marijuana, but you just give a bad reputation to everyone who does. I know what I'm talking about. Your supposed "study" is crap. Any type of smoking is bad, regardless of whether it is marijuana or tobacco. There is NUMEROUS amounts of evidence demonstrating both short term and long term negative effects of marijuana. Go find them.

120- get off your high horse. No one could give a fuck less about your GPA

I laugh at the ignorance here, go ahead argue all you want, I'll just sit here with my joint puffing away. Peace out.

If people want to get high, let them - they can deal with effects. But the important thing is that it does, in fact, have bad effects.

128 I agree with you, and go find the evidence? Obviously you never have researched anything about marijuana because a study done in London by a bunch of different scientists have CONFIRMED that it has no long term effects on your body whatsoever so quit being a god damn stuck up bitch and just deal with what you would reference as "scientific fact"

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That's right...don't mess with THE DOCBASTARD

Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends...

I agree with 143, mainly because my fingers are becoming sore and I'm tired of using the word "evidence", and I'm sure everyone is tired of reading it...

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A good friend once told me "just remember, never argue with an idiot. they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience." Keep that in mind you educated people. You know your shit and the stupid people don't. That's life.

151 - Well said.

I think everyone has their different reactions. Peoples body's all react different. And for 82- everyone's experience is different. You can be calm, too y'know. I still know what I'm doing when I get high, it's really never been that serious for paranoia to occur. And for those speaking who have never experienced it, how would you know? Over some article written buy another scientist who bases their studies off of just experiments? They don't experience it themselves. I agree, It can fuck with you, but not for everyone. Some people aren't as vunerable. Also, people, let's also try not to believe everything we hear. And stop getting your "facts" off of wikipedia. Thank you.

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120 I don't think anyone could give a fuck about your gpa, or any other aspect of your life.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

In response to 102 - I'm afraid I have to disagree, Doc. It differs from person to person. I for one, am extremely aware of my physical impairment when I'm high. My actions may be slowed and sloppy, but my imagination is far more coherent and active, and free from daily psychological stress. Such a thing is often necessary if one is a writer for a living. That aside, I somehow doubt that he was high when he typed his statement, so in this case, that particular argument is invalid. Everything is harmful in today's world. MSG, radio waves, UV rays from the sun, television, junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, medications of any kind. The list goes on. The harm that marijuana causes is indeed real, however it pales in comparison to some of the above listed shit. It's all in how you use it; wisely and in moderation. The fact that it's illegal is only relevant when you're an idiot and smoking it in the open. Morality holds no place in the legality of a substance when it differs by region and far more harmful substances are legalized. In conclusion, I can respect a person for not wanting to smoke, but I, being a logical, functioning, hardworking member of society, who works several jobs and pays taxes like everyone else, believe that people like myself deserve likewise respect. We are not junkies, irresponsible slobs, or idiots. We're people with different beliefs and lifestyles. It shouldn't be this hard for us all to coexist.

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Well im suprised their was no fight on the fml before this about pot, but yea weed is bad it screws with you and it's a drug no matter which way you look at it kids


It should be a matter of personal choice, we all have our vices. We get cancer from all sorts of things such as cigarettes, UV rays (sunlight) and various fumes. Why can't we have the freedom to choose what we do to our body as long it's not abuse, or harmful others?

brt3420 13

I smoke weed everyday for a medical reason, no I don't have a prescription but it helps me deal with pain caused by my hips. I don't believe half of that shit that's said here, for one I've never had schizophrenia or hallucinated because of it. It's over rated and blown up on the media because of teens using it, but I don't know about you but back in high school I had a hell of a lot more of a problem finding cigarets then I did finding pot. I've done my research into it a bit and I've even gone to a doctor to talk about. When I went to a doc I was told its the worst drug on the market and causes more problems to your body then cocaine and meth combined. That right there showed me how bias the system is about marijuana. If a doctor will straight up tell me a lie then who am I supposed to trust? My own personal experience or the so called doctors telling me the so called "effects" of this "horid" drug. You can have your own opinion on it and I'm fine with that but don't preach about it unless you can stand on both sides of the fence for it.

The one where you get high, and can taste colors, see sound, and hallucinate. Tested by every pothead in the world.

Kristoffer 35

Legal or not is the question, it doesn't matter one bit if it's harmless. Personally I do think it should be legal, but I'd never use it because it DOES fuck with your head.

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Our president regularly smoked marijuana at one time. And so do many people that are popular, athletic, and are in all these AP classes. Or at least in my experience.

Doc, I see your points. I also know people who have used it medicinally when other options failed. As someone who is on my fair share of meds for bipolar and a physical illness, I also understand those carry side effects. I had to just go off of one due to stomach bleeding. My immune suppressant can cause crystals in my cornea. But as with my friends who use pot medicinally we have educated ourselves on the side effects of any medication we take and weigh risk vs reward. I don't get how people don't get how whatever we put in our bodies does have side effects. Nothing is completely harmless. But I do agree it's each person'a right to choose, or at least should be. Honestly, with some of the symptoms I have that they haven't been able to fix with the traditional route, if it were legal here I'd try it. I mean wth. I've already been on shit like abilify that has a whole host of scary side effects.

