By Ella / Tuesday 29 May 2012 05:14 / United States
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  Queen_Cosmos  |  7

Usually airplane cabins have a very low humidity and a fairly cool temperature. The cool dry air means that the delicate capillaries in the nose become very brittle and fragile, and break easily - particularly if you're already prone to nosebleeds. High altitudes can cause nosebleeds too. So OP was probably suffering from one of those, nothing serious.

  garrr  |  0

1 - I disagree, as the bleeding tissue clots off, a thin layer prevents the bleeding. A strong pressure like sneezing will disrupt that layer and cause it to bleed. Nothing serious or surprising there.

  Megan98  |  18

If I sneezed after a nosebleed that would happen, I don't think op needs to see a doctor for that. On the other note, I would suggest op seeing a doctor for cauterization. It definitely helped me.

  nado13579  |  12

74- I personally don't have a problem with them but if they're on FML they probably should know this is the last place to express it. It's for their own good.

  dancinwookie  |  21

It's from all the recycled air you breathe and how f-ing dry planes are. Next time bring some Sudafed and nasal spray. Got keep those nostrils moist! I should know, I've been on a lot of transatlantic flights.

  Il_Maestro  |  6

Random nose bleeds are the first indication that OP has been infected with the zombie virus. The best course of action would be to jump from the plane so as to prevent infection of other passengers.

  dancinwookie  |  21

69- It's happening. Check out what went down in Miami this past Saturday. You can't make this shit up:



Nah, it's probably no big deal. It happens. Also this was in a plane and I heard something about the pressure being bigger when that high up. Might have something to do with that.

  JavIin  |  0

I have 2-3 hour nosebleeds around when the seasons change, it runs in my family. Some of us get our noses burnt to stop it. It just happens because of the humid/dry area where we live.

  siickman  |  7

My nose bleeds are short but massive .. I go for 10 mins of heavy flow lol... But its like every other month... Doctors have no explanation... (i live in miami btw.. Didnt know if that helped anyone explain my problem if they had an explanation)

  owo_fml  |  9

I've been told that repeatedly saying the word "pineapple" helps, too. However, it never works when I really need it too, like during an emotional moment in church, or during an orchestra concert... that I'm playing in.

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