By Boyufd


Today, I almost got arrested. The cops put me in handcuffs without searching me first and told me that I "matched" the description of a package thief. Turns out, I didn't even closely fit the description of the suspect. FML
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  alycion  |  38

No, it was detained. You still get your fights read at that point while they investigate. Though unless if they thought he was going to run, there was no reason to cuff him. I’ve been detained both with and without cuffs. Once was an asshole state trooper with nothing better to do who wasn’t thrilled to find out I worked in news. The other was google mixing up email accounts. A girl was missing and the email account used was a few characters off from one used inside my house. We were all detained and questioned until they were able to confirm the misinformation. Once you are under arrest, you are going in. Detained they can still release you.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

There should be a commercial saying that men deserve to be treated with more respect. You deserve better.