TheDrifter 23

95, THC is beneficial, the rest of the toxic chemicals created by the burning biomass are not. Just bake some cookies and voila, no toxic smoke to go with your thc.

People on here are really to stary to t-me off the edge... I have never smoked or done any drug of any sort but there are lots of successful NON-LOWLIVES that have. Most of you bickering people are probably on one of his devices right now.... Steve Jobs! He had both somked weed and admitted to his some success by dropping acid. I am pro decrimanalize/legalize because: 1) i think it would help the US finacially and 2) the war on drugs is an utter failure. 3) it was proven in Portugal that decrimanalization helped tons. 4) medicines can be just as bad! My great grandmother who had died about a year ago had been on TONS of meds. The meds had made her extremly depressed and she began to starve herself. During the times she would get off her meds she seemed like a healthier person, not to mention she was very happy. Yes smoking weed can do bad things to you but you dont have to smoke it, there are other means like eating or vaporizing it. But in many ways it can be beneficial. Im not going to get into the benefits because..... Google thats why. You just have to remeber some people react differently, some get paranoid, and many just chill out. Some abuse it, some need it. People are different. And to be honest DocBastard you piss me off . You can be a dick saying stuff all big but remember its the internet, it's not a huge deal! I'm not saying your a dumbass but you throw in all the stuff that can be pretty rare and doesnt apply to everyone. (go ahead and bash me it's the internet) End Of Story

Dude. I had pot smoking friends. They can't hold a job and still live with their parents. They spend most of their time and money on weed. So when saying it doesn't kill you. It does. Smoking a blunt adds up to smoking five cigarettes at once. It affects ur lungs and has a higher chance of causing cancer. So u very intelligent ppl saying no harm done. Tell me. What r u doing with ur life now.

Tweekz14 5

I've smoked weed every day for about 2 months now. I have straight A's, keep up with my responsibility's, and I'm physically fit. Just throwing this out to people who think stoners are a bunch of stupid lazy people.

Pots only illeagal cause they can't put a tax on it

lebronesque73091 12

Quit complaining, consider yourself lucky.

And someone finally gets it. 193, you get a gold star. And for those people who think that weed makes you see sounds and taste colors, you were lied to. That's acid or shrooms, not weed. The most weed will do is temporarily increase the resolution of your imagination while temporarily decreasing the effectiveness of your attention and short term memory. By not holding on to memory so tightly your imagination flows a little bit better. That's it. Sorry to disappoint you.

okay guys, listen. if you simply go on google and look up deaths per year caused by smoking ciggarettes, you will get numbers. look up deaths per year caused by alcohol, you will get numbers. death per year caused by weed? 0. wanna know why? it has no fucking bad affect on your body. you have a higher risk of hitting your head and dying, then smoking weed constantly and dying. there are these things called cannabinoid receptors in your brain. at one point in your life the cannabinoid receptors like to have cannabis. weed is cannabis. another thing. you cant get as fucking high off weed that you dont know what your doing. you dont go around doing shit and not knowing it. once your body has taken in enough, you will start pushing it out..causing you to puke. no..i dont smoke but i fucking hate when people say weed is terrible for you, or that its a gateway drug or any stupid shit like that. all of that is false and if any of you medical geeks out there wanna correct me, go right ahead, but if your saying that you read medical books..most likely produced by the government. and the government tends to hate on weed...JUSSSTSAYING (: good day.

Idonebeenhad 17

As soon as I read "bag of weed", I knew this FML was going to turn into a debate on the effects of weed, and its legality...

christa953 12

There are benefits and issues that come out of smoking it

shadexilmaendu 4

If even one of you people posted a source for your claims... But it's easier to use anecdote as fact and jump down one another's throats and tell people they're brain damaged, right? This should answer most anyone's questions. Sources cited at the bottom of the page ( golly gee sources, what a capital idea!). Can't be assed to give you guys any more than this, copying links on an iPhone is rather annoying.

VasilisaUzhasnaj - Sorry, but you're dead wrong. When you're impaired, you don't know you're impaired. That's a fact and it is indisputable. dubzta - The only reason you have for being pissed off at me is because I'm debunking your "weed is harmless" myth, and you have no real argument against me. I don't give a fuck if I piss you off or not. Who cares if it's the internet or not? That doesn't make you any less wrong. Get the fuck over it. _PurpleTortugas_ - I'm basing my facts off FACTS. It isn't the government writing all these myriad articles in medical journals, it's doctors and researchers doing RESEARCH. This is peer-reviewed stuff, not fluff opinion pieces like you idiots are all spouting, nor is it government "propaganda". I find it fascinating that blazeheartsmythe shut right up after I tore his flimsy argument to shreds. Hm. Interesting.

NoisyNykkii 10

Blaze; Who the hell raised you? Weed is, and always will be, bad for you. It messes with your brain. Sure; it doesn't physically hurt you like regular cigarettes, but it affects your brain, one of the most vital parts of your body. You must smoke weed enough that your brain must've just died. Leave SkoomaKi alone!

