By Anonymous - / Thursday 11 November 2010 05:48 / United States
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By  bamagrl410  |  31

Ouchhh. Denied.

  biass  |  0

I think Ke$ha is smart. She knows publicity is publicity and has made an alter ego for fame and money. Or she's an idiot and is really a drunken party crazed chick. I'd like to think it's the first...

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

I'm under the impression Ke$ha is option number 2.

Anyway, why are you folks commenting about Ke$ha when the original post (#1) doesn't mention anything about her? Start a new thread, people.

By  jess2gd4u  |  0

ydi for being a drunk and loose ho!!!! your an embarrassment to females. why don't you get some class!!!!! and HO HO HO and a merry Christmas to u!!!

  CitrusGirl  |  0


I think you are the embarressment. Considering all the girl did was try to flirt with someone, your judgement is incredibly off. You have to sleep around to be a ho/whore.
On another note, any girl who calls another girl a ho for having this small amount of sexyual independence is themselves reinforcing gender roles. You are the embarressment.


Citrus, I agree that this doesn't make OP a ho. That said, however, what she did wasn't acceptable for that time and place. Switch the roles here; say she had been the sober passenger and a "tipsy" guy had sat next to her on the bus and tried to chat her up. Do you think she'd have happily gone along? Considered it innocent flirting, or a display of his sexual independence? Probably not, because it's unwanted attention in a semi-closed environment. She wasn't in a bar, where people know and accept that they might be hit on. Equality doesn't mean that girls get a free pass for doing what would be considered creepy or sleazy for a guy.

  jess2gd4u  |  0

lol citrus girl I think u need to get laid or something! just chill no need to get all hyped up cause someone isn't correctly spelling everything!! it's the way it is mate. lol funny chik

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