By brokenbabe - 22/06/2011 02:38 - United States

Today, I decided I was done waiting for my boyfriend to ask me to marry him, so we were cuddling in his bed and I asked him. He asked for a rain check. FML
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brokenbabe tells us more.

I am the OP. my boyfriend and i havent had sex. Thats the first thing. We've been together 3 years. He has promised we are getting married since fall 2010. He said like this summer. I did not leave him. I am just mad at him

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Next time he asks for sex ask for a raincheck, simple as that.

Not as bad as the FML a while ago about the guy who proposed at Chuck-E-Cheese.


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great comment 1 it truly is the best comment ive ever seen so u deserve the top spot.

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I love seeing couples get together :) it always makes me happy when a couple loves one another :)

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wht do u look like?? did u fart? these r the things we need to know b4 calling ur boyfriend an ballsniffing hymaphrodite if ur cute... ddnt fart and he is a ahole 4 no reason well aww poor u

You proposed in bed? You should of proposed to him somewhere more romantic or you should of just waited a little longer...

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she shouldn't have proposed at all...without an engagement ring. if you're gonna do something do it right OP. then you coulda gotten down on both knees...but not to put the ring on if you catch my drift *wink* *wink*

I find this pretty funny myself! op maybe you shouldn't rush things and leave a mans job up to a man YDI

OP you're desperate ( normaly the guy proposes )

50 she didnt say he "couldn't" do it himself she just said she was tired of waitin! She def deserves it for rushing it. And very rarely do women propose, not saying they don't but not offen

37, you bring shame to all of us that watch south park.

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,@44, lol that was a good one made me laugh pretty darn hard

I honestly don't understand why girls do this to guys. If he's not ready, continuously pressuring him about it is only gonna make things worse. If you really love him, he should be worth waiting for. Why the rush? If you're not willing to give him time, you probably shouldn't be together.

37, your post is on a next level of incoherently stupid.

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18- does it really matter who gets the number 1 spot???

But they don't, he said no, or might as well have done...

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That blows, sorry -__- Just give it time.

What? I know it's man boobs but why would you say that?

He wants to quest for the magical moob. First young traveller, you must enter the kingdom named "Walmart" and enter the dangerous "food court section." Second, you must attain a secret perch nobody can see you at. Try not to be nervous or afraid. They will smell your fear. Lastly, hunker down and await for the majestic moob to appear on some random fat person for you to enjoy and glory in! You have your instructions young one. Go, make me proud!

nerdpower_fml 1

Thank you. I never really knew how to find moobs before. I will take this advice and somehow apply it to everyday problems I encounter.

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I will now start my epic quest for moobs!! Thank you oh wise one! You have my eternal grattitude!

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thank you! may the lord praise you! my quest for the magical moob has begun

haha may the lord guide you young ones on your trecherous journey for the mystical moob your ancestors would be proud

These gratious followers have brought a manly tear to y eyes. I wish them well on their quests.

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Good metaphor! You get one gold star!

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By the cow he means getting married, and by the milk, he means her or sex.

gunmania0 12

Oh number 15, your education system seems to be failing you.

thx for pointing out an irrelevent fact 71. but rly im from can too n i sont have anything to say about the system. we have some good education. just ppinting it out

NikkiFlysKites 8

^ I can't tell if you're purposely making errors or not. If you aren't, then you're not helping yourself or the rest of Canada.

boyguydudemalema 0

74, you should've just kept quiet, you're embarassing canadians everywhere.

boyguydudemalema 0

then there's a possibility sex is awful. besides marriage is outdated who need the title. sounds needy and like your trying to prove something..(I'm a proud Canadian)

This is why a lot of women these days are becoming more and more against marriage. I mean, why buy the whole pig just to get a little sausage?

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I heard that in the tv show one tree hill

jacquay09 3

hahah...that was an epic win! and I'm a guy

Yes, 74, thank you for embarrassing Canadians everywhere. I have no idea what I would do if you hadn't of come to our defense. Please, never do it again.

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I'm sorry that number 15 already messed it up for you "Proud" Canadians.

74, I'm not even Canadian and I'm mad at you.

My boyfriend gets all the milk he wants and I enjoy it!

#169 good for you and who asked you ???

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well 169... I find ur number n comment ironic. besides that. you are one of the many people that my parents n grandparents have said "changed this world for the generations" sorry. but in our nowadays term that'd be.... a ****/*****. n if your ok with that, cool. but other people know down the road you'll pay for the choice with n STD and more kids than you want

Canadians scored higher in educational rankings then the United States so, I am not sure why pointing out he is Canadian would make him a bad speller.

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#78 Dumbericans shouldn't speak...

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Canada sucks. Canadiens are rude people and talk annoying EH?

you buy the cow to get the beef. beef > milk :p

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You're all stupid. It's an idiom not a simile as you can clearly see he/she doesn't use like or as. And it's not really comparing to this rather showing and asking of so it's not exactly a metaphor either. It's like a combination of a rhetorical question and an idiom.

hoogapooga 0

It is a metaphor. A metaphor is a figure of speech in which two objects are implicitly compared i.e. not explicitly stated via 'like' or 'as'. In this case, the woman is compared to milk, due to her presumed delectable insides, and marriage is compared to a cow, which I gather is cumbersome, bulky and unwieldy.

thats brutal...did you actually give him a raincheck?

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he basically asked if they could deal with this later.


lol @38 I could just hear how she asked that... ha :p

Nooooo.... The OP was given a rain check by her boyfriend. Not the other way around. Hopefully that helps you to understand. :) But yeah, it is pretty harsh no matter what foot the shoe is on.

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I'm proud to be Canadian cause you american's are retards and don't deserve shit your all 5 feet wide weighing 500000 pounds

A7X_LoVeee 10

Calling us retards yet you can't comprehend the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. Lol okay.

38 Canadians scored higher in PISA educational ranking then the United States did.

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Why do you feel the need to keep writing that? You already said it, why beat a dead horse? Okay, we got it. Good for you :)

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Next time he asks for sex ask for a raincheck, simple as that.

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So basically, she'd be a *****. Sex for payment, in this case payment being marriage. OP, there's nothing wrong with you asking him, nor is there anything wrong with him saying no. This shouldn't affect your sex life or make you dump him like some idiots here are saying. Maybe he shouldn't have said it the way he did, but people say stupid things at times, doesn't make them bad people. I can't help but think, from the wording of the FML, that you knew he wasn't ready, but still, this shouldn't dramatically affect your relationship. If you can wait for him, wait as long as you canfeel is enough. If you can't, have a talk with him.


46, I got bored like 2 sentences into ur little lecture..

are you a phyciatrist or something????

Nicely put, 46. I, unlike everyone else, actually read it.

46- I agree with you. Though I'm not fond of reading lengthy comments, I still do read them though.

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Well said, he might've been caught off guard, maybe ask him in a different moment?

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I'm sorry that happened, but that was a pretty bad time to ask

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it would help a lot if you stay on topic and know what your talking about....asswipe

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she is staying on topic kiddo.

Not as bad as the FML a while ago about the guy who proposed at Chuck-E-Cheese.


Or the guy who proposed in the taco shop wearing the shirt "**** me, I'm famous".