By HR - 16/12/2011 21:13 - United States

Today, I had two of my wisdom teeth removed. One side of my face is completely swollen, and the other is normal. I feel like the elephant man. FML
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I'm sure you still look beautiful :)

I have to get mine pulled soon so I can empathize..


I have to get mine pulled soon so I can empathize..

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At least it'll be gone in 2-3 days

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Yeah, I have to get mine done in January. I'll be missing a week because of "under the influence". But hey what ya gonna do.

At least your still alive. I'm referring to that girl that died while getting her wisdom teeth taken out. Scary stuff

Just hope you don't get a dry socket those hurt so bad. Ive pulled my back muscles pulled and had a kidney infection and the dry socket hurt the worst. Anyway OP crushed ice in a bag helps a lot, try that for the swelling. Other than that wait it out all you can do.

happened but wasnt wisdom teeth

Awwee at least it's an excuse to eat lots of ice-cream OP get better!

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I already had mine pulled you should really Just relax the pain killers are amazing but it sucks when they wear off don't touch the stitches with your tongue and your going to sleep through most of it with the sedatives they give you your going to run out of the pills and be like whoa its been a week?!?!

Suck it up. Everybody else goes through the same thing

I had my bottom two out and I was awake and barely swollen after. I'd say it is the better way to go.

No one can be a big strong macho man who can't feel pain like you, poeSlayer. Believe it or not, some people can't take the pain.

Oh good luck to you! I had 4 impacted surgically removed a few months ago... The t3's didn't work, and I refused to take the perks.. That was a long 2 weeks bawling and chasing a 2 year old around. Good luck OP hope it heals up quickly for you, and anyone else who has to do it! :)

I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time, it wasn't that bad at all!

That is horrible to say! Even if he was funny looking that actually happens to people you should be ashamed!

It's true, don't be mean

Um you do realize that the person was referring to him (or her) self, right? Or do you fly of the pan handle at everything?

I know that, but even if you are talking about your self what if the next person you see actually is like that

Then sucks for them.

I'm sure you still look beautiful :)

Whats that i hear? You kissing ass? ;)

It's what I do best :D

OMG that's such a sweet thing to say, it almost made me puke

3 do you have a fever or something? I'm worried.

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Why even post that comment??

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Yea good thing you're not the elephant man...

Or a Magic giraffe

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You're a stick figure, me too. But I'm a stick figure ninja. OoooOoooo.

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I'm sexy as hell!

I'm a Llama.

Welll on the bright side, someone can bitchslap you and it won't hurt ^_^

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I'm pretty sure it would...

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Uhhh of course it wud hurt

Bitch please. xD

I like your new pic indioacrylic

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Why wouldn't it hurt? I'm confused. I like the new pic too.

Cuz like your face is already numb, right? Ya. So you just won't feel it.

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I have the elephant man disease (NF1) Fuck you

Yeah, everyone thumbs down the poor guy with neurofibromatosis who gets irritated when his disease is made fun of. But try making fun of social anxiety or panic disorder, and all the psych patients come out of the woodwork screaming about how they have it so rough. Well FUCK ALL OF YOU who thumbed this guy down. Go to google and search "neurofibromatosis" and see what a REAL disease looks like. Then go **** yourselves again, you ******* hypocrites.

I don't understand how this is insulting for people. I'm depressed but do I get mad when people call emo kids fags and such? No. Stop over personalizing crap it's annoying.

The elephant man disease would be a combination of proteus syndrome and nf1. I'm sure op's comment was a light-hearted joke though, no need to forget your senses of humour.

Chopstix, I agree with you 100%. I'm just pissed off that people would thumb this person down.

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Thank you it means a lot to me that you would stand up for me and my disease God bless you

Wellll on the bright side, elephants are extremely intelligent, and have a very large memory span. And on top of all that...they have this awesome trunk on their that can like spray people and open jars and stuff ^_^ ELEPHANTS ARE COOL GUYS! ;D

116, you are a major asshole.

Calm the f**k down he was just using it as an example! God people get all hyped up over nothing just so they can have a chance to make themselves feel good cause they stuck up for someone... It was just a reference dude calm ur balls

Sorry if I appeared to be an asshole. Sheer ignorance on my part...I just looked up elephant disease and ya..I feel like a doyche now. Sorry folks

Amen to that! I have NF1 and it pisses me off when ppl make fun of it!

I have NF as well. I have tumors on the left side of my face so it's permanently looking swollen.

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At least it's only half your face that's puffy! You could have looked like a chipmunk.

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or died from it..... this isnt a joke, on the news i saw some parents sueing the dentist because the daughter died from it... :(

How did she die?

Im getting mine pulled In 2 weeks. I'm scared now..

Don't know about other countries, but where I'm from you can not get true anesthesia in a dentist office. Only an anesthesiologist can administer it, and they weigh you first. So unless you have an allergic reaction, you should be fine.

103 Don't worry the risk of you dying are VERY VERY LOW. Besides they tell you about any complications you may have so you know what to do just in case.

Did the dentist/orthodontist give you the teeth he/she removed by chance? I know I'm weird. :(

I'm pretty sure Future Trunks wouldn't be... So how much wisdom did you get from these teeth? I hear they charge a premium for it these days; every ounce of wisdom is $5.50 plus tax.

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.....what does future trunks or anything about DBZ have to do with this at all....?

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Ohh trunks like an elephant. Took me a while to get this.