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Today, on the subway, a little tipsy, I sat down next to a guy I thought was cute, hoping to enjoy some harmless flirting. I said, "Hello." He said, "May I ask you a question?" I said, "Sure." He said, "Can you please move away from me?" FML
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you say tipsy he saw stinking drunk.

Quest_ 13

Stop sexually harassing innocent strangers on public transport and this won't happen anymore.


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29, I think OP is Kesha attempting to be normal... :|

I think Ke$ha is smart. She knows publicity is publicity and has made an alter ego for fame and money. Or she's an idiot and is really a drunken party crazed chick. I'd like to think it's the first...

I'm under the impression Ke$ha is option number 2. Anyway, why are you folks commenting about Ke$ha when the original post (#1) doesn't mention anything about her? Start a new thread, people.

I sincerely hope option one is true of all celebrities. Especially Justin Bieber.

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#1 didn't said anything enough to be talked about for the whole thread, so they just made a new topic.

that's what you get for trying to hit on a guy while tipsy an not in a bar

robc32ca 4

you say tipsy he saw stinking drunk.

Quest_ 13

Stop sexually harassing innocent strangers on public transport and this won't happen anymore.

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7 - win for being correct and to the point.

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Sitting next to someone and saying hello is sexual harassment now?

I wouldn't say that is sexual harassment...

How embarrassing! .. for you. Flirting fail.

ydi for being a drunk and loose ho!!!! your an embarrassment to females. why don't you get some class!!!!! and HO HO HO and a merry Christmas to u!!!

You're* Why* And* you* I think you are the embarressment. Considering all the girl did was try to flirt with someone, your judgement is incredibly off. You have to sleep around to be a ho/*****. On another note, any girl who calls another girl a ho for having this small amount of sexyual independence is themselves reinforcing gender roles. You are the embarressment.

I could have rooted for on this #25, but you took it too far with the reinforcing gender roles garb.

go 25! only men can be hoes. of they're not, they wish they were.

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32 - It's "ho". A "hoe" is a gardening tool...

Citrus, I agree that this doesn't make OP a ho. That said, however, what she did wasn't acceptable for that time and place. Switch the roles here; say she had been the sober passenger and a "tipsy" guy had sat next to her on the bus and tried to chat her up. Do you think she'd have happily gone along? Considered it innocent flirting, or a display of his sexual independence? Probably not, because it's unwanted attention in a semi-closed environment. She wasn't in a bar, where people know and accept that they might be hit on. Equality doesn't mean that girls get a free pass for doing what would be considered creepy or sleazy for a guy.

Subway* not bus, but whatevs. My point still stands.

Know what is actually annoying? The increasing inability to differentiate between "your" and "you're".

lol citrus girl I think u need to get laid or something! just chill no need to get all hyped up cause someone isn't correctly spelling everything!! it's the way it is mate. lol funny chik

oh and #82 if it's increasingly difficult maybe you need to go bak to skool or maybe just get laid to!