224 - Thank you. 225 - You've been missing out Noor! EVERYONE! As DocBastard and many others have proven with their knowledge and official facts, I think we can safely say smoking weed does not physically hurt you, but mentally (paranoia, etc). It's not our right to judge others as it is their life and the can do whatever they see fit. So can we end it there?

Don't do it, but TOTALLY agree with you!!!!!

Let me summarize this thread for you lazy people out there: WEED: It's bad, but no worse than all the other shit you probably already enjoy. I personally don't have a problem with it, but then again I'm from Vancouver.

Sirin/alan, other threads with minor flame wars were closed sooner than this. Are you entertained?!

pimpnainteasy 5

I know a lot of people who are artistic and smart... A lot of tattoo artists blow up on it, but I bet you'd let them do your work... Some just don't feel like applying themselves because people just look at them like potheads but if you have a conversation with them they will make you feel dumber than shit

@McMan: I'm just surprised that the stoners here have the energy to argue at all.

john1234595 0

Fuck you he got jacked by a cop.

Too many slave minded people here. Weed was made illegal to kickstart the DEA and to make hemp illegal. Guess how many hemp blunts it will take to get you high? 1000 or so was an estimate I heard. Guess how much we could cut into foresting company's profits by using hemp paper? Yup. That is the primary reason why pot is illegal. So they can keep hemp illegal. And stop us from using hemp paper. Some major document in American History was written on hemp paper, the stuff is just like tree paper but renewable, persay. As for smoking weed. You cannot argue that it has no negative effect on the body. Broccoli can have negative effects on your body. What you can argue is that the effects of pot smoke are far less severe than the carcinogens of tobacco and the liver bomb of alcohol. As for citing sources-please. This is the fucking Internet. Essentially, weed should be legal, without need of medical reason. Yeah, it's bad for you, but so are figs and booze, and people consume those all the time. And, fuck, calling weed untaxable? Like hell. The minute it becomes legal we're going to see a lot more government revenue, and a shitload less spent on bullshit drug raids. Thank you.

Haha welcome to the USA op

blazeheartsmythe- you have got to be the dumbest, most ignorant and obnoxious individual that I've seen on this site in a while. Where the hell do you get off running your mouth like that when it's clear as daylight that you now absolutely nothing about the drug? if you want evidence that it induces psychosis, I can send you some of my work that i did on it.

Trisha_aus 15

Drugs = BAD. Is that it?

AimeeOreo 5

I don't know about where you guys come from but in Australia it's been proven that smoking is more harmful than weed. The only reason that smoking is legal and weed isn't is because the government can make money of the smokers where is they can't with marijuana.

I don't smoke weed but there are plenty of legal things out there that are much worse for your health.

All forms of smoking should be illegal.

To all those who say pot makes you dumb: i've been smoking pot for years, maintain a 4.0gpa and play varsity soccer.

How about making marihuana legal, and every single drug out there legal too. I would love to get rid of all these dumb asses overpopulating earth without a massive genocide. Genius!

I never said it was harmless (-.-) But you of all people should know about how medicines can be very harmful. Js

Yeah but, medicines are used to treat medical problems. Pretty much most potheads just use it to get high for fun or to escape their shit like pussies. That said, I think it should be legal, just shut the fuck up about it and stop getting up in my face and expecting cool points.

Are. You. Retarded?

Lol smoke weed and currently have %99 in my calculus class and am doing fine in m other ones. Smar stoners exists.

Damn reatrds these days (the writer of this comment)

Can't we all just get along?! But seriously, crappy clichés aside, there's plenty of evidence showing that marijuana does more harm than good. But who gives a damn if someone is smoking it? If they want to become less intelligent and more paranoid, let them. This is almost as bad as the "Atheists vs. everyone else" controversy here. Who really cares? Let us believe what we want to believe.

@253 It's debatable whether weed actually creates psychosis in patients or just aggravates preexisting conditions. Furthermore, it takes an extreme example to cause said symptoms. WebMD is not a reliable source. Nor is FOX News.

Maddidaddi 0

Bitch! You just got out of a felony.

*End Of Thread*

^ Took me like an hour to read all of that. All I learned is that people have deffinate oppinions on pot.

phantumgrey 6

You all need to watch super high me. That's all the proof you need. No I don't and never smoked pot but I do believe in government cover ups because they can't regulate it and tax you

My sisters partner was murdered recently. He smoked pot and went from a good calm man who loved his four kids to this paranoid violent bully, because of the amount of joints he smoked. Seriously bad stuff

Wow. Looks like I missed out on a good one. Which is ironic, since I'm the one that usually starts the flame wars. Well, since the proverbial dust has settled, I'll just sum things up from my point of view: blazeheartsmythe: You're a stupid, ignorant fuck who has no business telling others what to look up considering you can't even get your own fucking facts straight. The only way I can rationalize you defending this topic to the death is that you're strung out on it yourself. stopsignman: Really? You obviously don't know what the fuck you're saying. You aren't being cool or fitting in by defending this. You're only making yourself out to be an idiot. Follow the advice of your profile pic and just STOP. Anyone else defending the use of weed: Despite your bragging on your GPA's and athletic success, your arguments are invalid. Why? Because weed doesn't only affect your brain idiots. It affects your overall health and social behavior. So please, save your bullshit testimonials for another shallow MyLifeIsBro. Some of you probably already go there. Doc Bastard: Once again, right on the money. But I didn't expect any less. NoorFML: Funny, as usual. I'm out. Peace.

