By dammitall - United States
  Today, I was in a bathroom stall peeing. Shortly after, I heard a couple enter the bathroom, both extremely drunk. They then had sex standing up against the stall I was in, blocking my only exit. I had to sit, wait, and listen as both parties finished. FML
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By  MukyDaCookie  |  0

I agree with #2

#1 if you know it bugs people, why would you do it? Do you just like to get beat up? Or does it make you seem powerful to anomomously do something people hate over the internet where they cant get to you? Go swallow some pain killers

By  Inoku  |  0

#10: Most bathroom stalls open inwards. If he unlocked the door, they would fall on top of him. At least, that's the best explanation I can think of.