By NoKeyNoCar - 13/08/2009 06:42 - United States

Today, I rented a car that has a smart key. The proximity of the key determines if the doors will unlock. I went to a meeting and returned to the car with the trunk popped open and all my luggage gone. The rental company decided to store a spare key in the glovebox for safe keeping. FML
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That is really, really stupid. Take it like an American and SUE!

Wtf? Geniuses...and they didn't even tell you?


Wtf? Geniuses...and they didn't even tell you?

This was a total YDI. I guess it wasn't so "smart" after all to leave that Clay Aiken CD inside your luggage, eh?

I think latino's schtick is to make everything revolve around clay aiken. I look forward to your troll replies :)

i have a smart key, you can not unlock it if the key is inside lets say youre driving in nyc, in a traffic jam, some guy can't just go up and unlock the doors then rob you cause the key is inside

just sue and lie about what u had inside. :)) lmao.

That is really, really stupid. Take it like an American and SUE!

He could sue...if he wasn't full of shit. The smart key doesn't just know proximity, it knows exactly were you are. If you try to open the door on the passenger side and you're holding the key, it will unlock all the doors. But if you're on the driver side holding the key, and try to open the door, it will only open your door so no one can jump inside from another door and hijack the car. If you're in the car, and you lock the car internally, it will remain locked unless you unlock it or someone else with a key for the car tries to get in. No one can just walk up and unlock the door when you're in it. He left the car unlocked and is trying to blame someone else for his incompetence. And as for unlocking the trunk, the burgler would need to be standing at the trunk with the key, or be in the front seat to hit the trunk release, at which point he could have just driven away with the car if he had just thought to hit the start button.

Not only detecting the fob next to the door, but to unlock the car you'd have to push the button on the door. (SmartFobs won't just automatically unlock when you're close. They're 'smart' because they allow you to keep the fob in your pocket and only push the button on the door/trunk.)

Yeah I can't see a key manufactured to open a door when you're in close proximity going over well.

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Ok, I'll just let my car know that it SHOULD NOT automatically unlock itself when I approach it(without touching it), because some ******* know it all idiot on FML says it doesn't.

Its harder to track and find stolen luggage than a stolen car, especially a rental one, which usually comes with a gps tracker

Ignore number three. I dislike him and the rest of the YDI-Trolls. That's a really stupid idea, though. Who the hell builds a lock like that? I think you really should sue. Get compensation for the luggage, at least!

Lots of people build locks like that. My dad's Prius, for instance. It's theoretically impossible to lock your keys inside. Lots of luxury cars, such as BMWs, Mercedes', and Audis, have had the same sort of system for awhile now, and it's starting to trickle down to consumer-oriented cars.

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actually, locks like that are pretty common in today's modern world. it's a lot more convenient and cooler then having to put the key in and all that. however, it is retarded that there is a spare key the rental company did not tell OP about. You could probably sue for losses. It could be worse, the close proximity might have been enough to open the back door, allowing the thief to crawl into the driver's seat and steal the car.

wow that is a stupid company to store the keys there, well its more of the companys fault, the one who built the car. now thats just a dumb idea. sorry about that though :(

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You do have a lawsuit on your hands

Dude that sux! Don't forget to mention that diamond watch in your suitcase when you're suing 'em ;)

Wait? They make keys that just unlock shit if you get close for cars? That's ******* retarded and so is the rental for keeping a spare in the glove. Make the car rental pay for the stuff and raise holy hell. They will offer a shitty settlement at first. Raise even more he'll till you get total coverage back.

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It's actually really convienant. Not so much though when there's a spare inside the car, though. It would only be your fault if it were your own car, because you would know that the doors won't lock if the keys are inside. I would hope the rental company would be liable, if they didn't tell you about the spare being in the glove-box.

That is one smart rental company. I bet some retard behind the counter did that on purpose to try and be funny. SUE!!!!