THC has been proven to be terrible for you. If you wanna smoke pot be my guest, but when u die at 35 I will shit on your grave while laughing. It causes hallucinations, many forms of cancer, and numerous other deadly diseases. Plus it's illegal, isn't that a pretty decent hint its probably bad. And no, I did not get this off of government propaganda. POT IS BAD

You forgot to mention your 45, failed all of your courses a few times, and spent a lot of money on test cheat sheets

Epiqness 0

Smoking pot everyonce in a while doesn't make you stupid, nor does it mean that you don't have a life. People who ABUSE drugs, now that's a different story. But experimenting, or having a little alcohol every once in a while is fine and natural. Stop being such an uptight prick. You think bragging about your accomplishments does anything for you? I doest impress anyone. You bragging jut makes you look like an asshole. Just away.

Oh you forgot to say that your a virgin too hahaha

Fml gods can we not have anymore pot/ marijuana fmls? Please? And Noor won, hands down.

Simoneaux17 11


You're comparing the effects of alcohol to the effects of marijuana. You don't say stupid stuff like that when you're high.

lmf5292 10

Deep breath buddy, calm down. No need to get all worked up over a comment by a stranger on the Internet. Sounds like you could use some stress relief, have you tried pot, I've heard it works wonderfully. :)

How the fuck did I miss this one?

Alcohol is worse you dumb ignorant fag

Blaze is a douche. I like pot, just not him. I've never seen anybody high be as aggressive and straight nasty. What's the point? Shut the fuck up and go smoke. Damn.

Okay really? Pot is not great for you. Do whatever you like to your body, but if you don't have a prescription for it, then DON'T bitch about what happens when you suffer the consequences of doing something illegal. I have a couple of friends who smoke pot because it helps them with pain or vertigo and they're allergic to other medications that could help them. That is a legitimate reason. Smoking pot just to get high is ridiculous in my opinion. But then again I don't have much extra cash so I'd rather not spend money on a drug that will make me eat more food than I already do. Weed should be researched more because while it can have bad side effects it's obviously the better choice for some people to treat medical issues. It shouldn't be written off completely. But that doesnt mean you should bitch about getting caught if you're using it illegally.

adeludedreality 0

9 facts: 1) in the Annual Causes of Death in the United States, marijuana is considered to be at the bottom, with a rate of 0 deaths. 2) marijuana is not as addictive as people think, as John Cloud states, in his article "Is Pot Good For You?", "Just 9% of those who use marijuana develop dependence. By comparison, 15% of drinkers become dependent on alcohol, 23% of heroine gets hooked, and a third of tobacco smokers become slaves to cigarettes." 3) it is still unclear, from what I have researched, that marijuana causes cancer. Dr. Mitch Earlywine, a Ph.D. Psychologist states in his book, Understanding Marijuana, "it is not clear that THC (which marijuana contains) is carcinogenic. The latest research suggest that THC may have a dual affect, promoting tumors by increasing radicals and simultaneously protecting against tumors. 4) marijuana can benefit the ill, such as people with cancer, AIDS, and anorexia. According to Alexis Grand, In the Houston Chronicle, "Some cancer and AIDS patients are among those who say marijuana alleviates nausea and loss of appetite, common symptoms caused by the disease and their treatment." Another reasearch has been made that pot eases muscle spasm which is associated with multiple sclerosis--a disease marked by patches of hardened tissue in the brain or spinal cord and associated with partial or complete paralysis and jerk muscle tremor. 5) marijuana can also benefit people who are perfectly healthy. Such as Chris Largen, an author who has used marijuana therapeutically, in his experience of using marijuana he states, "I am the youngest therapeutic cannabis user on record in the United States. I smoked my first joint in 1971 when I was two years old. I was a severely hyperactive toddler. Marijuana curbed my aggression, reduced my tantrums, elevated my mood, increased my appetite, and helped me sleep." 6) many marijuana users are civil, non-violent people and dealers (people who sell marijuana) are the same as any citizen in the U.S. Keith Stroup, founder of National organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, states " Like most Americans, the vast majority of these millions of marijuana smokers are otherwise law-abiding citizens who work hard, raise families and contribute to their communities; they are indistinguishable from their non-smoking peers, except for the use of marijuana." 7) there is some research that marijuana can be harmful to the smokers body. Many people are worried that marijuana damages a persons short-term memory to the point where a person cannot remember or think--making them stupid. Smoking marijuana does damage a persons memory, but it is only SLIGHTLY and it does not mean that he or she will be stupid. According to Cloud, "potheads are dumber than nonusers, but only a little. Participants (people who participated on Cloud's experimental tests) who had used cannabis regularly for an average of 10 years fared significantly worse on only two of forty indices of cognitive functioning (they had a particular trouble estimating how much time had passed during a test)." 8) another worrying problem would be that marijuana ruins the immune system. According to Judy Monroe, in her article "Marijuana--A Mind Altering Drug," THC can affect the immune system by damaging the cell tissues that help protect people from diseases." However, further research has been made, according to Dr. Donald Abrahams, a professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, found that "short-term cannabis use doesn't substantially raise viral loads of HIV patients (some people with HIV smoke marijuana to stimulate appetite). " Abrahams studied that his participants who spoke pot have significantly higher increases in their lymphocytes (cells that help fight diseases) than those who took the placebo. 9) A person can still drive while in the influence of marijuana. There have been experiments made on drivers who smoke marijuana while driving their car. These people are more attentive and can still react and tell the distances as they drive. Paul DeFelice, his story "How I Use Pot" in Dr. Lester Geinspoon's book " Marijuana Uses," states, "Driving while high causes me to drive a little slower and more attentively. I feel more attuned to my car and my surroundings."

