By Anonymous - 09/08/2013 23:29 - Switzerland

Today, a man pulled a knife on me just so he could mug me of the cigarette I was smoking. FML
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Buddy, he did you a favor.

That's a lesson to not smoke.


lest he didn't smoke you.

michaelaranda 28

That was a horrible pun. As for OP, just be thankful all he wanted was a smoke.

OP, you shouldn't even smoke anyway. Give that man a medal.

Stop being so pretentious. Alcohol, television, junk food and so many other things are bad for you. I'll be happy to take your television away and you can give me a medal.

Did you mean stab?

It's their problem if they smoke or not, why should it concern you? Like my poem goes: You brought it on yourself, you're dying on a bed. Your lungs are filled with smoke and tar, you ignored what they had said.

IworkAt711 14

71- your poem kind of goes against what you were saying.

It could have been a lot worse.

40- I'm not entirely sure on alcohol, but television and junk food don't give you cancer -.-

All those thing you just stated are good in moderation. Smoking is bad no matter how often you do it.

120- that is debatable

That's a lesson to not smoke.

He's sending you a message OP!!

When you were in elementary school, had anyone ever stolen your pencil? Did you take that as a sign to never write again, or to drop out of school?

fml1365 30

A message from the heavens (:

Last time I checked pencils weren't bad for you at all.

Kefka91 15

53- unless you sharpen one a lot then absentmindedly stab yourself with it.

\ 28

And just earlier, someone was buried for their anti-smoking stance. FML is always an enigma.

53- Well, in all fairness, I haven't seen many stats on the medical side effects of smoking a box of pencils daily for 15 years, but I somehow doubt that's particularly good for you. ;)

KiwiExchange 16

Man, the struggle is real!

Well fuck you. OP can make their own personal decisions. They don't need you trying to do it for them. If they want to do something unhealthy that's entirely their choice.

Spider_Web 11

I don't know, playing with pencils might escalate to stabbing with forks

Buddy, he did you a favor.

He must have a killer nicotine addiction!

Yeah. Smoking kills.

So do knives @114

unknownfork 12

YDI for smoking.

You're saying he deserves to have a knife pulled on him because he smokes? With that logic, I think you deserve to have a knife pulled on you because you're ignorant.

Where the heck do you live that smoking is deserving of being mugged and threatened with a knife?

Pwn17 25


As previously stated there is no logic in what you're saying. That would be like someone pulling a knife on you for eating. In which case I would say "YDI at least now you won't get diabetes" yeah see how stupid that sounds?

Just be glad he didn't take your phone or wallet. This is the one time I'm going to say it's actually good you were smoking....

But the only reason he got mugged, was because he was smoking.

Swiss people love their knives...'re lucky he didn't mug you for something more valuable.

Well that's one bad addiction

Smoking isn't good for you anyway.....maybe he was trying to save your life! Always a positive side!

And was willing to end it if he didn't get his way!

He might've done it in a way that would be quick and painless unlike lung cancer!

caohm 18

some people have a harder time quiting than others I guess

Just remember nicotine is not habit-forming.

I'm pretty sure that it is.

I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm.

jasmine2301 25

I'm pretty sure you're wrong.

I'm pretty sure I'm late to the thread but I'm going to comment anyway.