By dammitall - 15/05/2009 18:49 - United States

Today, I was in a bathroom stall peeing. Shortly after, I heard a couple enter the bathroom, both extremely drunk. They then had sex standing up against the stall I was in, blocking my only exit. I had to sit, wait, and listen as both parties finished. FML
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Why dididnt you just pound on the door and tell em to knock it the **** off? Unless you wanted to listen and in the meantime got yourself off?


sarawr 0

That's when pound on the door and ask if they're interested in being joined. RANDOM UNSAFE SEX WITH STRANGERS FTW! jk

anormalperson 25

Technically they're the ones pounding on the door ;)

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that suckss. i'm so sorry :[ you should've yelled at them or something

I would've slammed the door open anyway. That's incredibly rude and inconsiderate of them.

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I agree with #2 #1 if you know it bugs people, why would you do it? Do you just like to get beat up? Or does it make you seem powerful to anomomously do something people hate over the internet where they cant get to you? Go swallow some pain killers

Should have waited until you heard his happy noise starting, then banged on the door and made them stop. Frustrated drunk guy FTW!!

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Should have looked the crack and fapped, or ask to join them.

#10: Most bathroom stalls open inwards. If he unlocked the door, they would fall on top of him. At least, that's the best explanation I can think of.

Not if he somehow stood on the rim of the toilet seat and opened it. They might hit him but it decreases your chances.

YDI. Why just sit there? Just push the door open and hope they face-plant into the sink.

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or they would fall into the stall cause stall doors usually open in

That's when you open the door and let them tumble in, perhaps neglecting to flush the toilet also.