everyone here should just go watch The Union. it pretty much explains everything you need to know about pot.

I just love watching ignorant minds at work. Have any of you who claim it's bad done the research about pot? Have you tried it? I'm sure your just assuming because of what you see on television. Your just looking more of an imbecile the longer you claim something before you've taken the time to look at the subject matter. Alcohol related incidents kills more people each year then pot could ever do. I'd rather ban alcohol just based off the statistics of that. But go on keep saying " pot ewww" just makes you look ignorant.

U were so lucky! If u were in Bali, noone would ever see u again!

This is probably the most replies I've seen on a single comment..

Good posts. Would read again.

DEzey 0

115 I agree. Reagan once said " I now have proof that smoking one marijuana cigarette is just as bad as being in bikini island when the h bomb went off." research that bro.

cobaltss06 1

Actually the penalty ain't that bad as long as ur not selling or have more than an ounce

killd0ll 3

not that it makes a difference now, but I thumbed you up

I find it so bad that u people have to defend weed like its family , if it's that important to you , rethink your values like honestly

killd0ll 3

not in my state...yay for oregon

if there's no use for medical marijuana..... then can someone please enlighten me to what marinol is...?

Being too stoned to notice a train is coming is not the same as running naked in front of a bus.

Look, pot is definitely bad for you. But I do it anyways. You see, theres a little thing called moderation, and it would serve everyone nicely if they could just remember to use it once in a while. Candy is bad for you. Vodka is bad for you. Hell, my breakfast cereal is bad for me! I digest all of that crap, and I smoke a joint every now and then too. And for the record, I have a 4.3 cumulative and just got accepted into MIT. But I digress. Everyone here seems too black and white, either too preachy or too blazed and infuriated. Chill out, and consider both sides of the argument. It's called life; you're not always right.

I went to bed for about 9 hours and this is still going?! What have I done.....

TheDrifter 23

Amazing isn't it? I would also note that deaths from Marijuana in the USA is only considered 0 because they are not individually tracked, any adverse effects are lumped into the deaths by misadventure and smoking related illnesses categories, the same as smoking sheesha. I would also note that anecdotal books written by lifelong users and convicted traffickers can hardly be called evidence of a drugs safety. They are more in the nature of a propaganda piece and read like a political talking points list, hardly surprising for users of a drug that impairs short term memory retention, no deep thoughts or focused study in them, just stoned rambling and ranting.

Alcohol is more dangers

Yeah but it's a fun way to go!

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

391 - Honestly, who can you believe then? You realize how fucking ignorant it is to dismiss anything a person has to say, from valid personal experience, simply because they use substances? There are few people who don't drink. Should I assume they're all brain-dead alkie shitstains with nothing intelligible to say? There are endless examples of successful people who have shaped the world as we know it, and used at the very least, weed. Writers, artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists, etc. Fucking Google that shit. You wanna tell me those people were all brain-damaged and retarded? Do you yourself, or anyone else here who is so fucking angry at the pot-users, have anything to show for yourselves? I know I do. Personal accounts are really the most fucking accurate thing you can get. The mental and psychological experiences differ from person to person. A doctor or scientist can conduct all the research they want, but no one can tell me that I don't actually feel the way I know I feel. I've been told before that I should not be experiencing pain in a broken leg. I've been misdiagnosed numerous times, and accused of faking pain and illness, so a doctor's opinion of how I should be feeling means little to me. It bothers me when I encounter people that are close-minded and have nothing to offer, and when I, someone who smokes, am accused of being a blue-haired junkie piece of shit, regardless of the fact that I work my ass off three times harder than anyone who challenges me, I've written a great number of material that is insightful, coherent, and occasionally, published, and I don't ever even provoke this argument shit. I may not be rolling in dough, but I sure as fuck have much more to show for my hard work than someone who will blindly call me a brain-dead stoner without knowing jack-shit about me or anyone else they unfairly judge. You people need to learn that shit is not all black and white. I don't deny that there are so many idiots that give casual pot users a horrible reputation. I won't deny that weed itself is in its own ways, harmful, but only as much as any other thing we encounter in our daily lives. I won't suggest that all you angry individuals smoke some yourself so you have a little personal knowledge to back up your claims. I am just fucking tired of the blind and angry accusations. One final thing: It's sad and immature when the people with valid facts and arguments get thumbed down simply because you disagree to accept their insight as valid. "Ha, they're on the supporting side, so they MUST be totally stoned off their asses and rambling incoherently." We're mature enough to be accepting of your decision not to smoke, and to provide you with valid information and arguments. I guess there's no winning when the opposing side is stubbornly refusing to either open their eyes, or simply live and let live. P.s. This thread needs to die, and I'm not helping, but that shit was just the last straw.

