Flashback to 2010

By Anonymous - 24/02/2010 03:41 - United States

Today, I was chatting with a cute guy on Omegle. He seemed really friendly and interested after I had showed him a picture of me. When I mentioned that I play music, he seemed even more interested, so I gave him the link to my music Myspace. I waited patiently. He disconnected. FML
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People still use myspace? Omegle? am I missing something here.....

ur showing ur picture to all of us strangers right now...


lol, maybe he's Internet really got disconnected? it's okay, be happy n don't give out pics of urself anymore!! :D

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why is she a ****? -_-

because #3 has deep-seated anger issues that he's taking out on a random person online.

wow kikiface your pretty:p

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hahaha @59 speaking of creepers.....

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Kikiface put on something more than undies.

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Don't tell her what to do! I think her undies are cute :)

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another creeper^^

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Pshh no you fool. I was simply informing him to mind his own business and stting the kiki's picture is just fine. I think you need to calm down a little.

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hahaha ok @69 I think you need to calm down.

she's wearing shorts lickmyjock ..keep gorfing your twinkies creeper..

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kikiface just proved the fat girl angle theory.

which is what exactly?

and rachel just proved the "******* GOD i'm ugly, i'm just gonna make my profile picture snow" theory

hahah kiki thats probably ******* true!

@ 106 bitchy much... what did she do to u? gawwwd!

133 wins outright

People still use myspace? Omegle? am I missing something here.....

Omegle is still pretty popular.

People still use MySpace, it just got reeeally bad..

and you know that op is a child because...?

You're 16, and for all you know she could be in her 30's or 40's. Giving out your PUBLIC music profile, which anyone can see and just about every musician wants everyone to see, isn't wrong. In fact it's part of growing your followers. There is nothing wrong with what she did, and even if he was creepy all she has to do is block or ignore him. Not that hard, especially since most websites come with a handy button for that. Sorry to hear that happen but it might not have been because he didn't want to talk. Could have been he was busy or left the computer. I've had that happen before, both to me and it was me.

ur showing ur picture to all of us strangers right now...

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damn snickerdoodles you always have something bad to say never ever ever good and OP that sucks for you

actually, if it's a picture you uploaded to myspace or facebook and then re-saved to send someone or upload elsewhere, your myspace/facebook info will be embedded in the exif data. and someone could find your home address just from your ip if they were determined enough. it doesn't really matter how cautious and paranoid you are. the only way to stay completely safe is to just stay offline.

his computer probably got disconnected because your music was too awesome for it too handle.

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chances are a creeper is just gonna get freaky to your picture, not travel across country/state/ect and look for one girl in a general area that her music Myspace says she lives in. most people don't put their address on their profile.you usually only get stalked by people who know you.