By Harvey knicks grandad - 10/2/2021 21:58 - United Kingdom

Father of the year

Today, my son told me he failed to get into the army, which I didn’t know he was trying to do. Apparently he thought playing Call of Duty non-stop counted as "experience" and that he’d become an officer rank straight away, despite being 10-stone overweight with the brains of a tree stump FML
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  Yudith  |  20

Army is full of intense physical exercise. Ironic how the guys who fail to get into the Army are the ones who need the Army the most.

  coius  |  23

I laughed too hard at this. I know a marine who was so dumb, he got a live grenade stuck in his mouth trying to show off to the other cadets. Good thing he was an underling. He would’ve killed his platoon if he had any leadership positions.