115 BTW. Why would are parents HAVE be rednecks that brainwash us to tell us pot is bad? And Pot's horrible for the human body. So keep smoking so real people can get jobs and all the potheads continues to die off it will be better for the whole world. I've never smoked and have a 4.2 GPA so Thumb me down motherf*ckers

RamenForTheWin 10

Okay, look. Marijuana kills brain cells, and can contribute to memory loss, paranoia, bad judgement, and, if you continue to fire it too much when you're smoking it, cause throat and lung damage. Marijuana also can help relieve stress and other ailments. However, this became a fight over ONE comment, not the FML itself. Calm down, take a deep breath, and comment on the story itself.

JadeWalker 14

True that.

Idonebeenhad 17

I didn't even know there could be this many comments in an FML.. guess the mods shut down minor flame wars all the time then o.0

smump 0

Yeah but a lot of people that smoke weed have lung problems and become extremely paranoid. Also they are annoying as fuck.

Everyone here is obviously an expert.

Valid point

dsbs 9

51- it increases your chance of having lung cancer. You are wrong

RocketNinjaFish 12

some doctors actually give it out as pain relief. my brother gets it legally. he has a prescription and everything :) OP, you are very lucky. he would have taken it even if he had fined you for it. at least you didn't get in trouble.

411 - Either did I xD

raney150 0

Only temporarily. It doesn't hurt you over a long time. Unless you smoke wayyyy too much over a period of many years I heard it depletes the amount of endorphins you have.

sandman1126 2

I'd like to say tht George Washington had his own pot farm. But Ig our first president was an idiot pot hear

SW500 13

You know, I just realized that Skooma is in your name. That is somewhat ironic or something.

alicekittykatt 0

Really it's not your choice if someone wants to smoke it's up to them ya it's bad for u but it's none of your business what people do

439 - I guess you could say that, i haven't had Skooma in years so I should be fine ^.^

It seems to me that you should all grow up and stop arguing Jesus Christ take the high rode and realize you all have your own opinions.

gree_fml 11

@86 I am not trying to engage in an argument at all, just got tired of all the weed discussions on FML that seemed mostly one sided because of little information supporting the pro weed viewpoint. Just wanted to clear up that, while you stated weed makes you "brain dead", you have not indicated statistical information that up ports this claim. You have said that it does cause chest and lung problems, which is true, but does not contribute to the "rotting" of a smokers brain. As for the claim that cannabis is an immunosuppressant, I had to actually look it up and noticed that most of this info comes from a study performed by pediatricians and not doctors experienced in the field of drug effects. To go further, no actual clinical studies with consistent results that support the study's findings. As for the depression, it mostly depends on the individual, and usually only occurs after years of prolonged use of marijuana. In fact, most smoke it for it's immediate effect, a feeling of euphoria, which is usually not contributory to depression (even after the high wears off, the feeling of depression is usually minimal in most) Just wanted to say my piece, please don't claim things without sufficient evidence. @84 (actual evidence)

This is coming from a paranoid skitzo, but yeah smoking weed does make me severely paranoid, uncomfortable, nervous, anxious, and hear voices. It didn't have that effect for years though, my doc (not the bastard) said it contributed and sped up the process of schizophrenia. So fuck weed! *smashes bong on the wall

449- Thank you for using the word "evidence" (which you seem to be lacking).

soccerchicx9x 5

Legality has nothing to do with it. Just because weed is illegal does not make it some crazy horrible death sentence to the user. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, does that make them super safe AND safer than weed? No. It doesn't. Alcohol leads to liver disease and many drunk driving accidents. Tobacco leads to lung cancer and distracted driving. Both tobacco and alcohol will kill you in the long run from continuous use. There's hardly any high accidents because pot heads are busy at home with the munchies and aware enough to know not to drive. People may die from stupid things they do while high but weed itself will not kill you. Just saying.

finally somebody who is at least willing to admit they were misinformed instead of just remaining completely ignorant :)

Hell yea, I will take a bon rip with ya

I've never taken any drugs, except alcohol (and I've never been more than slightly tipsy), and people still think I'm high. Personally I will never take any substance that will alter the workings of my mind, it just seems like a bad Idea for me, that and weed smells horrible...

afroninjashuffle 0

Everybody shut the fuck up and keep your opinions to yourself. Weed is weed. Facts are facts. You guys came, you saw, some won the fight some lost. Who the fuck cares. FUCK!

soccerchicx9x 5

Legality has nothing to do with it. Just because weed is illegal does not make it some crazy horrible death sentence to the user. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, does that make them super safe AND safer than weed? No. It doesn't. Alcohol leads to liver disease and many drunk driving accidents. Tobacco leads to lung cancer and distracted driving. Both tobacco and alcohol will kill you in the long run from continuous use. There's hardly any high accidents because pot heads are busy at home with the munchies and aware enough to know not to drive. People may die from stupid things they do while high but weed itself will not kill you. Just saying.

God you're an arrogant fuckhead doc

Wow... 169 comments about drugs...

Docbastard, you are a cocky doucebag. that is all.

51 there are plenty of total cures for cancer, actually. Proven, safe, cheap. Sadly, the last part is why they will never be used. Greed is the most dangerous weapon ever known.

Hahaha all the weed haters coming out to preach too bad for them it's probably gonna be legalized

the definition of fact is a hypothesis proved by experiment.

2 more points: one, lets say, depending on the size of your school, there are maybe 300-400 people that smoke, probably only 100-200 regularly. Out of 300 million people in the US alone, millions of people smoke weed. The people in your school do not count as an example of every stoner ever. Point 2- I smoke weed and I have a 3.9 GPA.

Hey geniuses, smoking is not the only way to ingest cannabis such as orally, that do not contribute to lung, lip, and throat cancer -_-

pechi_305 7

This is ridiculous. People who are against marijuana please state facts and people who are for marijuana please stop being stupid and state your facts in a manner that people could respect. I have been smoking marijuana for 4 years now. Prior to that I was making horrible grades in school and getting into really bad trouble. Now I'm an all a student and am going down the right track. Just saying.

86) I don't think he's smart enough to read those big words :)

jojj351 12

72- the thing is you dont know who smokes pot and who doesn't. There could probably be many people who smoke pot at your school regularly and are excelling in their academics. The ones who you can tell they do pot usually don't care who knows cause they don't care about success. if you are smart and care you're not going to go exclaim to everyone that you do pot which that info can be leaked to colleges and jobs if you let everyone know and not keep it private.

jojj351 12

78- ok, yeah, so tell me why alcohol and cigarettes are still legal. Hell even wearing high heels causes damage to your feet and girls don't even wear them for fun they do it to impress people which you should never do something you hate to impress people. so by your logic anything that has been scientifically proven harmful should be illegal. ANYTHING

jojj351 12

To wrap this up both sides for the most part in this thread have been very ignorant. I don't smoke it, but I'm for legalizing it (at least give it a minimum age requirement like 23 or 25) cause honestly, who gives a fuck if somebody you don't care about does pot. Just like all other decisions in our lives, it's our decisions. no one else's, it only effects our own lives if we do it just like other stuff like alcohol or cigs. it's just like a hobby or a pastime. Its a person's right to choose fort themselves whether or not to smoke it. We as humans have rights, and I'm not saying solely a right to smoke pot cause that sounds stupid. But the right to make decisions like that for ourselves. We are all big boys and girls. We can decide stuff for ourselves. Hell for all of you stick up the ass anti pot people who can't stand to see it or think of it or whatever. Would you care if it was legalized but for a minimum age requirement and it has to be smoked in privacy or at a designated place like drunks go to the bar. Also if it were legalized the selling of it and farming and just everything to do with it could create jobs and boost economy. Just stamp a doctor's warning on the weed like we do other things and let it be.

Said every pot smoker ever

jeffandjeff 22

Weed isn't very damaging for most people who use it. If you have mental problems or family members that have mental problems you may become paranoid or some shit but odds are you'll be fine. If pot hurts your lungs at all doesn't matter because there are edibles. As I see it most research is contradictory or biased. Like might say weed is completely harmless and anyone who disagrees is a bitch, while might say that if you go anywhere near marijuana everything you've ever loved will burn away and you'll suffer a horrendous death via a bong. As for it stupefying you, it doesn't make you smarter or more ambitious. More people who try legal painkillers become addicted to hard drugs than people who smoke weed. You can say I need laxatives because I'm full of shit but if booze and cigs are legal marijuana should be as well.

Gtfo weak minded stoners

Ok I just want you all to know you are all retarded because you are all like completely on the left side or right side of weed like everyone always is with everything and like always you all have some parts right but other parts wrong so here it is I smoked pot every day from the beginning of 8th grade until I graduated high school and when I say every day I mean I was fucking stoned at my graduation when I had to give my speech because I was fucking valedictorian I was in tons of AP classes had a 5.0 never got in trouble at my school and I was stoned every fucking day it's unfortunate that 98% of stoners give people like me a bad name because I can smoke pot and handle it I just am normal while I'm high but all that being said pot is a waste of money and time I mean if all that time during highschool I was sober and really on top of my game who knows what I could've done and instead of spending probably 10 grand on it over the years 10 dollars at a time if have all that money saved and have that much more in my savings. Now the thing with weed is most people can't handle it like this if you smoke every day you become a lush and do nothing and eventually you smoke so much to the point that you don't even get high anymore and you move on to harder things that's why it's called a gateway drug and for all the medical points on why pot is bad/good well here it is pot does not cure cancer or help with pain in fact if you smoke pot with joint pain or soreness you will never do it again because if you move whatever hurts it feels a thousand times worse so that's all bullshit now it does help people eat and sleep if they are doing chemo but guess what! They make THC pills that only have the side effects of pot like hunger and making you tired but don't get you high so people that say the smoke weed for their cancer are full of shit they just wanna get high but on the other side of that if you smoke weed every once and awhile and don't over do it you will be fine you aren't going to become a coke addict or turn into a retard or anything like that the worst that will happen is that you'll wake up and shit out the 8 pounds of twinkles you are the night before

I think everyone has forgotten that number of deaths has nothing to do with how harmless it is. Just because smoking lots of pot alone won't kill you, doesn't mean it's harmless. So for all of the potheads bringing out the 0 deaths per year BS, your argument is invalid.

everyone here is getting to mad about a little weed. y'all need to calm down. the kid did something illegal and it got taken from him. big deal

55z 1

Well, regardless, I still think that's better (for you) rather than the officer doing what he should have done.

thejewishfuhrer 17

Unless she lived in a state where medical marijuana is legal, and she had a prescription for it....

76- if that were the case this wouldn't be an FML.

natepooch 4

being a guy who's familiar with the policing system, they won't really give you hard time for just a little bit of weed. You get arrested for that it stays with you on your record forever. no ones life should be ruined over having a couple ounces of marijuana. So if the officer isn't giving you a hard time, do yourself a favor and be polite. The wrong choice of words and the WTO g attitude will get you in more trouble than having it

xxxlovesENEMYxxx 0

Ugh tired of these weed arguments irrelevant to the OPs situation. No one gives a flying fuck if youre for or against yall are just annoying as hell.

That's better than being arrested...

He just wanted some weed, OP.

Crooked cops are the best arent they?

I'd prefer a "crooked cop" who sends me on my way over a cop who arrests me for possession. OP should be happy with the result.

john1234595 0

No his shit got jacked by a cop.

Call the cops and get your stuff back!

Too late, the cop already smoked it all. At least, that's what the cops do here in Vancouver.

what's he going to say? "hello a cop just stole my weed can you send someone to get it back for me?"

Your stash is his now!

He's going to go home and smoke it. I knew a pot dealer once who said that the cops were his best customers.

cc_the_beast 6

I used to buy from a cop...

And your 'stache can't even compete!

Well. Why did you have it in the first place?

MrGroovy28 7

Obviously he was planning on smoking some reefer later -- not really a big deal. He was stupid for getting caught with it and is lucky he didn't get possession for substance. Lucky guy!

hawaiianfire 0

Seriously?? Why do you think?

*she And I agree. It's kind of obvious why she had it.

jojj351 12

gets, #7 was being rhetorical. He is implying that he's anti pot and is saying shame on op. Now before I get screamed at I PERSONALLY do not smoke it but say it should be legalized. I have my reasoning in the first thread I don't feel like repeating that whole paragraph again.

Green green, the magical leaf, the more you smoke the cooler you are

that didn't even rhyme!

Smoking weed doesn't make you cool. All you are is a no life, pothead drug addict. Nowhere close to cool at all retard

Says the guy with a bob marley pic

Marijuana destroys your life? This sounds like the mean girl scene where the coach said that having sex will give you an std and later kill you.

Sixers01 0

124 - Do some research before you judge please. You can't get addicted to weed. It's addiction level is on par with coffee..

C_A_M_E_R_O_N, C_A_M_E_R_O_N, the awful commenter, thinks he's funny but he's not

cropper 0

Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme, Others don't.

163 - coffee is actually very addictive.

cc_the_beast 6

Yeah, weed is less addictive than caffeine (provided of course you smoke it green, without tobacco)

aaliyahsagirah 5

Um, you're a fucking moron if you think that you can't get addicted to weed. It's not PHYSICALLY addictive, but it most DEFINITELY is mentally addictive. And don't tell me it's not 'harmful' because I've watched it destroy a life.

hockey331 1

Ikr haha . I was laughing my ass of when I saw .

twisted_cherub 14

Yes, weed can be dangerous. But I've seen sex, bad relationships, food, money, and alcohol ruin many more lives than pot ever has. Which is why adults need to make responsible choices. But they won't, because people are stupid.

SmelloJello 9

And C_A_M_E_R_O_N's comment is an example of why you shouldn't do drugs.

Coffee (caffeine) is a real addiction, therefore you just countered your own opinion (which in fact is not correct). Marijuana is not as bad as other drugs when it comes to addiction, but about 30% of smokers will develop a dependancy and experience symptoms of withdrawal. When present, withdrawal symptoms might include: anxiety, depression, nausea, sleep disturbances and GI problems. Though the drug may not be as addictive as cocaine, heroin, meth, and other "harder" drugs, the threat of developing a dependancy to the drug still exist.

Also, do not insult my intelligence by assuming that I know nothing about this topic. Weed is a topic I can talk about with total confidence since I am not only the holder of a medical card and a user, my family also owns a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan.

306- while you can become psychologically dependent on weed, that can happen with anything. Most (not all) people who become dependent on weed are people who use it as a "crutch" to help them deal with some other psychological issue. I can't cite any research, but I feel pretty confident that not many people who just like to smoke because its fun become dependent on it. I don't know the specifics of the life you saw get ruined by weed, but I would bet that either weed wasn't the only drug involved or that there were other mitigating factors in the persons life.

What are you complaining about? You would have gotten it taken away anyway. At least you're not in jail nor do you have to pay a fine.

puppytaco64 8

Seems legit

Clearly the cop just wanted it for himself haha.

really? you think so?